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I'm also just a journalist l Standing before an editor l Asking them to love/commission my pitches

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@ourstosave Please share rates? @joshspero @aneles @NAR Sure, mailing you in a bit. @aneles @joshspero @NAR Thanks for the tag, Selena! Hi Josh, I'm a journalist who also moved to Tokyo last year bu… patients in India's richest city have to travel 30kms to be treated—in spite of the city bursting w/ pvt hospi…
@kkwadhwani @NaviMumbaiWetl1 Bye uncle.
There are 140 million senior citizens in India today. Majority of them—including educated ones—have never had to us… @VodafoneIN But how exactly will they update me? I need to talk to someone from your team to understand an issue better. @_sufiyana_ That's a lot, for a first salary!Rs 1,000 for 40 hours of work, but done across one month, part-time after college (2003). How rich I had felt! La… @VodafoneIN your app is pretty useless and even after a long wait on the phone line, I can't get through to your… @japantimes FINALLY!"India's richest 1% which is exclusively upper caste, has four times the wealth of bottom 70%, largely via takeover… is truly grander than any King Khan, and is definitely living up to #BeingHuman 💪🏾🙏🏾
@tongamrina the politics of giving.
@IndiaPostOffice Thank you 🙏🏾 @IndiaPostOffice Thank you. International EMS (speed post) is functioning? @jyotipunwani Tiny bits, yesLong-distance carriages of corpses. Sponsored by Government of India. @jyotipunwani My grandfather's birth anniversary coincides with Nehru's death anniversary. They were both friends.… @chinmayishalya Why are you making me cry? 😭💜 This hits home much harder now—under a gjshxe#bskgfrr@fjjdn&eufv*rvf… @chinmayishalya @Namrata_Joshi Ah yes of course I know them. Had forgotten the name of the poem as "Milkshake".Oh... My.... Heart... #CelineJesseForever Before The End (of course I'm bawling) @chinmayishalya @Namrata_Joshi What's that? What am I missing out on??? @KiranManral Like most things that are visible as falling apart brutally only now (journalism, healthcare system et… posted this on a group: "Do you think it's irresponsible & self-serving for J-schools + #journalism academ… @PaulSalopek @OutofEdenWalkCh Was this conversation on "home" recorded? Would like to listen in.Definitely vouch for this: @hegde_aparna has been at the forefront of addressing issues of maternal health in India…
@lata_MIRROR More like, "being forced to loot to survive on endless train journeys" ☹️Hello @IndiaPostOffice are international postal services currently functioning?
@Sarah_Gilman @wudanyan @CJR As a freelancer, we're in a fast treadmill that doesn't stop; that we can't get off fr… @wudanyan @Sarah_Gilman @CJR I've "ghosted" editors. My reason? Sinking into debilitating depths of depression for… @shireenazam FYI I decided to look at a completely diff galaxy.Indian parents, to their 25 and above unmarried children:
Retweeted by Priyanka Borpujari @netizenmay @ArpitKaur96 Yo! OG Suds 🙋🏽‍♀️ @aruna_sekhar @mraozing Much sweeter. @aruna_sekhar @mraozing Yaar, the only thing missing in this poem is "her wide hips that remind of the globe and va… @sudeshsri @hegde_aparna @Tushar08492711 So real. @mraozing @aruna_sekhar Please find me a poem as assuring as this, for 42°C weather."Due to busy routes trains are diverted" is the new "my dog ate my homework"?
Retweeted by Priyanka Borpujari @hegde_aparna @Tushar08492711 Few years from now... @DeeptimanTY here's another instance of police personnel needing psych-eval. This time it's @DelhiPolice @Saurabhsherry Take care! And grief will come lashing when you least expect it. Pause with whatever you might be doing and don't fight it. @EarthUncutTV I agree about this video. I've bumped into a woman riding with 2 kids because there was no corner mi… @EarthUncutTV Street signals and more corner mirrors would help so much more. Also, why don't people just ring the… @jt_mag_os I'm grieving that just as Japan eased its emergency, it's shut the doors for India (where I currently am… @MudrasRajesh Uncle, stop your not-funny tweets already. @visvak @baboonzero For one, the middle-class of the 90s depended largely on public institutions for every aspect o…
@BeingBum Tell all, please. Twitter news updates is anyway a purgatory. @visvak Visvak, I agree with everything @baboonzero has said in the thread. However, growing up in the 90s-wala m… @SumairaJajja @Misogoodness I already question the govt. I can't do more blasphemy. @SumairaJajja @Misogoodness Yes yes please. Life's rotting already. Can't allow kairis to rot too. @chryselled @lillydancyger Chryselle, for the love of Goa: please pitch! @AratiKumarRao So glad she turned down that petty offer.Screw dalgona and sourdough. I FINALLY have half dozen kairis. Send me your chutney and achaar recipes. @AruniKashyap Neat cover. @thaver_mohamed Until next Eid... @amitangshu You made me look him up, on this nice balmy mango-flavoured afternoon. Sad that you cannot see the lus… @thaver_mohamed @amitangshu I got my long curly hair on my head.... @amitangshu Clearly you're very very far removed. @jyotipunwani @DeeptimanTY .....the majority of police brutality. @willyblackmore Chlorophyll is busy at work."The same rights organisations that were previously targeted by the govt are in the forefront of feeding thousands…
@mitrakalita We need to make Bihu naas GIFs for moments like these.Such a good buff! services are provided by people. We must start thinking of them as essential people.
Retweeted by Priyanka BorpujariWhen dissenters are repeatedly denied bail, it's the women—in different stages of their lives—that have to fight lo… @NadjaNadika Mastered hiding farts so well than I cannot relearn the skills now in midlife.
Hey @NH_India if you managed to find artist Orijit Sen's work online, it shouldn't have been tough for you to reach…
@utpal_parashar Not sure about how the news media in Assam are responding to this, but we @NWM_India have been swif… Egyptian journalist #SolafaMagdy is a 2020 #IWMFCourage in Journalism winner. This is a well-deserved ho…"Behind the abundance of data, there is deliberate effort to prevent access to accurate data. Citizens want transpa… @soniyaagrawal21 Join the club. Too bad J-School doesn't teach about this. But war correspondents have been address… many tests does it take? And aren't dialysis centres required to provide dialysis in a separate area or in the…
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@PaulSalopek Home is where uninterrupted Internet supply is. Along with endless coffee. @Northstalgia And I'm stumped. @wudanyan It's all about the ambience. @Northstalgia When Anushka married Virat, Maa told me, "Only you think you're chasing a career? Look at her: good c… six years, no one talks of Gujarat model, everyone talks of Kerala Model.
Retweeted by Priyanka BorpujariBoth Shinzo Abe in Japan & Moon Jae-in in S.Korea announced cash handouts on April 30. In S.Korea, took little mor…
@thorapl @MeherM 🙋🏽‍♀️ my journalism portfolio AND my hair photo—both in my Twitter bio. @SophiaBengtsson Must check it out now. Thanks for sharing ♥️ @DeeptimanTY Aren't you being illogical by asking for logic?Dating and love and marriage in the times of physical distancing, in an Internet-friendly culture: Japan @DeeptimanTY @IndianExpress How is the whole process of no full sleeves, no jewellery, going to work when masks are…
@Masratzahra This is beyond haraam during Ramzaan ☹️ @britnidlc Here's my essay: @darrenwan @MeherM Looks delish! Sadly, got nothing on or from Singapore. Singapore was on my travel list for 2020.... @thaver_mohamed Reminds me of the time you had remembered what Tabu had once said in her speech when she won an awa… @treubold As a proper extrovert (who also cherishes her down-time), Zoom webinars are EXHAUSTING!! @tongamrina There's always a way to sprinkle some water and refresh them 😊The Great Class Partition of Independent India @donnyjkimball Was wondering where did you disappear! (But then, even I had gone off Twitter) Welcome back! What… @jt_mag_os @japantimes I'm bearing cost of living in India + paying rent in Tokyo + unable to access any benefits f… @jt_mag_os @japantimes Meanwhile, landlord in Tokyo deducted full rent for April & May, even though I'm away not by… @jt_mag_os @japantimes Confusing info on Japan MoFA website about quarantine when I arrive in Tokyo: how long befor… @jt_mag_os @japantimes Thanks for writing this. Am a student at ICU Tokyo & was visiting home (=India) for a 2-week…