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Melanie Armstrong @preceptormel Brighton, England

Preceptorship PDN @BSUH_NHS supporting our newly qualified nurses. Nurse|ex Resus Officer|bad runner|Nutella addict|gin fiend|new 🐶 owner. Views my own.

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@dbutlerEMDRUK So looking forward to attending this on Thursday!Ward Leaders, give your newly qualified nurses lots of encouragement!
More people died falling down the STAIRS than from SARS. The media never ignites a killer stairs scare, but it love…
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @Clairew44887472 @uniofbrighton @SHSUnivBrighton @faye_ogilvie building! Can you imagine @RSCH_3Ts ? 😲👀 Opportunity to join an amazing team @BSUH_NHS 👇 @gericke_annette
Challenges to student learning in the clinical setting
Retweeted by Melanie ArmstrongAs today is #TBT we thought it would be good to take a look at where we have come from with this project. Here are…
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @Trisha27029290 @BSUH_NHS @BSUHeducation @BsuhSim @BSUHeducation @BSUH_NHS Thanks for your help today @BsuhSimSuccessful #dischargeplanning needs a team approach #MDTs @gericke_annette @BsuhSim @BSUH_NHS @clarewill72 @BSUHChiefNurse @BSUHeducation No pressure 🤦‍♀️ @alex80683040 @BSUH_NHS @CherylGiles @BHASVIC @Trisha27029290 happening in Practice Development today @BSUH_NHS @CherylGiles and Jess, B6 in #preceptorship are @BHASVIC to… @ClaireDepChief we are making the most of Karen before she leaves us for Cornwall #legacy @lumpyeggbass @philrankin with @BsuhSim and the #palliative care team @BSUH_NHS for the accelerated discharge of the dying patient po…
Well done to our very own ED Consultant @drsalwamalik on the board game she developed and refined. 'The Floor' is n…
Retweeted by Melanie ArmstrongToday's view comes from one of the 4-Bed bays on Level 07 at the front of the Eastern finger. One of the benefits o…
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We have seen some stunning sunrise photos online recently, so we thought we would share one of our own with you of…
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @PhilipRankin @SamanthaLippett @BSUH_NHS @BrightonSx_LKS Don’t have one but was talking to Learning Tech Iain about… @thepotatofarmer A teaspoon also makes a cheese sauce taste cheesier 🧀Great thought provoking afternoon @BSUH_NHS with @BrianwDolan on how we’d all like to spend our #last1000days and…
The association between nurse staffing levels and a failure to respond to patients with deranged physiology: our 'f…
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Day 96 of January: Sold one of the kids. Turf stew was a big mistake. Fought a nun to the death after we saw a half…
Retweeted by Melanie ArmstrongSo...last night’s sunset was pretty magical #brightonbucketlist #brighton #sunset
Retweeted by Melanie ArmstrongFrosty 7k with friends; a little walking, fair bit of running and lots of chat #TideMills #NewhaventoSeaford PAPER: “good teamwork between doctors & nurses are not only important for the team, but also can have consequen…
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@AdvCare_goodS @level9a 👍👍👍 @gericke_annette 👀 easy vegan soup is happening tomorrow #freebie #Brighton @LucyPitt76 @ThePointyStick please call me if a pony ever visits @KellyTheVet All I’m thinking is, “wow, 5 spaniels, you must be hoovering constantly” as my house and clothing is c… point from @MadeintheBridge . Had seen the NMC badges on Twitter, thought they looked nice but hadn’t t… new podcast - #TheWhispererInTheDarkness - to listen to on dog walks from @BBCSounds as recommended on… walk with Fred; why can’t winter always be frost ❄️ and blue skies ☀️? #TelscombeTye
@thepotatofarmer Us too @prodbenn @Ruth_E_Bonsor Well done Alex. Best way to know you’re making progress is to explain it well to someone e… weekend #SWEP is being activated in some of the places we work #Bournemouth #Brighton #Bristol #London #Oxford
Retweeted by Melanie ArmstrongThree Practices to Avoid in the Classroom No matter your subject or student’s level, here are three somewhat popul…
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @gericke_annette @BSUHChiefNurse @clarewill72 @duncan_CNSE @TrishRigby @maggiedavies @BSUH_NHS PS. That’s a pic of me and Jess by the way 😜 @sa_mom_in_uk I’m an 80s girl but I’ll concede some 90s bands were 👍 @gericke_annette @BSUHChiefNurse @clarewill72 @duncan_CNSE @TrishRigby @maggiedavies Looking forward to our 3 newly… @Lifelong_Coach @BSUH_NHS Liz H and I met Bob (best HCA ever! @RebeccaHCAed) on the @BuildingAudrey stairs after hi… @NeuroBSUH @l8awest @BSUH_NHS @BSUHeducation Well done, Maiqui! 👏👏👏
@1102_kc @Trisha27029290 Good luck! improvement and development @AcuteFloorPRH. Come and join us on our NQN rotational posts or our substant…
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @SamIAm_UK you live in #Brighton, like clothes and want to save money and/or be a little greener, then pop into Preloved of…
❗️You have until 5pm on Monday 20th January to join @UKLabour to vote for the new leader of the opposition❗️ @level9a @GomesantosTiago @BSUH_NHS Looking good in the red epaulettes, @GomesantosTiago !Come and meet our fabulous team at our recruitment event on 1st February. Posts would suit those with experience or…
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@Trisha27029290 ads are fantastic 🙌 If you’ve got that 💩 January feeling, try exercise. You don’t have to be any good at it;…
Starling Murmuration in Brighton.
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @ec_symes #Iseewhatyoudidthere
@Trisha27029290 We did, thanks 👍 the 🚆 to meet @ec_symes for 🍝, 🍸 and 🎭
Currently looking for a new member to join our team. #savinglivesthrougheducation
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @level9a @caralough *waves to Eveanna and Cara*Don't think I'll ever quite succeed with the healthy eating #sugarmonster but getting into exercise in my mid 40s a…
@JaneFallon @veganuary @gericke_annette @gericke_annette @ec_symes @AdvCare_goodS @level9a Bloody love an infographic 👍 @AbbieBuss I’m never without tissues #toolsofthetrade Everyone’s entitled to a wobble now and then (it’s practical… opportunity to join @bsuhresus 👀👇 @BSUHMatEdTeam @AbbieBuss Well, one option is that we have a chat...was asking Holly how you were last week.
Our next ‘So What?’ Research seminar is next Thursday 16 Jan, when the fab @ora_dall presents on whether 12 shifts…
Retweeted by Melanie ArmstrongA recommended read @nursing_uob @BrightonNurses...How to perform chest auscultation and interpret the findings
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Great thread for students 👇
Tomorrow I will be on the panel for this event @BSUH_NHS. All staff are welcome 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @JoannaH986 joined @UKLabour so that I can have a say in who leads the main opposition to a Conservative party that has lu… @SamanthaLippett @gericke_annette @FocusGames Some days I bloody love Twitter. Thank you! @gericke_annette Worth investing in a few sets for our students @gericke_annette ?
Fred’s keen to find out if blondes really do have more fun. We’re calling it his Justin Bieber look...#BabyBabyBaby
@bsuhresus, that was a long day
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @BSUH_SepsisCNS @ReeceShearsmith @ColinElding2
@gericke_annette #FerrisBuellersDayOff on SkyOne is the perfect end to New Year’s Day. Anyone? Anyone? year’s campaign @gericke_annette 🐝😜 can't a single person change the consciousness of an organisation, resulting in large scale cultural change? Wh…
Retweeted by Melanie Armstrong @MiniSteele Am never going to be able to cope with being offered a hot flannel on a long flight ever again... @thepotatofarmer Well no one dreams of kale 🥬 @thepotatofarmer Living the dream in 2020 👍 @tomroper Good work with the timing today 🤩 off 2020 with #SeafordParkRun . Here’s hoping @tomroper has a magic stopwatch and grants me a PB 🤞
@CarrieWeller1 @tomroper Hoping you have far less dramatic runs in 2020!No deep retrospective of the year/decade past, No resolutions that will be broken by the weekend, And certainly no…
Short run in the sunshine 😎
@indiaknight @bellamackie Sounds similar to the Pro Glow Strobing drops by @beautypie which are also very good for…
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