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the most beautiful moment in my life @bts_bighit🤵🏻‍♂️🤵🏻‍♂️🤵🏻‍♂️👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️🤵🏻‍♂️🤵🏻‍♂️🤵🏻‍♂️

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@nawnzze tmr @nawnzze yesall bts songs are my fav 💗the moon knows all my secrets.
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍I wish I could run until I can't see anything just darkness ... darkness so comfortable to me...Taehyung wearing a slippers on one foot and a sneakers on the other 😭
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍tomorrow, keep walking, we’re too young to stop just yet. tomorrow, open the door, we’re seeing too many things to close it – tomorrrowyess💯 best mati lepastu hidup balik
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍 @nawnzze 😍 kalau pakai baju putih / hitam auto hensem 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍baru je tadi aku tweet the truth untold Tiber keluar pulak lagu tu kat fyp TikTok cam tau2 jer kan🤣💗… truth untold ✨ @prettyskyambs this country’s still too small to hold me – daechwita
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍hi @btslyrics_bot by vThis SeokJin's part in Tomorrow beautifully harmonising with JK omg
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍 @prettyskyambs perhaps, yes, i’m a little dangerous. like the pied piper that pulls you along, i test you, like the…
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍louder than bombs, i say. in front of the world, i’ll say, the moments i turned away from you, the days where i wou…
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍hi @btslyrics_bot by seokjin 😀charlie puth basically confirming the collab with bts
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍nak ambil gamba bts Dr fb and twitter lah 😂 untuk 13 .6 ni🤣 @nawnzze yelatu 😂 @nawnzze kalau kita senyum2 pun mereka cakap ada bf ke sedangkan kita ketawa dgn lawak lagi2 seokjin 🤣suka buat aku… gak achieve targetnya Turunin aja targetnya
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍tak sabar nanti aku menjerit dlm hati jer boleh sbb aku sorang je yg suka kpop dlm family ni😭😭😭💗 so bts comeback is in 5 days … ☺️
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍
I'm just tired but I can't cryyaa memang diorang Mula dari bawah ,bukan dr company yg besar and kaya .tapi kita tak tahu dgn perjalanan hidup ses… hope one day I can hug bts as thanks for come into my life✨💕
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍excuse me,if life like that .sure I can live because we same.why so funny 🤣kenapa kerana sorang army yg fake or toxic or obses semua army lain yg kena ...why?kalau sorang manusia perangai bu… hope one day I can hug bts as thanks for come into my life✨💕!!!i really like gummy smilei want you to be your light, baby, you should be your light. so that it doesn’t hurt anymore, so that you can smile – promiseI feel so special 💗💗💗I like the way Jimin move he's body to dance 😭😍😍😍no one hurts me, i hurt myself .
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍selalu aku tertengok bukan sengaja 😢😂🤣 lah...sikde org yg mampu ubah ko cuma diri kau jer....bts most special for me are army and Bts💜🤍💌 @teasaysgoodbye haiii💕have a good dayI just feel sorry for myself.
bts picks as army's favorite songs 🐨 mikrokosmos, love maze 🐹 the truth untold, epiphany 🐱 ugh, cypher pt.3: k!lle…
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍 @brgsjks 3 stages in love
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍Lucky are those who find a true loyal friend in this fake world.
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍I don't want to feel this feeling for foreverhunny'sfloz you are my best friend,I hope I can meet you again are the most beautiful moment in my life 💕sar… friends really make me sad 😢 still I'm here still love you until foreverbighit recreate this photo next festa challenge
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍can't wait 😍😍😍 bts will coming at music bank...😭😭😭😭Repetition of dramatic situations can exhaust your life
I'm the one I should love in this world ❤️ epiphany by seokjin🤍Yang4Ever I will be you eternal fan because you have my heart 💕✨Bts FESTA POSTER FROM 2014-2022
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍we drop it like hot hot hot🤷🏻‍♀️🔥YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLOsuga:is ramen funny? me:yes😭😭😂 every run bts ep. make me laugh so hard @danishkimiii ada tu sy dah cakap @danishkimiii adelah @danishkimiii awak hensem lah✨I love everything about you 💕 , i baru joined twitter . Can i get 100 followers ? rt this and i will follow you but makesure follow me back tq
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍 @BTS_twt 😭💗 fav moon😭😭😭 Jimin -shi you are my fav too 💗 goes on and the future is lost
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍June really make me happy 😁😍✨🤍🥰I'm crying 😭😭😭😭“Song for ARMY” could be the one Jungkook wrote during his live 🥹
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍tak sabar lah 😭😍😍😍✨🤍 2022 FESTA (9th Anniversary) Family Portrait BTS Practice Record ‘13 - ‘22 BTS Selfie Collection 21/22 2…
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍Such a fresh day..Feeling better..Have a nice day everyone 🥰
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍happy kim6june😁😁💗💗💗
I'm so proud of you, bts🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻✨✨✨💌💌💌💗💗💗paling sakit dorang tinggalkan kau tanpa sebab bila ditanya takde pape tapi dia bagitahu org lain ,dia benci aku. want soulmate feels like seokjin ✨🫶🏻지민 걍 똑같이 자람
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍I know the feels of the pain but I didn't know the name of the pain. so funny want tell me ,ohhh sorry I'm b… you can control yourself... bit*h ,who are you? don't act like you know everything .. in this places super da… I laa ,terus hilang rasa suka tu 😂😂crush bila lagi ni kau nak taken?“Today, I want to confirm that I have no intention of marrying anyone at this time. Thank you.” #yoongi #bts
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍my bias:1993 me:2003 10 tahun ,okey cantik okey "Yoongi-yaa marry me please" 😁😁😸💗👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️i don’t wanna die but i don’t wanna live like this
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍She's fixing herself for herself, don't distract her.
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍aku tak tahu laa kenapa aku nak dirik aku hancur and org yg paling hancur dlm dunia ni and I wanna drunk and jln m…
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍old me already expired
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍ohhh my baby Jungkook😍😍💌💌🫶🏻🫶🏻✨✨arrrr "Yoongi marry me"🥺💌🫶🏻✨ it like hot 🔥 Hot 🔥 Hot 🔥make me go BTBT🔥I'm so in love with seokjin 😍🥰💗🫶🏻🫶🏻💌✨rambut namjoon panjang😍😍😍 are so proud of you @BTS_twt ! 💜👏🏻
Retweeted by Yang4Ever🤍awk ni kan 😄😄😄pagi2 kat fyp saya💗I love you too
paling sendu I pernah layan right through me by day6👍🏻🫶🏻✨'t sleep and idk what's wrong with me?