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Pride 🕸 @PridefuISin They/Him/He (Not parody) Bi

Lover of anime • CEO of Robin • I am often horny and out of pocket • Read OP, TYE, MHA BC

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@FNPanda_ Milk @ClickSimpsReina I want her to carry me like a bride @TomDani18 Oda drew her with perfection @FNPanda_ You are one tall Mf @StillReezyGawd Same she’s so tall 😩Nico Robin is 6”2 feet tall which means she can pick you up and kiss you against a wall 😌
Retweeted by Pride 🕸Wish I could fit Misato in the original tweet so she’s an honorable mention 🙏🏻 @FloydMNaruto3 I saw it already but I love the art 😩 @tfxckz Of course !!! @LukaZer0 Let’s gooooooo @Dubeski256 Ty ty @CoFounderOfBlue She really had that 90’s drip my queen 😩 @MochiKatakurii She’s so cute man @Errsrid She’s my top 2 in One Piece, I didn’t add her here because I’m doing each series @g6bimaru Yes 😌 @DesshiW Ty ty I love them all 🙏🏻😌 @SlashBeuh We barely interacted or followed each other during that time period is why probably lol @Shunko_Master Check out both FMA and Fate they’re great series 🙏🏻 @SlashBeuh I went through a whole phase @GoldyRisa Because Tatsu is better @SlashBeuh Wait really? I was stanning her at some point last year lol @CoFounderOfBlue I LOVED BOTAN FOR THE LONGEST 😩 @GoldyRisa Never seen the anime so I can’t put her here 😭 @Mayuosu of my favorite female characters in anime and manga (not in order) @Geo_AW3 Incoming Geo banger @clintdrops Season 2 of the anime isn’t out just the movie 💀 and yes it’s gas 😩 I recommend reading it @clintdrops Manga reader fr @SlashBeuh I can see it 👀 @anassalim0096 The movie is a prequel but I guess it can be considered S2 @moonvoidd Probably season 4 and beyond it’s gonna be crazy @slut4hangeee I think she will be fine and definitely a lot stronger 😌 @SlashBeuh If anything it might end on Shibuya and it’ll be season 3 because it’s such a long arc @slut4hangeee Same 😩 @SenpaiKevXO Can’t wait to see Toji’s debut on the anime @Zyrros Arc with mechamaru Star Plasma vessel and potential Shibuya but only the first half I feel @TsukanjiXBL Us manga readers aren’t ready either @fhs791 It’s gonna be an all time classic when Shibuya gets animated 😩 @SlashBeuh Season 1 was purely build up and season 2 will be the actual story that’s how I see it from reading the mangaIf y’all thought Jujutsu Kaisen season 1 was peak then you have no idea what’s in store for season 2 😌 @Warrior_Bl00d Yeah it’s very believable @FubukiSupremacy You deserve every bit of it sir @FubukiSupremacy @mikethemarine16 Hush up fool @Sou_Shinomiya Oh okay that’s valid 😌 @Sou_Shinomiya Nami or Robin? @FubukiSupremacy @mikethemarine16 Stop gawkingPirate Empress Boa Hancock
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@OpalisArt She is and I love her for it @OpalisArt I see Robin I press retweet 🙏🏻 good work on thisPERSONA X ONE PIECE #ONEPIECE #Persona5 #Robin #Chopper
Retweeted by Pride 🕸 @moc_dude Always @moc_dude Peter drinking that water because he’s thirsty and definitely not because of Felicia 🙏🏻 @Tnuggss In terms of looks yeah @doratomonster I respect your opinion @Isimp4noelle Always loved her in Spectacular Spider-Man is from The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) comic apparently and quite frankly the art looks amazing so I may read this now omg @KitsukiSama I would have to agreeMJ who??? @InfamousCrusad1 Ayo? @crownedc1own Not even Batman and Red Hood combined could get this information out of me @Naruto0zumaki7 Thankfully Oda said there wouldn’t be any romance between the Straw hats 🙏🏻 @deliciaekay You would be right @hisusolo YES @SlashBeuh Lmaooo @Sanjistars SARZ HUH 😭 @abeIoI No 💜 @ErzaCult WHAT I actually didn’t know that 😭 @SlashBeuh Bet he secretly liked that @abeIoI This will never see the light of day I’m afraidLike cmon now @OfficialQtg She got the better material @goddess_bread Falling on my knees if this ever happensCan’t sit here and tell me these two aren’t dating in secret @SlashBeuh You know it @SlashBeuh Mihawk hitting that on the daily btwBeauty 👑
Retweeted by Pride 🕸 @IShowSpeed @nkkolo87 GET HIM @Sanjistars Hi queen hope ur day is going well @naturaleviI Hi hope your day is going well 🙏🏻No thoughts just Nico Robin
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日和ちゃ~にドレス着せた #ONEPIECE
Retweeted by Pride 🕸 @finnastomp Down bad ppl lmaooo @dumbjojofand4c W @finnastomp The replies are shocking 💀 @LukaZer0エース
Retweeted by Pride 🕸 @BlueGardenSk1 @yournotcash You will only feel tired from fatigue that’s the only side effect of doing it too much 💀ヤマエー落書き
Retweeted by Pride 🕸 @Isimp4noelle I didn’t tweet that @DemonSlayerJon Love your acc btw @Sanjistars I am JEALOUS @DemonSlayerJon My fault I was unfollowing those that didn’t follow me back this morning 😭 @ymirisbased Not me @LzzzZ__ That makes a lot of sense I hate when that happens 😭 @GoldyRisa My intuition