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mulcahy's y/n 🍸 @presidentpoppy ★they/bug/trek/🐢/bun bi enby★

poppy / chives / columbo / igor 🌱 multifandom trekkie, 16, genderhoarder 🌱 art: @artkahmasylum alt: @lGORSTRAMINSKY priv: @fathermuIcahy 🌱

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stan frank burns 💗💖💞 or dont thats probably a better ideaok goodnight y’all and the funny boys
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸 @mushrodo the captain @TheyMightBeGeek @StaticWarpBubbl OH THANK GOODNESS the longest streak of eps without him was eight iirc and it Cha… @fishrecruitment I WAS JUST ABT TO SLEEP WHEN I GET HIT WITH THIS N NOW IM SO FRANTIC WITH HAPPINESS SKGXBBSHDDHHSKFSHDHFKFJJCJCOH MH GKFFHDRUYRHRFHNCCNMVNCDHYSYATATYEDHHDJXCJ AAAAAAAHDHFHSGSGSGSHSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @TheyMightBeGeek n it doesn’t help considering how much I project onto radar skgjffjjdfj @TheyMightBeGeek shit now I’m crying smfhdnfgkv but basically like !! I’m not saying potter’s gonna be bad or anyth… @TheyMightBeGeek I’m honestly glad I got spoiled for it bc the mere Hypothetical Thought of it happening makes me c… @coIonelhogan UR TASTE NEVER ENDS IT RLLY DOESNT WHO ARE UR FAVSSSSSS @coIonelhogan BRO ITS SO FUN HEREE but I get it 😔😔 but honestly if u ever want back in again ur absolutely free to… @coIonelhogan OK GOOD AJGDHFJFKKC THAT SONG IS LITERALLY HOW I REALIZED I WAS A DEMIBOY SO ITS MY GOSPEL @coIonelhogan BROOOO U LIKE MASH TOO?!??????????? @coIonelhogan ME TOOOOOOOO I SING ALONG WHEN IT COMES ON CBCBNFKV YOUVE HEARD THE VERSION WITH WORDS RIGHT?? @coIonelhogan ABDDHHABDGSGDHDFHCJJC ITS OK I MISSED IT TOO BC I WAS WATCHING MASH 😔😔hghgrrr I’ve only got two more Henry eps of mash left I am so upset;;;;;;; not including Abyssinia henry bc I have… @coIonelhogan JDKAJDSDFKJKF THIS IS THE ENTIRETY OF HOGANS HEROES TWT WHEN IT COMES ON ON METV"While the camp is still practicing, MacArthur arrives early. As it turns out, he does not have time to even stop,… wtf happened in that episode did he jsut???? drive past ????? why didnt macarthur stop i am so confused........Happy Birthday in heaven Larry 💔Miss you always. #itsnicetobenicetothenice #LarryLinville #FrankBurns #mashfamily
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸OH MY GODDDDD KING KING SHIT LOOK AT THEMMMMM <3<3<3 if true
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸imsdkfsmrsjjrs<3,3<3<3,33 char in mash perhaps :) hbd larry linville miss u
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸 @towoph UHUAUUSEEHESSSSS EVERY TIME I SAY HE MAKES ME CRY I MEAN IT FULLY;; HE MAKES ME CRY REAL REAL TEARS SKDJFSD… @soljoestassi UR BEING PAID IN PLUSHIES FKJSRMKRSRMKSJMRSKJ @fleetwoodhawk trans flag too if u wanna fiddle with headcanons B) @fleetwoodhawk AND the groucho marx glasses too @redmulcahy YEAH YEAH YOU GET IT @larissafrehley UAHHJSSSS<3,3<3 THANK YOUU ;w; @aliizkiin ur so right.........spooky scary...!
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸 @Just_in_Kace IT REALLY IS THE :]spotify as i open it to play oingo boingo exclusively for the 100th day in a row:
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸 @cowboykandi you are extremely bold to assume I have not done this (I have) @0T0G4R1 tw violence // WAIT THATS LIKE THIS
@TheyMightBeGeek frank burns smile!!!!!! his :] @jhoffman - i know hes got a lot to offer so ive definitely got my hopes up <3 @jhoffman yeayea i get that !!!! like ik he takes his place but like hes an entirely new character on his own n i c… @jekyllapologist UAUJRHHRRRR THIS MADE ME SOB LIKE SO MUCH;;;;; IM SO GLAD YOU UNDERSTANDD SSJSJSS <3<3<3<3<3 THANK… @jhoffman ive seen little clips and snippets of him and i like him already ;w; hes pretty neat and as much as it is… @eIIiottgouId SSSSKSJJKSS YOU THINK SO ?????? i never even considered that ksrjksrmkssss ive been sobbing all day o… @jekyllapologist hhuuuUHHHJJJJ THANK YOU SOMUCH;;; HTAKN YOU SO MUCH i feel so riddled with guilt sometimes bc of h…
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸#ClassicMASH
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸sorry if it seems like im being dramatic or something jkrjrjs hes just genuinely my biggest comfort character at th… @sharttrek kai winn @catgrubs @sharttrek u look at obrien and julian and tell me hes straight /lhsince it is frank burns day I wanted to talk abt him like,, Seriously snhddjjjhdhs I hope y’all understand n don’t… that you can like problematic characters, theyre fictional and liking them doesnt automatically mean you c…
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸 @sodappop_ @ClassicMASH gummy worms today because its his birthdayhappy birthday frank burns!!!!!!!!!! :D #mash
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸 @pendercats oh definitely ur renepostingHAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!💖💕💞💗💞💕🎉🎉🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉 @NonbinarySaru GHGHGHRRRRRR I NEEDED THIS THANK YOU <3normally i wouldnt post emotional columburnihan on main but its his birthday today so this is a very special occasi… BIRTHDAY FRANK BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we threw him a little birthday party ;w; @eIIiottgouId ITS HIS BIRTHDAY????? OH GMUYG OD D DFJ //W34324 ITS FRANK SBIRTHDAY HELLO“Oh but I don’t understand how a non-binary person can use he/him pronouns” okay? So what? I don’t care if you don’…
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸I don’t know why it’s hard to understand that trans people do not need to explain every single facet about themselv…
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸 @soljoestassi I LOVE U TOO JOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ABSOLUTE LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE FUKCIN VIBE @soljoestassi AESJHEHJESJHEEE WE ARE KINNIES!!!!!!!!! WE R FUKCIGN KINNING!!!!!!!! MASH DANGANRONPA CROSSOVERRR HSE… @soljoestassi YEAAAAAA WOOOOOOO U WILL DO THE PINK SPARKLY STUFF AND I WILL DO THE FOOD SERVING AND WE WILL VIBE @wlwdax @dabowheel its on netflix <3<3 @soljoestassi we out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @soljoestassi HI MONOMI @dabowheel CANDYMAN PLEASE PLEASEE PLEASEWHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE ATHAT've heard of the search for spock but have you heard about the finding nimoy
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Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸 @ferengimarx kinnie @ferengimarx holy shit ur a fictional character uve done it /lh
Retweeted by mulcahy's y/n 🍸henry blake? — YEAAAAAYAEYAYEAAAAHHH WOOOOOOO YEAYAAHHH WOOWOOOO WOOOO YEAAHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *STARTS DANCING* ]Y… @TUBB01NN1T 😔😔 so truehiiiii :3 @oudkee honestly tho thats what i look like rn ksfjsdfsdfsmj @oudkee I KNOWW HES SO SMALL..... MICROORGANISMdr. delbert doppler - treasure planet sisko - star trek deep space nine @ANightAtRosies YESSSSS as long as it doesnt have spoilies in itbenjamin sisko - star trek deep space nine @cassatoria thank u ;w; <3<3 i needed 2 make it for the sake of my own self image skjfadkskdfjksaudrey ramirez - atlantis: the lost empire (vincenzo santorini) - atlantis: the lost empire at this ram i drew
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