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poppy, fca @presidentpoppy she/her bi artist (16) FL

💚 Star Trek, Star Wars, DC, and horror 💚 runs @artkahmasylum & @ensignstuart 💚 [ #OBIWAN ] 💚 boarding the 2020 STAR TREK CRUISE! 💚

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my head n stomach hurt ;^; so im goin to bed!!! gn y’all @_chrastrealust I hope she hears me bc I miss herI know calling out “major” wont help me find my kira figure but im trying my bestI cranked this out at an alarming rate because I'm not over #SonicMovie
Retweeted by poppy, fca @AFickleBiscuit whenever I say I like sherlock gnomes ppl always go “WHYYY????” n it just makes me go aaaaa so im sjsnfnfmf @pepcikola the LOWEST mine can get is 3 stars like hdgsdnnc you can put anything in front of me and I’ll love it @AFickleBiscuit nobody in particular im just scared itll happen n ill Die hcjvbfhfhg my taste in star trek eps is t… @AFickleBiscuit because im scared of what ppl think 👊😔 I feel like if I praise a movie that’s generally disliked I’ll get backlash so fhaving a Letterboxd is lowkey scary bc I like every single movie I watch im I only dislike abt what, 2, 3 movies??… time to time I see someone question whether there is room for their voice in fandom, especially in spaces driv…
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Retweeted by poppy, fcaI used to not be able to watch footage of needles at All and even any gore but re-animator helped me get over that!… his horror movies are supposed to make you feel scared but I’ve been using them as ways of making me Less scared of thingsnew leaf villagers when you completely fuck up a task: aw thats okay!!!! everyone makes mistakes :) gamecube villa…
Retweeted by poppy, fcathese were s’posed to be for Valentine’s Day but I finished em late so here take this poppy page
Retweeted by poppy, fcako-fi commission for @lesbianwembley of our tos rarepair bones/scotty >_ < <3 ... i chose the voyage home for extr…
Retweeted by poppy, fcafuck it: official art of leia with a lightsaber
Retweeted by poppy, fcamy bitch ass when I fall for yet another fictional character
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Retweeted by poppy, fcaFIVE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS!! Thank you all so much for following me (though I’ve yet to see the appeal). I gratitude, h…
Retweeted by poppy, fcafrom now on I will only draw fanart of obscure westerns I like
Retweeted by poppy, fcaAbt time I drew a different character
Retweeted by poppy, fcaTUVOK TUVOKKKK!!!!!! fancam? tuvok fancam
Retweeted by poppy, fca🏳️‍🌈 NEW COMMISSION INFO! 🏳️‍🌈 • please signal boost! • all payments done through PayPal! • see thread for things…
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#cookierun 誰不喜歡戀愛的少女呢💕
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Retweeted by poppy, fcaI just found out “beam me up Scotty” was never once said in TOS and now my head hurts
Retweeted by poppy, fca @pepcikola I don’t even mind the music anymore I’m just real bad at platforming and the slowness from the water doesn’t help -^-every time I fall in water in a sonic mania level I scream because I know That’s Where I’ll Die and I always do @saimotaa nah it’s just like powdery dough with a pound of frostinggod I forgot how much I love Candyman I LOVJHJ HIMMNNN I LOOVEE HIIMM LOVE UUUUUUUUUUU doodlessss
Retweeted by poppy, fcaSpirited away - one summer’s day 🌿
Retweeted by poppy, fca#transmascartists Very happy to see this tag!! 🌱 I'm Robin and I'm a trans man from Germany. I like drawing Star Tr…
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Retweeted by poppy, fcaok ig not the Original original but One is themtoday I learned: the song in the original Minecraft trailer is from inceptionI think we should remember that the two best superhero movies of the decade were produced by the same guys... the T…
Retweeted by poppy, fca @AFickleBiscuit THE WORD FEMALES UNLEASHES A VERY PARTICULAR RAGE IN ME @AFickleBiscuit every time I SEE that first video my brain makes the chainsaw string pull noise @AFickleBiscuit god I hate them my mutuals if y’all want my Snapchat dm me bc I shitpost on my story sometimes esjfbdng @CEOofjoker because im a bossomfg my cousin hates watching movies yet he won’t shut up about inception lmaoooo @SlTHREVAN AGGAHDBDNCXJ 👊😩 ive been blessedholy shit I’m at my cousins house and my friend there showed me ep 1 of promised neverland and holy fuck I’ve never… @wlwtroi god all my Trek f/os are such big comforts for me but I retreat to Riker and Kira a lot,.,,, they make me feel bravepls god I hope nobody’s done this beforethe poet the poem @maulworm mmmm liver
@rockhudsn not rlly!! the beginning is p boring I agree but the rest of it makes up for it @TTrekkie WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LIZARD BABIES IN THRESHOLD????????????
Retweeted by poppy, fcathe other movies just aren’t doing it like lego batman
Retweeted by poppy, fcaopen for a terrible surprise
Retweeted by poppy, fcathis one's for the best theme song ever aired on tv. pouring one out for you, enterprise
Retweeted by poppy, fcawait
Retweeted by poppy, fca @KatherineIsOdd nah trip tucker just loves his westernsI wanna see the forbidden movies: the Enterprise movies, on repeat, is gul dukat's attitude towards major kira
Retweeted by poppy, fcaHistorians: so we're gonna name this war the 80 years war Me: so that means it lasted 80 years right Historians:…
Retweeted by poppy, fcaanyway
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Retweeted by poppy, fca @drawingleander STAMETS??????? @drawingleander I don’t know what detmer’s robot parts do tho so I’m not sure @drawingleander “a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limit… @drawingleander isn’t that?,??????? a cyborg,?,,,,???? @AFickleBiscuit NOOOOO PLEAJSEFHVZBXCNNC @drawingleander wait she’s not ??? @theandroidas bdahhaSGHSGAVSDHNDDNKC @0950jupiter0956 die @0950jupiter0956 I HAVE NEVER SAID THAT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE STOP MAKIHJ THIS UP BEFORE YOU PERISH UNDER MY HANDS @0950jupiter0956 DONT CALL ME OUT ON MAIN IM GONNA DUFKIHNBG ASSASSINATE U BUT LOOK WHOS TALKIGN UR MORE HORNY ON M… @0950jupiter0956 LEECH BSVSSHASBVABDNFNF I’ve been cured of the plague wow @ActualDamar ADHGSSBNDCNMC god I want jumja so bad........eating fruit gummies as usual and uh tf kinda fruit is this @zascmo yeehaw mercury: mamaaaaaaaaa me and the girls:
Retweeted by poppy, fca @Hard_Pretzel YESS... YESSSSSS...... THEY HAVE A CLUB concept: what if its a polySonic the Hedgehog (2020)
Retweeted by poppy, fcahugh 🤝 poppy 🤝 seven cyborg with visible metal and a prosthetic left eye @pepcikola @wlwtroi MEEECBDHDDBXB I have a picture of Shran in my phone case right above herbert and it just encaps… @a_simple_tailor *atm @a_simple_tailor gosh I would but I can’t afford to be invested in another tv show arm @WestColonel 👀👀👀 what is it..... @WestColonel if you mean hellraiser it’s one of my favorite franchises @snapefucker isn’t it a crime to watch gremlins 2 without finishing gremlins 1 thoanyone got any movie recs???? preferably sumn with star trek actors bc I love seeing different stuff they’re in ;w;can’t watch Trek bc I watch important eps of ds9 and voy w my mom (which I’ve hit with both now) and every ep of di… @wlwtroi ME TOO BRO........ @0950jupiter0956 I DIDNT EVEN MAKE IT LMAO @ElleninAnger we stan jo @0950jupiter0956 🅱️READ @0950jupiter0956 TURNS OUT MY FRIEND ALREADY DID IT SO HDDHBDFNCN space nine bread bank
Retweeted by poppy, fca @dilfsarek WE BOTH HAVE DUKAT AS THE CUSTOMER AND SISKO AS THE MANAGER GOD FUCKINHFJF DAMNITBDHDHFGN @dilfsarek NOOOO FUCCJFFJFGJKGVK GDI ITS ALREADY BEEN DONE FUCK dam now I gotta think of another one shit gagasgnfnf I had no idea im sorry @0950jupiter0956 DO YOU KNOW WHAT IM DOIHN