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Howard U | she/her | german/mozambican | model | 22

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good morning, your crush has a crush on meprosecco or champagne to be more specific @thatkingcole__ Lowkey want a champagne or Prosecco sponsre when I’m thinking about it lmaoI want a liquor sponsor lol
Me admiring all my nudes no one gets to see
Retweeted by Pricelai type like i’m drunk when i’m tiredI’m seeing my friends today after almost 10 months, I really missed these niggas 🥰hi <3
Retweeted by Pricelaneed a barber in dc asap😪 pmo pls
Retweeted by PricelaI don’t go a DAY without listening to them
Retweeted by Pricela @lostgirlmiah TaurusPeople see u postin sad shit and think it’s relationship issues..bitch I need 100 bands fym😂😂
Retweeted by PricelaI get turned off sexually when you turn me off mentally.
Retweeted by Pricela🔪💋💉
Retweeted by Pricelai think i really do have an authority problem. i don’t like people telling me how to live my life at all 😐Serving EVERYTHING
Retweeted by Pricela @jeezjulye @eleven0six__ So good!Body-ody-ody-ody-ody- ody- ody
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Retweeted by Pricelabro a whole magazine under ib kamara’s vision.......i don’t think we’re ready for what we’re about to be hit with!
Retweeted by Pricelame talking to myself on my finsta story >>>i’m indecisivethe next time two people from the same friend group want me i’m going to ask for a threesome @livgate It’s embarrassing how long it takes me to count them at the registernothing is more disorienting than counting foreign cash
Retweeted by Pricela @HiImSYDTHEKID which colors did you have? Let me guess probably orange or purple skaksks @HiImSYDTHEKID Lmaooo not gonna lie I had to try and remember if I had one, but I feel like I remember only wanting…
Retweeted by Pricelasending love to all my black mutuals today and everyday 🤍🤍🤍🤍 hopefully this year will treat us better
Retweeted by Pricelaeven back then 🤢 are so beautiful like how can you not like women ?
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Retweeted by Pricela💛🤎💚💙
Retweeted by Pricelasimply wasting my timeevery day people choose to come on this app and post the exact same tweets that went viral days ago already
throw it like a stripper #bussitchallange
Retweeted by PricelaWhen you link with your people and get a follow up text about it being nice to spend time together >>> 🥺
Retweeted by Priceladon’t ask me for street names i only know the landmarks near where im tryna go
Retweeted by PricelaImagine fumbling me , condolence . 🖤
Retweeted by Pricela“I love it when “wyd” leads to “omw”
Retweeted by Pricelai just want everyone around me to win das all
Retweeted by PricelaTumblr is so inspiring
Retweeted by Pricelait's the 20s so niggas gotta start dancing again
Retweeted by PricelaAnxiety be so fake like bitch what are we even worried about right now? Calm down
Retweeted by Pricelaoops barely*’s just be. 📸: @symarei
Retweeted by Pricela @nittatherebel thank you beauty 🖤 @sighjunwa Yea they back 😁 @KillaKoochie loool yea that not what I mean 😭oh man I already miss how berlin people talk I’m going to try to incorporate it into my english from now onabout to roll a jibbitbecause i barley smile in selfies 🤎 @AshleyOkoli YeaI just,
Retweeted by Pricelamy durag chooses violence & flies off my mf head. every night.
Retweeted by PricelaMental health in college athletics needs to be taken more seriously.
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Retweeted by PricelaAll jokes aside I’m ready to be a sugar baby 😔😗
Retweeted by Priceladamn I’m jet laggedhi, i’m chi, but i also go by mars, and i’m an artist from socal! i run an art-based business if you wanted to chec…
Retweeted by Pricela @MamiSoares @pyermoss thank you ☺️ @ssyriek Yeswith all due respect
Retweeted by PricelaBIG 20 BIG 20 🪐
Retweeted by PricelaI’m plottingmiss you too 🥺 @Badmon_Bas @pyermoss manifest it! I literally did hahah🐼
Retweeted by Pricela @whateverjewel the greatest#PortfolioDay playa 🤪 gotta love hindsight bc i def cried about not painting "enough" all last year and these are j…
Retweeted by PricelaI’m back in DC!! Can’t wait to see my friends and to meet some of my mutuals 🥺 @ERISTHEPLANET Happy birthday 🧡
@AFROCHILDT literallylike???when you ask niggas about their manufacturers they start acting all secretivesomebody just said they thought I was a piscies???howdy ✨🤠
Retweeted by Pricelai hate realistic dreams like btch im tryna swim wit mermaids
Retweeted by PricelaTore my heel one time, thought I was gonna die like AchillesI think about this a lot @auttumnaaa this color but braided will hittt @Saveitbruh @f8the exactly!Wow .. Vogue beauty
Retweeted by Pricela💜🕊
Retweeted by Pricelame shot by @SageCausie
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Eve on Rap City (2001)
Retweeted by Pricelapricela by me !!!
Retweeted by Pricelabeing dark skin automatically makes you superior, i don’t make the rules 💅🏿
Retweeted by Pricelaif i say im hungry we got abt 25 mins before i turn into a different person
Retweeted by Pricela @Jahthestealer damn spoiler much @BarryTaylorII apparently not at least that’s what people keep telling meThere’s no masculine without the feminine in me and vice versa. It’s coherent🤝
Retweeted by Pricelai'm the lips, ur the 🍒
Retweeted by Pricelamy heart
Retweeted by PricelaI said: 👩🏿‍🦰
Retweeted by Pricela @GROOVYCHl Lmaooo