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Preston McElroy @preston_mcelroy Corpus Christi, Texas

Known as Pops. My interests are anything dealing with horror or sci/fi photos and movies. I like the outdoors, cooking and writing. He/him

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@CumberdickB Nope and I don't know how much that is in american money. Is it a lot @childeoomf @sapphicbisexual ? @baniblessed @FrankKane11 Thank you @baniblessed @FrankKane11 Oh ok have a great evening šŸŒ† @baniblessed @FrankKane11 Good morning to you too šŸ˜Š @FrankKane11 Thanks @writingiswar Great news mate. Wish the best for you. @sapphicbisexual I'm not @FrankKane11 Good morning Frank. Have a great day @lindabegentle @Gerry48245639 Thanks @MagicalOverload 3 @Coffeea39429502 Good night @t_photojunkie Good morning to you too mate @sapphicbisexual What about asexuals? @Katheri01061620 Thank you @DarkAng67390046 Thanks @Mr_Wolf_1982 Okay thanks @Katheri01061620 @Mr_Wolf_1982 Now I know thanks @omar_syrinx2112 King arthur @DarkAng67390046 Good morning to you too @st_RAY_aah @McClaneJohn2 3 months @Mr_Wolf_1982 BTW what is cosplay? I don't understand Twitter talk. @Mr_Wolf_1982 That's a good one too @GraniteDhuine True @Mr_Wolf_1982 Harry @Adeliasmith2020 Good night šŸ’¤ @Primetime_1987 Sounds good man @Gerry48245639 Back at ya mate @Adeliasmith2020 Good night Love. @SarcasticMe81 Hope you feel better mate @Lisacaines841 I enjoyed that @Gerry48245639 I've done that. Wasn't much fun but I did it lol @winston53660 My prayers go with you. @fs0ciety01 Sparkling city by the sea @johnny_queer @BeardedUniverse You are welcome mate @johnny_queer @BeardedUniverse Byw thanks for the follow @johnny_queer @BeardedUniverse Have a great day @BeardedUniverse Good morning to you too @SlasherCrystal Bonne nuit mon ami @XavierVanDussen good night my new friend @XavierVanDussen you're the best. Im like you already @XavierVanDussen it's that on your profileAfter my jocked up workout I got pretty turned on and had some fun with my new equipment. Iā€™m gonna have to have a.ā€¦
Retweeted by Preston McElroy @Adeliasmith2020 @YouTube thank you blushing @Adeliasmith2020 @YouTube you're the best @Adeliasmith2020 @YouTube sure did thanksRicky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca via @YouTube Crazy Life @Braden_groovy_ @OddNMacabre lol @Braden_groovy_ @OddNMacabre my bad @Adeliasmith2020 @YouTube lol you gotta be kidding @Braden_groovy_ @OddNMacabre Rawhide?Broken Vow via @YouTube Broken vows bring broken herarts @steveffootball yummy @Lisacaines841 nice @marygar48875787 n/ice @mlzema You are welcome @JayBoogeyman What is the matter? Not feeling well? Hope you get better @marygar48875787 U2 @mlzema @GuinnessIreland Now that's some tucker šŸ± @mlzema @cohiba @CigarsIntl At home and I don't smoke lol @CrockettForReal Very true @MagicalOverload No unless it's too cold @StaceyBuzzActor All the time @IllusionOG Love you too šŸ˜Š @OddNMacabre Rawhide Rex @Lisacaines841 That's so sad @MrBlindPenguin Lol @SarcasticMe81 I have depression because of being bipolar and the help I get from the people here on Twitter. @Lisacaines841 When did they do that and why? @Jawsman206 You can talk that way anytime you want. We enjoy listening lol @Lisacaines841 Are you serious? @EefisourLord Hello Kyle. And I do all of the above. @t_photojunkie Good nightTim @steveffootball that looks @jorgethevirgin @coltondoe hey there @steveffootball yummy @therealzevgood Zev join my Twitter family @Marval32562 thanks @MichaelisAngel1 thanks @omaraubert actually I did @FrankKane11 lol @MichaelisAngel1 The here. I have a slight fever @JohnLukeNYC @DietCoke my kind of tucker. @Marval32562 WEll I am an old 18. I will be 19 in June @ciara51313830 it's yours @Marval32562 no one is ever too old @jpkaufenberg5 talking to me @RowenaKirkpatr5 @nervepills1 lol @Marval32562 yah
@FrankKane11 thank you @Katheri01061620 you too @FrankKane11 thanks You are so nice to me @FrankKane11 wow then I must be Mr. America @FrankKane11 nice you must workout @DrewLawDesign Sears catalog @SaintAvenger216 have a great day @olderdandrt56 you are welcome @FrankKane11 thank you @FrankKane11 sorry my sleep got me up, lol @SaintAvenger216 good mo0rning mate