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Paul Riley @prileyfury4life Long Island New York

Head Coach NC Courage, NWSL, FC FURY, Albertson Fury, Liverpool FC, chocolate, apple martini's, oysters & my boys Shankly, Dalglish & Charlie

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#LFC chief executive officer Peter Moore has issued the following letter to supporters.
Retweeted by Paul RileyLiverpool ownership deserves plenty of credit for reversing decision to take advantage of the government furlough s…
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Just a reminder the 2018 @NWSL championship match where @TheNCCourage beat the Thorns in Portland will be airing on…
Retweeted by Paul RileyAlbertson FURY STAFF with nothing to do but think about training sessions, set pieces and tactics. Well let’s see s… il faut rester chez soi mais s'entraîner tout de meme 😂⚽️ @CamilleSurdez @girondins @Football__Tweet
Retweeted by Paul RileyWow. This is Buffalo, NY today where the city’s namesake has returned for the first time since 1813. The earth is h…
Retweeted by Paul RileyThis dog is elite 😂🙌 (via mathiasberntsen96/Instagram, kiarathevolleydog/Instagram)
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NWSL. The league that made America World Champions 🇺🇸😢
Retweeted by Paul RileyThose junkyard dogs Who let the dogs out! Training is like sweeping the floor. Just because we have done it once…
My sister who is a cancer survivor started a loungewear company call GOOD HOOD CLUB to champion childhood cancer pa…
Retweeted by Paul RileyWhat have I just seen?! 🤯😂😂
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Please support those local companies that support the @TheNCCourage... Today I picked up Makus Empanadas right dow…
Retweeted by Paul Riley @CiscoCleaves @DavidJHarrisJr Sorry I thought this was my Twitter. Mike has built amazing business
This 2018 NWSL Championship Game will be the highlight of this weekend's watch party! It will be broadcast on WRAL…
Retweeted by Paul RileyThis dad had his daughters thinking they were going back to school for April Fools 😂⁣ (via Robert Scott Gower Jr/…
Retweeted by Paul RileyKeep an eye on the lad in the hi-vis... what a top lad 👏🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by Paul RileyHow low will they go??
Retweeted by Paul Riley[Sponsorship Spotlight] Progressive Graphics is offering 15% to fans who use the code STAYSAFE! Read More |…
Retweeted by Paul Riley[NEWS] U.S. Soccer Launches "Bend the Curve. Stay at Home." Campaign Read |
Retweeted by Paul RileyPlease help out a WNY D3 women’s program with a vote or RT!! Thank you!! ⚽️ @NWSL @TheNCCourage @prileyfury4life
Retweeted by Paul RileyThis was brilliant!
Retweeted by Paul RileyHonestly on April Fools day we have to have another look at this performance... CTID it is April Fool's Day, we want to know... Which NC Courage jokester are you? 1. @khamilton17 the air guitar…
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GOATS RULE: While humans are on coronavirus lockdown, mountain goats have invaded a town in Wales.…
Retweeted by Paul RileyZoom meeting for Fury B09 Red last night. Coach Nando really enjoyed being able to connect with the boys.
Retweeted by Paul RileyToday's @AGoldFan show: #NCAAEligibility #NFLCBA dispute #NFLPlayoff Expansion #NBAPlayoffs #NBA2K20
Retweeted by Paul Riley🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Retweeted by Paul RileyThe cleaning staff at our hospitals are hardly ever mentioned and they also deserve a tribute!
Retweeted by Paul RileyImagine how morally corrupt a sport can visibly and proudly be when a cheque for £600k will go to a playing staff…
Retweeted by Paul RileyPolice in Andorra. Keeping children entertained during the Coronavirus lockdown by performing “Baby Shark”. THIS…
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Chinese medics have just arrived in London to help us fight Covid-19. The media won’t tell you for some reason. 👏
Retweeted by Paul RileyWe would like to say thank you to all of our team doctors and all the doctors keeping everyone safe during these ti…
Retweeted by Paul RileyRachel Maddow: “that’s nonsense [the US Navy ship] will not be there next week.” This morning (aka “next week”):…
Retweeted by Paul Riley👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Help us on supporting our first responders and all of those working tirelessly to save lives We nominate…
Retweeted by Paul RileyImpressive back yard solo practice from Jake R on @BoysECNL u17. Got some of your own skills to share? Send them to…
Retweeted by Paul RileyThanks for the nomination @wswanderersfc! 1. The Badge ⭐️⭐️🦁 2. The Stadium 🏟 3. The Players ⚽️ 4. The Supporters…
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Lots of kind thoughtful things going on. THANKS first responders, health care workers, truckers, and everyone else… @flourage Ok you just won four tickets for any game.... let me know when schedule is out which is your best date!! Congrats: FLASH/COURAGEThank you for the nomination @mattbeard02. Once u have been nominated u have 24 hrs to respond or donate $30 to cha…
@TheNCCourage @HeatherOReilly One of my favorite ever coaching football moments. Enjoy the little things, for one d… you are a football person please join the challenge of posting a football photo. Just one picture, no descriptio… but I thought this was good old NY humor in a tough time. Sorry about profanity
I’m a lifelong Man United fan. And I’ve never been closer to getting a “you’ll never walk alone” tattoo. Klopp tr…
Retweeted by Paul RileyMarseille head coach Andre Villas Boas, head coach of Marseille with a great idea so far. He suggests season should…
Retweeted by Paul RileyLast time was so much fun we wanted to see those dance moves again! Grab your quarantine partner and start practici…
Retweeted by Paul Riley @LectricLinzo Yes I think any former Gk is def allowed especially SABS!!We are excited to announce our partnership with 2X NWSL Champions & 3X NWSL Shield Winners @TheNCCourage Their co…
Retweeted by Paul RileyGod bless all those on the front line . Human spirit is amazing’s flatten the curve: stay home, maintain social distancing, be smart &be safe. Entire world r all in this toget…
@typical_todd Damn right!!! Didn’t want to be too biasedHow companies treat employees during this pandemic will define their brand for decades
Retweeted by Paul Riley @frawnts Sonnet Smith @kmewisfc How bout NWSL all time with G @falstin How bout all time NWSL with A’s @kimbroh2o O’Hara? @mattjolles Surname?Just in case you need it, here’s a dog doing yoga in Italian. You’re welcome.
Retweeted by Paul RileyTrivia for today: BEST SONG EACH DAY OF THE WEEK: I don’t like Mondays Boomtown Rats Ruby Tuesday Rolling Stones We… @shestHEMANN4 Lol love it @dames_rory @parkinson_scott @chiredstarsPR Even if it’s an opposing coach Asking for a friend? @wosoregion Sinclair ? Just a thought
Pick your best five-a-side NWSL team beginning with first letter of your surname: -Kate Rowland -Kat Reynolds -Rock… @karinaleblanc Huge congrats KK God bless @quwsoccercoach Doing reading: book a week, working on new formation, giving pro players individual technical fitne… is just amazing @quwsoccercoach Start with the Why @quwsoccercoach Is that really from a Spurs fan who have never seen their team lift Champions League or EPL in their lifetime?The person playing chess is the architect of the game and positions himself behind all the players. That person mak… I’m playing chess against myself and I hesitate to make next move to get lunch. I come back and I see a soccer g… have Coronavirus I have spent the last week fighting for my life in ICU. I wanted to share personal video about h…
Retweeted by Paul RileyWe are going to bring this video back to the top of your timeline because we have some bloopers coming out later to…
Retweeted by Paul Riley[NEWS] Historic NC Courage, North Carolina FC Matches to Air on Capital Broadcasting and Youtube That's right folk…
Retweeted by Paul Riley @jaclarkson @NathanThackeray @XavGK16 @thomasharris82 @geordie129 @gary_hammy @eddie_robinson2 @TwilaKaufman
Meet the royal pups of the NC Courage! Dalglish and Charlie are very good dogs for their owner @prileyfury4life!…
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[Sponsor Spotlight] Keep in mind that you can swing by @carolinalehouse for curbside pick up! More |…
Retweeted by Paul RileyQuarantine day 11:
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Wait for the end ... 😯 #SCtop10 (via @bailer7)
Retweeted by Paul Riley"Much of the side remains the same from last season, but a couple of issues will need to be addressed"…
Retweeted by Paul Riley @realgavinford @TheNCCourage Tremendous job....The spirit of NHS staff is absolutely astonishing ❤️ Please RT if you’re proud. WE WILL BEAT THIS!
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@J_Mac1422 That’s impressive Jess Mac but Hao won a final when pregnant !!! Two hero’s: amazing women and fabulous footballers.#YoullNeverWalkAlone
Retweeted by Paul RileyMajor mixed-use development #DowntownSouth in Raleigh, N.C. - which would include a new home for @NorthCarolinaFC &…
Retweeted by Paul RileyIt's been a week since we've trained, but when we were @meredithspeck25 and @rowland_katelyn were loving it!…
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Thanks to our partner @TheNCCourage for the support and help spreading the word. 🙏 #StrongerTogether
Retweeted by Paul RileyRadio stations across the continent will play the iconic #LFC anthem to show unity and lift spirits 💪💖
Retweeted by Paul RileyWhile humans carry out social distancing, a group of 14 elephants broke into a village in Yunan province, looking f…
Retweeted by Paul RileyI put this on Instagram last night and it seemed to make people smile so I’m sharing here too 😀Xxx #SocialDistancing
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@TheNCCourage @NCFC_Youth @unLESHtheeBEAST 3.5 hours of trying. Finally...
Retweeted by Paul Riley#WakeBOC got the results of a feasibility study for a proposed soccer and entertainment stadium. The consultant sai…
Retweeted by Paul RileyOn this St. Patrick's Day, we celebrate our amazing Irish midfielder @OSullivanDenise 🇮🇪 One could say that we hav…
Retweeted by Paul RileyA woman in Ireland demonstrated a helpful way to explain the importance of washing your hands to kids by doing an e…
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One of the few athletic happenings yet to be suspended/canceled...@TheNCCourage on the practice pitch, joined by Sa…
Retweeted by Paul RileyWith this nonsense the Federation have been spewing this week where r the top women in Federation? Kate, Miriam? He… @wqrqk @scottlunn @TheNCCourage Will find and get some info over next week. Thanks for asking
Atletico Madrid tonight. Let’s make it special. YNWA. #LIVATL
Retweeted by Paul RileyJust want to remind Federation that these USWNT players and NWSL players are incredible athletes and players who ha…
Can you figure out who these Courage players are?
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First morning of Pre-season Don’t mistake routine for commitment. Just showing up won’t be enough. True commitment…
“The job of any coach is to inspire and connect the team to its core narrative.” Another shout for my chat with…
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