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Ghost cakes, back to haunt you.
Retweeted by Present & CorrectThe new Lidl supermarket in Dublin has a glass floor, for viewing a Viking settlement built in 1070 AD.…
Retweeted by Present & CorrectHalloween Acronyms. O.M.G - oh my gourd L.O.L - living or lifeless B.F.F - blood for feasting W.T.F - work the fan…
Retweeted by Present & CorrectThis new Instagram account posts only the tops of Japanese water towers. Yes please.
Retweeted by Present & Correctdon't day we never treat youThis website lists every single water tower in Poland. Enjoy. ‘Reels’ humans did not know how to get dressed. Together we overcome even works on typewriters.If you want a Shopify or Squarespace site made we highly recommend @theprintersson He mad… @silverpebble always scrolling for pretty things when I should be working :) @AnotherHowie you should! We scanned ours in here :) for ‘Buster’ fantastic database of Letraset transfers. Via Things Magazine might want to sit down for the next link...His name? Cornelius RoosterThe Welsh word for ‘cockerel’ is ceiliog. Ceiliog sounds like Kelloggs, and that is why there’s a cockerel on boxes of Corn Flakes.Pencil Stamps are perf-ect. a medicinal disco hour from 4pm. Le freak, c'est Chic. @EM_HealthPsych yes! We do them every year.. stay tuned :-)Both the paperclip & pencil advent calendars are going online Saturday afternoon. @wattsgoingon Going online tomorrow/saturday :-)And lots of beautiful festive philately. Going online v soon.Go kitsch or go home. Gridmas crackers will be back too!Candy cane pencils, snowman shaped scissors, Soviet badges. Our Christmas collection this year may have peaked kitsch. @glynis_paxton I have two sets, two sizes :-)If you want to make these, use this recipe and bake them in dariole moulds. Top with thick icing and black fondant… @MrTimDunn 😍😍Ghost cakes, back to haunt you. $2 William Shatner mask was used in the film Halloween. The eyebrows were removed and it was then painted white. @thatkat Makes all the diff! @thatkat Windows are a killerA reminder that Christmas falls on the 300th of March this year.
Retweeted by Present & Correct @maria_mcmanus to quote the great Cher Horowitz 'That's a lawsuit waiting to happen'FYI. All of the best/worst swear words came from the Vikings.The new Lidl supermarket in Dublin has a glass floor, for viewing a Viking settlement built in 1070 AD.… Acronyms. O.M.G - oh my gourd L.O.L - living or lifeless B.F.F - blood for feasting W.T.F - work the fan…'s National Hermit Day!It's not Chindogu. It's from the film Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyGood morning. October 29th has been kindly sponsored by the toaster knife. The colour of Halloween.
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@hexlesbian 😂😂 for soaking up all your thoughts and ideasNakagin Capsule Tower, Lego concept.
Retweeted by Present & CorrectEvil buildings, a perfect feed for Halloween.
Retweeted by Present & CorrectTreated the shop counter to a receipt spike, it creates something akin to a paper doner kebab. @rustysteelwool YES! i thought exactly the same, I would love them in some nice eggy colours. Dirty pastel blue etcSpeckled notebooks. No two are the same. reminder that Christmas falls on the 300th of March this year.The last Full Moon on Halloween was 1944.And by delivery we mean Ocado, if you can get a time slot. Order some bread flour whilst you're there.And by Holy Water we mean wine.PSA. There is a Full Moon on Halloween. We recommend additional locks on your doors & an extra delivery of Holy Water.That chalk is like giant Candy CornOrange. The colour of Halloween. @BluejaySmart 😂 I was eating holistic yoghurt and doing yoga at 5amP.S haven't just woken up.Always lovely to wake up to orders from far flung places. Shipping out to Israel, Taipei & Panama (that's a first) today ✏️❤️Separated at birth. buildings, a perfect feed for Halloween. Costume idea: The Hermit. - get under duvet - stay putSouth Korean fruit sandwiches. Source:
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Soviet candy wrappers, for your viewing pleasure.
Retweeted by Present & Correct @orangecookie me too!Leaf goals.
Retweeted by Present & CorrectThe cappuccino was named after the colour of the cloak worn by the Capuchin monks of 17thC Italy. It translates l… Scissors, so called because they house a pencil sharpener & an eraser.
Retweeted by Present & Correctvia creative googling, earlier this year.Japanese milk packaging museum. this doesn't exist already TBH.Nakagin Capsule Tower, Lego concept.'s sold out sorryBao bun candle. via @knna____ Festive offerings will be going online this weekend, that includes both Advent Calendars. 📎✏️🎄 @crystarius aesthetics over tastebuds!Search フルーツサンド on Google Japan to see loads moreThese are also tremendously popular in Japan right now. Becoming neater & more elaborate with every Instagram post. @jjfox123 Yep, have removed and correctedSouth Korean fruit sandwiches. Source: food trend has been going for a while but they are becoming increasingly neater & more elaborate!Fruit sandwich shop. Tokyo. Pics via @pe_8800
Retweeted by Present & Correct @specseducation Not sure TBH. I guess so! Might get a bit dampOne for the random questions folder: 'Can I put this notebook in the freezer?'Apple Clip (1990s)
Retweeted by Present & Correct @ventriclemouse thank you :-) Not sure it goes in our favour, the platform the way it is 🤷‍♂️ @silverpebble eucalyptus in Canberra. Much pretty!Really trying to keep Insta a mix of stationery / things we see & love.Leaf goals. 'фантик cccp' for at least a gazillion.Soviet candy wrappers, for your viewing pleasure. @JuliaMirylees I've just tagged items that are in the photo, some aren't in stock. Should you go ahead we can add i… best laid planners.
Retweeted by Present & Correct @maryannehobbs you need these ladies for Metal Week! @JuliaMirylees Hello! I will get that set up and send you a link shortly :-)Good morning, here's a tremendous maths set. @areoff @kimhlundgren @luketonge @glugbirmingham thank you :-))Little Drawing Book of Weirdos (1973) Here in full:
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@biffographics We don’t throw them away. We sell them :-)Monday mood enhancer.
Retweeted by Present & Correct @lickedspoon @lucyfishwife @curlywurlyfi Same @gingertotty 😂