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back on here after literally only fucking up everything more 🎀🫧(out of my binge era ) minor| muslim|edtwt|enstarvetwt

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@M0NSIEURD0LL IM BACK AND I FAILED !!! Thank you for ur blessings though ^_^It’s June tmr I think I’m gonna kay em s Also guys wish me luck math exam in like 50 mins i think I’m gonna fuck u…
@_mishima__ REAL THWY TASTE BETTER AND R LOWER CALScorn cakes>rice cakes srry…
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon @luvitykcals 39 but my ugw is 35 so close enough ig (?) @vomier LITERALLY SAME i wanted to recov so I logged off n delete twt but didn’t last for long ig..I’m doing good h…’m going to end it all I’m going to end it all I’m going to end it all I’m going to end it all kinda wanna make a character ai meanspo threat but idk =^= @_mishima__ I will literally murder suicideme
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not eating is self-care not eating is self-care not eating is self-care not eating is self-care not eating is self-…
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon-🧵 of things i tell myself/do to stop myself from breaking a fast! #edtwt (sorry if its messy. first thread ^^)
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon @fIwrgirI Cutest mf on here tbh @vomier LITERALLY WE NEED TO GET BACK ON THE RIGHT PATH TGT (also I missed u vomi </3) @delulucals NOOO NOT THE EMO PHASEI LOVE HER
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon @korarexic 18-17 ? Also ur hair is so pretty <3 @linobites @delulucals Why is it in Ben Shapiro format @bsdlvvr 😇 @hearts4thinspo Her face holy shit @hungrygoblinn @seulgikal No That’s so cute if u make it defo show us <3 @stopchewin That’s like an okay amount but the nutrition is kinda bad @delulucals Ur js like me frdeep cleaning my room just so my sister can mess it all up again after i go back to school ( we share a room )
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinononI fucking hate Ramadan why why why why whyHow to lose 10 kg in one dayIM GONNA KMS THIS JS LITERALLY MY HW??!im literally obese …… I literally was 45 kg when I left edtwt why the fuck did I think I was gonna recover … now I have to start all… @pepperoliocious The rice is like prolly abt 200 and 300 for the chicken (?) @proana_ana_ The tumblr tags …. @leashouse I’d say relatively normal to irl skinny and the angle makes u look fat @starligthss DROP EM!! @hearts4skinny Literal slay @Kat4omo1 @rose_mitty Real she js didn’t look good w the ponytails @ask_aubry Literal incel moment
losing weight during summer is so easy for some reason
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon @jiraikcal ITS SO CUTE <3 @fatfairywl @fairestnito Not participating ( I’m European) but this is so cute literally slay @bananamewmew Ur so cute >_< @fIwrgirI Ur so real you’re LITERLLY the realest ^_^the cutegirl urge to isolate myself from everyone 🎀
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon @hiyoritomoee The guy is so cringe I can’t @SyrupHime HII KYKO! HAII @arashistarves GOOD LUCK WE LUV U !!rt if ur skinnier than regina george
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon @lumirexia 90 mins @mafu7u Ur so realEdtwt Accs w mlp pfps Are literally the best❕Cucumber Icecream !! ~ 75 kcal 🥒🤑
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinononWill LITERLLY rip out my own organs to get a flat stomahch @funfettioats Jorts @SyrupHime HI WELCOME BACK I ALSO RECENTLY CAME BACK ON HERE @_mishima__ Idk if it’s controversial but u shouldn’t comment on ppls bodies (incl celebrities!!) Like some ppl here r insane .. @badubap_ ME ME I REMEMBER TGSM !! @emukcals Ppl on twt r such freaks @delulucals OHHHworking out is so painful how do u guys do it q_q when I’m out w friends @delulucals It looks like Mac n cheese or potatoes but no idea tbhmeansp0 i repeat to myself for motivation:; a thread🧵
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinononretweet to find my poor lost mooties pls😞
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinononthis is rlly helpful .* > < morning edtwt ^7^ remember to start ur morning w a workout >_<God forbid lesbians do anything #AceAttorney #franmaya
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon @553diet YAY CONGRATS!!!
Whenever I wanna binge I can look thru my bookmarks Whenever I wanna binge I can look thru my bookmarks Whenever I… @slitshua R U OKAY ?? @yeonjcals She is kinda cute tho3 days until “I love you” MV release! 59 days until “Cat” MV release!
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinononbeing average weight is so embarrassing
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinononWhy the fuck is this on my tl is this some cruel joke @toothpickrain BMI literally be the worst shit everunpinning at 45kg🎀🫧(I want to Kms) @delulucals @badubap_ This is a lil too relatable228 cals for the rice n 300 cals for the shrimp >_< this was rlly good tbh .. @fennecfoxfan Bro the person who posted this openly supports nazishow to get a tigh gap, loose arm fat, belly fat etc. a helpful thread♡
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon @homurexia Yes please 💥😇 @madorexic SLAY ILY @kelkcal SILLIES T … he’s LITERLLY :3 @middaymemory WHY … WHY SHE @kanetokcals They’re so cute I’m jelly … T T @jiraikcal OMH HAPPY BIRDTHDAY!!! @izonebmi Literlly ily miju @dailyedgeworth This is fucking gayAannnnd I’m back on here again ….
@rose_mitty Maybe it’s like one of those explorer outfits 😭??Fucking dies @Imxartx sure!! Sorry for my late response took a break from twt >_<
Im so done
@charlie20541687 Oh my god you’re so light @000toli I just woke up
@charlie20541687 Agreed🤮🤮rt if u wanna join an edtwt discord server with accountability + we read books together sometimes
Retweeted by prettycak3s/shinonon @miuumei she they ^_^
“Too small for most clothes” what is this anorexia @starv4aoinene @hiyoritomoee THIS WAS V FUN !! @charlie20541687 The robot man …(I have bad as fuck vision and I’m addicted to caffeine)