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@torract Hiiiii @lylavaIorant RIGHT @karebearkorner Hello i am a young woman in gaming @euphoric Such an educated reply at 7amI hate it when people make weird comments w me and my older guy Friends like these mfers are just my older brothers… @222GenTle parenrs @222GenTle Gen wanna playWow im@actually kinda prettyGuys hear me out….. the heck did it make me a nazi @daimyoFPS take your time its ok for things to not get magically better and sadly its a long fucking road dms are alywas open @vect0rval Hiiii whats ur dsicord @NotReduxx light workdove media Hiii @cwaudiia Let’s make a roster @elixv_ Black people are the most important thing to us LMCAO BYEEEEED
do u guys get itshe is a fake ally
Retweeted by doveBeing jewish is so hard like i cant even listen to kanye without getting flamed.@LeeRfps rizz is nothing compared to this.
Retweeted by dove @k07413 @LeeRfps @euphoric tears @seshiriaa_ @jackcashew Right cece hype him up retweet it Nowwww @florscnt @sevvn Oh @togaVAL my birthday im@just a ball of anxiety it’s actually so sad in the happiest of moments i ahve so many photo… CLUTCH INSANE FLICK JACKCASHEW CLUTCH 1HP
Retweeted by dove @Laiysz Is this youre home too @dandogg9 oh my goodness youre ripped @ilystanley @fatherkaylee Am down @NotReduxx Spoiler redux valorant we cannot q @MichaelScarn60 @oktinaa_ unironically Yeah
@jellyfish_val Yeah sure im down k thx @fairyfps Hi @synbrucey Pedophile get out of my comment sectionU are the owner of an org who just impression farms PLease humble yourself @MichaelScarn60 Micahelscarn fans RISEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @cowffeeeee @tnghllwnband U are so adorbale awwww @333dun Hiiiiiiiiiii HIiiiiiiiiiiiii HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII @zeronaVAL @sevvn No he literally admitted it he likes crazy girls @audestball Hiiiii u are very grogeous to me @sevvn U be going after the crazy Ones i gotta staysafe @sevvn Platonically (IF u are One of his egirls PLs do not attack i am an ALLY) @sevvn u Are looking so pretty!!!!!! @sevvn HI sevnnn!!!!!1111 @synbrucey @222GenTle @itsatiffydiffy @draxcu Hi Synergy Owner can i join SYnergy @222GenTle @synbrucey @itsatiffydiffy @draxcu Gen APLHA MALE be ware……. @x0Starlight i read this as queso @synbrucey @itsatiffydiffy @draxcu He thought he ate that shit up @synbrucey @itsatiffydiffy @draxcu LMFAO I CANT @synbrucey @itsatiffydiffy @draxcu THERE I SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @jellyfish_val Wanna play ranked Tongiht @jellyfish_val Focus up lil bro U vod reviewing XD @jellyfish_val 😭😭😭 @jellyfish_val Please get evaluated
@h3artlysss WAIT I MEANT TO POST SCOREBROARD NOT THIS @h3artlysss LM FAOO I LOVE U I WASNT BEING MEAN I SWEAR U SLAYED FR @jackcashew OOp. Mmmmmm mind linking @pitou_cyl @Darrinsval @zeronaVAL 😭😭 @NotReduxx Ok sooooo basically
For those uninformed about valorsnt twitter culture……. this is not my boyfriend This is KING!!!!! Pao Val ( @florscnt @dawnmoer Florscnt do you mind if i interview you LIVE ON STREAm for this reply to this tweet.??boyfriend reveal :3 @dawnmoer i mean yeah i guess but it also takes liek two second to tell him where to put it like imo i dont think i… @dawnmoer yah instead of beefing w them just let them know where the correct place is Yk thats what i do but if the… @florscnt @dawnmoer My reaction to this Holy crap flor @dawnmoer see this problem is these are low skilled players since im guessing youre smurfing i would just let home… @vaypid HBD!!!!! @Nexybtw Hey @Laiysz Defamation @Laiysz I would never date a redhead that is selfh arm
@therealsuno @Lthew_ why be the bigger person when hes harassing me the least i can do is make him more insecure than he already isthis copy pasta is the most cringe unfunny thing i’ve ever seen if i see it one more time i will be blocking @fuckinhostile21 I won david @str4wberry Thanks mama :3 @sarachashrimpp Top right is @_Od26 @yay U r so brave for replying @cowffeeeee My room is super duper hot ☹️ @cowffeeeee Why do u say this @notmommymaddy my mom got them for christmas like 3 years ago dorry ☹️ @Laiysz burts bees is soaurrrfr good @Laiysz Stopppp cause me too @WasteManOP 😭😭😭😭🤞