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*omg the month since I deleted this account has been so much longer than all the other months before it* anyway ur…
rip I just realised I posted this on the wrong account lmao go follow my new account :)
@SinoNorman *groove smh @SinoNorman Speaking as the uptight person yes I agree it isn’t fun I wouldn’t do it either😂 whole point in grove i… annoys me about having a friend called Lloyd is that now I can’t obsess over the double L thing cause it’s kin…'m devising a hilarious quiz that identifies 8 types of father: e.g. tiger dad, pyjama dad, faddy daddy, yummy dad…
Retweeted by kidI think I am in the process of making the best brownies of my life. The batter is So Good😭 it’s that kind of taste…
NEW ACCOUNT: @robynmckechnie this account turned 8 years old today so I decided it’s time for it to die 🌝 @TheSocrateej @dril The effects could have been somewhat offset though by people who needed time to reflect and wer… @TheSocrateej @dril I honestly think it likely did create more dumbasses. People do dumb shit when their mind is pr… @fifimoeng (You’re right and) I’m surprised nobody’s brought up the fact that it’s English people as well😂 it’s vie… @masetla_tshepo @dryrose27 @fifimoeng Imagine believing there’s a lack of educated multilingual people without jobs in South AfricaDo you believe you’re a good liar?Deleting their home language from your translate app is the new deleting their city from your weather app#wordcloud @wordnuvola @wormybel ...friendship soulmate??👀😂local homescreen organisation fanatic is very pleased with Apple’s latest decisions thoughts will always have to be separate from the body or from the moment (planning, philosophy/politics) b…’ll see how it goes, but for now I’m just focusing on my physical body and surroundings. No abstract creations. A… that becomes a full time job. As soon as I become busy with something else, I neglect my body and potentially s… I’ve realised that applies to chronic illness as well. Being chronically ill means I have to think about absolu…’ve heard people talk about the “mental load” of being a woman, especially a tradwife/mother, because you have to… biggest breakthrough yet is realising I can solely focus on my body and my immediate surroundings and revolve my life around that focus
@adamaganza I think it’s mostly a UK thing 😝IMPORTANT SKILLS I LEARNT IN 2020: -how to eat pineapple in more sane quantities (ie less than a whole pineapple p… okay if it was 5 strangers vs 1 stranger and the trolley was headed towards the 5 strangers, I’d pull the lev… time I think about the trolley problem and how that would play out for me irl I come to the same conclusion:…
Retweeted by kidwhy is tiktok/reels like “what people think when I say I [do x art]”: some completely ridiculous thing that 99% of… feel like this keeps happening. Whenever I’m in my right mind I lose people. When I’m cynical everyone wants to c… do I lose the most followers when I’m nice to people wtf😭 maybe I just tweet too much @adamaganza Lol I have space behind my sofa but I never hid behind it. Maybe behind a blanket would be more likely?… mom: why do you stay in bed all day?? also my mom: talks to me literally every moment that I am awake, asks me… picked up my phone to do something that was important and productive but I now have no clue what that was @opalwithana I find it so annoying😭 It’s one of those shows that is overall kinda bad and potentially problematic b… can’t fully articulate this but if you get it you get it. Maybe I’ll figure it out in words one dayPlease let people be alive and exist without using half their lives just prefacing to you what the next few seconds… cannot navigate every single moment with so much caution. You need to actually exist and be alive in the moment… this happens because people are trying to help you or get closer to you. If you don’t want that, tell them,… I feel like “ugh this person keeps giving unsolicited advice” or “they won’t mind their own business” is a dumb… mom bought a bunch of liquorice around the same time though and we don’t usually have liquorice in the house so… since I started taking liquroice root extract my life is like “why does my breakfast taste like liquorice?” “w… @opalwithana Don’t waste your time👀Golf is so weird. Huge swathes of landscape culled and privatised because men are too scared to just ask their frie…
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@Sabrina45X I jump back and forth between these two ideas a lot. But I have a family member who was apparently sexu… @conceptsbot This is true! Probably not nice for the friends though I hate hearing bad things but love saying them*checks that a random person I don’t know still follows me as a way of seeing if I’ve strayed too far from who I wa…“you are the answer to a prayer i was too proud to pray.”
Retweeted by kidGod intervened and set the church on fire so I hope she gets the messageI’m starting S3 of Cable Girls and I’m so mad. Why would she marry that idiot. Her literal soulmate is there waitin… to a soulmate is so refreshing. I feel like my soul is neutralised and at rest. I’m ready for the next ups… @LegendThePoet Looks kinda like the Therma Kota Aldis jacket. But it’s not particularly affordable 😝 anyway here’s… is how I live now.
Retweeted by kid @redbylo 💚🤍💛 it’s a rare good day😝 woke up with lots of hope @LegendThePoet It’s so difficult to watch when you think somebody is making choices that harm themselves. But what… @redbylo when ur mars placement is Scorpio but you are an emotionally repressed/avoidant “good girl” triple earth sign💀😭Me ignoring messages until I gain enough energy to be social again...
Retweeted by kid @redbylo I am a virgo sun taurus moon capricorn rising and I feel like this thread was written specifically with me…, Virgo, Capricorn 🎴 Learn how to have fun and not be so stiff about life. You need to intentionally curate…
Retweeted by kidTaurus,Virgo, Capricorn 🎴 STOP forcing! You are forcing something in your life and it’s stressing you. You can’t c…
Retweeted by kidAll this says to me is when you and/or someone you're connected to decides vengeance will be theirs, unfortunately…
Retweeted by kidmy parents did not listen to me as a child so now i overshare on twitter
Retweeted by kidno one: me to myself: you need to stop being afraid of criticism, its necessary.
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Oh I almost forgot #bivisibilityweek @adamaganza No @ItsJustHedy I don’t know but I understand @CouldItBeAna Ooh thanks!!😄“the coronavirus” “the influenza virus” TELL ME GOOGLE WHERE DID I SAY “THE”??????? how swine flu is a particular influenza virus, does covid-19 fit into that and if not what other viruses is it… I hate search engines, does anyone know whether covid 19 is *a type* of influenza virus? Like is a “coron… that dont require you to sacrifice who you are is what I'm manifesting
Retweeted by kidSetting boundaries 101🦋 Love it here.
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I feel like I have been chasing seals this whole summer, from the coast of Northumberland to Bardsey Island, and ho…
Retweeted by kid(what it actually looks like) drop when u kill me the simpsons is written by time travellers from the future @SiyaBunny Oh also the GPS person. Basically I’m the one that can’t fall asleep and keeps the driver company while… @SiyaBunny Aux god and snacks distributor if I’m in the back, storyteller if I’m in the front. I am Never the drive… @Sabrina45X How long must his back be then😂😂 I vote he’s wearing 6” stilletos @_Nwai I’m the opposite😅 I emotionally want to take everything personally but am very aware of that so I think “meh… @HiImDanHughes I hope that was a typo😂 like “the UK” -> “Wales” but she left the the in accidentally. I mean she’s…
@pretentiousbitc @bigtoriii we should get this trending worldwide so all of us can benefit from it
Retweeted by kid @thepawesomeone I guess it does😂 @CallHerApple Oh and couches!! And chairs!! How are they so expensive😰 they can’t possibly cost that much to make. Surely not @CallHerApple Insurance. The most insane thing that we all spend so much money on. We should just be putting that m…’re especially excited to talk to them and feel comfortable speaking with them in a more casual register,” and s… I was about 10 I came across an article in a magazine titled “20 ways to fake having natural charisma” and I n… @bigtoriii a better idea since everyone's talking about cameras and people watching: start a prank trend where you… is bad fir ur knees I mean I'm not sure exactly how bad it is but it feels like my bones are being crushed… @jojomartian @perfectsweeties I could just like,, use common sense to translate the months into the correct ones bu… @jojomartian @perfectsweeties ahhhh I hate when they put months in things to do with seasons has anyone made a SH adjusted version @HerHandsMyHands @haru_onthetrain Cool😄 I find it v useful too, you always get to the tweets before I see them though hahahaRemember that existing is enough. Do not rush, Do not force.
Retweeted by kid @haru_onthetrain @HerHandsMyHands @diebelra I think they look for the alt text bot’s “no alt text :(“ tweets, they… who are averse to voting: do you spoil your vote or just not pitch up? And why? (To me spoiling ur vote seem… this whole thing on twitter where somebody responds to virtually every popular tweet that features an image,… @Ziganeko I’m sure Stevie Boebi can answer all your questions😝“The thing is, today is not just a stepping stone to tomorrow” -a person w a private account @conceptsbot midniiiight, not a sound on the paaavement, has the moon lost her memoryy? she is smiling alone