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Pride @PridefuISin They/Him/He (Not parody)

Lover of anime • CEO of Robin • I am often NSFW and out of pocket • Read OP, Bleach, MHA, BC, OPM || @NicoRobinVault

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Retweeted by Pridewaiting for film red... meanwhile, nico robin stampede to bless your day👐
Retweeted by Pride @Sanjistars Sarz ❤️ @ArkhamBeast2 W then @ASMR_GioGio You probably already following it tbh cuz it was my priv at one point 😭 @The25thBam_ Omw @notfuri7 @The25thBam_ TALK THAT TALK @DamnDidIAsk @TheAwakeClown Wasted potential imo @Digiordep Pain @ixtdemon The memes are gonna be funny ngl cuz it’s uncensored for the most part lol @ParkerSCenter Maybe they will simulcast it we gotta wait and see @oshinoo_ True @Getouki Let’s battle @albsensei Yuh hopefully they find a way to simulcast it @SDSomethings2 Yeah not to mention eps would be delayed by 2 days just because they couldn’t get ahold of the broad… those who think you can just sign up for Disney+ and watch it are sadly mistaken. It would only be available in… @SDSomethings2 Atrocious because it would have some Dogshit fansubs every now and thenBleach hype is finished if they give it the Summertime Rendering treatment 😭リザたん可愛い
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Retweeted by Pride @MattXnVHat Because you was spittin
Retweeted by PrideOmg??? This blew up while I was asleep so uhh read/watch One Piece @FubukiSupremacy Job
Retweeted by Pride @R8Promethean I’m gonna cream when it happens @iggyx450 Bones better not disappoint 👏🏻When this panel is finally animated in My Hero Academia season 6 >>>
redraw~ 🍞 #BLEACH_anime
Retweeted by Pride @MattXnVHat Casually erasing something from your memory would be the most useful thing in the history of mankind 😩 @SirXudes Damn right he is one of the funniest One Piece panels I’ve ever seen
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Retweeted by Pride @satsyuin It was always dormant inside of me
@Jojoism_ Yum @Insomniacarts1 Robin 🏴‍☠️ #ONEPIECE
Retweeted by Pride @CarterSkjerven That’s just you being horny @BrndOlivia Chainsaw man pacing @SK36epic @SlashBeuh @SK36epic @SlashBeuh Hello you are the final member @LordyHordy @RyuNoDojima @SlashBeuh Y’all coming out the woodworks omg @RyuNoDojima @SlashBeuh I need five so why not? @SlashBeuh Whenever 🌚 @AmonTRD_99 I had bad timing… @Kels_X_Lua @NotoriousXP I’m talking about the food 🤤 @kareemmpie Real @SaikoVibe Y’all know me so well @zeninnnico Don’t clean it keep it dirty imo @SaikoHax They’re so good 🤤 @zeninnnico Yeah what else? @Digiordep Twins 👯‍♀️ @NotoriousXP I don’t sus tweet as often anymore tbh @SlashBeuh Yo @Boogaman20 Overpriced for some burgers that do not have seasoning on them 😭 @Daruto_Uzumaki Yeah their food is good @th3kidsam WhatTwitter down? I want five guys in me @GrimmjowreaperX I’m listening 👂 @MugetsuBunny It’s strangely soothing and soft spoken I love it @zeninnnico Mines too 😣This made me realize even more that Robin has the hottest voice in the series
Retweeted by Pride“雷 鳴 八 卦”
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@YxngPxpsi Yummy @GoldyRisa @V_Soulknight @YxngPxpsi Cock @GrimTwinDD She’s already used to it @agha_ali190 I requested it and they somehow accepted me @V_Soulknight @GoldyRisa Caught me hahaha @RyloKen67 Crazy reply in my notis @agha_ali190 This pic is iconic asf @RyloKen67 What is she eating in this? 😭 @GoldyRisa ??????? fans eating good this year @RoterAdlerSLB It can be whatever you want it to be 🤧 @TheAttackT1tan I don’t even know what his name is 🏃 @TheAttackT1tan The husband is damn near nonexistent lmaooo @thepoleninja And she’s insanely hot 🤧 @SlashBeuh Yeah replace that edge lord with a better one 😩 @Shunko_Master #realasf @ASMR_GioGio Yeah pretty much lol it has nothing to do with BakugoLike sheesh 🤧’s hot and she’s a Milf that’s the only reason why lol @BasedLIDA I started the Big Bang fr @RyloKen67 There’s a lot of fish out in da sea maybe you’ll find one like her @KnK_Shiki Bless you Goda sensei 👏🏻 @BasedLIDA She’s paying zero rent in mine for ages @MilFleursNico Realsies
@GoldyRisa @PrideFulIsin ON THE NEW KEY VISUAL
Retweeted by Pride @abbyquinzl We eating good