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we need that stay flo remix with Andre 3k on there @solangeknowles plzzzzzzzzzzz
This lil la tweeet I said yesterday going crazy y’all know what I mean tho. I’m not coming at everybody neck I know… dropping a video. Cuz, why not? idk. produced by @primelard here it is:
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONy’all the br art show was amazing I was stressing tf out but we worked hard af putting it together thank you for co… mode
2nd Annual Art Show going down right now bring ya ass. through today! @Basement_Rap FREEEEEE and free beer :)
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONLOL at people thinking moving to La gone solve they problems y’all crazyTop 20 Underground Playlist Update feat @supachefm @austinskinnerxx @6obby @primelard @RonSoCold @10fiftyy
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NEW Single + NEW Merch PowerPuff Girls ft Rico Nasty & LightSkinKeisha now out on SC Bu…
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSON @TrueLaurels they really pronounced the whole city @primelard needs his ENDS thanks
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Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONToys!🧟‍♂️
✨ you know the energy ✨
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONI’m reclusive but best believe I’m never hiding I ain’t no bitch.
Follow your dreams... don’t let nobody tell you nothing different. Fuck em.
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSON😬 Art show this Saturday 😬 [ 📸 @pinklloydwright ]
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONNiggas be squandering their opportunities just of off wilding on social media and question why they not getting anywhere.
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about to hop in my freelance bag.
This shit hard what’s good!?
featured and produced @AbduAli new single! get in tune! #hyypebeast excited to debut my last single from my forthcoming album featuring one of my favorite musicians in the country,…
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONgospel
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONDo it sound like I be sad on here? I swear I don’t I just be tryna speak my truths @euIVmusic fasho brother heart too pure @rMell_ Yeah bro I’m starting to! Learned a lot of that from Codie lolWe could only do so much for our family ,friends, people we love and care aboutGinuine love & respect
Ain’t scratch the surface yet. believe that if you end your night right, you’ll have a great tomorrowDc vibezNEW ADDITIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED | 4/20
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSON @yung2hats Lol wyaPeople be so focused on bringing other people down and wonder why they remain stagnant. You dead weight god!
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@Chris_Cassius 😤😤 @primelard i know that pain....
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSON✈️ TSA ✈️ April 23, 2019
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONIt was an honor having @BMoreAlien curate Episode 39 of 60 Minutes on @TheDemoTape_ - here's what's in his rotation…
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@NorrisVII @yeahwemadeout beast mode
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSON😂😂 in everybody dm asking for promo tactic not the wave it makes me uncomfortable sometimes.Watch Butch Dawson run for office in his “Ridin Round” video
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONJazz Star 🧟‍♂️🎷⭐️ shot by @MicahElie ✌🏾
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSON @NorrisVII @yeahwemadeout beast mode @yeahwemadeout did a good 2 belly drops, the 3rd one I dropped too hard smh @primelard floor pulled up like
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSON @AliciaDrayton_ I had to see if I still got it in me! 😂 @CineMasai_ And solange’s new album ☝🏾Just did the worm in the crib and fucked my chin up😣😣Happy birthday to The Baltimore Running Man. A true living legend! Now 67, Keith Boissier had just completed a 50 m…
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONI’m in Ammunation goin dumb.
Picture Plane in Baltimore 4/20 right after the art show!! @NapalmDef @ActionBastard that’ll take the essence away lol not the waveButch Dawson & Basement Rap, 2019
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSON☝🏾☝🏾🙏🏾 @ActionBastard A whole fight was bout to go down in the circle it was getting real hostile and sweaty lmaoJazz Star 🧟‍♂️🎷⭐️ shot by @MicahElie ✌🏾 aint finna argue wit niggas who hella unaware of shit. nigga cant recall any mistake shit just be a waste of argument.Miss Kam the future. I keep telling niggas this. Not even gon tag her right now just do ya fuckin research.Classic shit who remember this? days -
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🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 ty brova! Birthday Jackie Chan. Rush Hour 2 is my all time favorite movie.Damn! Got the Bernie Mac show y’all theme song on repeat! Best believe it.WHERE YOU GOIN WIT THIS?🤷🏾‍♂️Plz. EVERYBODY. Bump Nate Dogg todayHit the cleaners like my collars need work! @sickboygreg I need 🔥 only📍 4/20 📍
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONGimme something to do!
tonights the night #beettrip is back and ill be your host...see yall later!
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONIt takes a lot of effort to come to the crown two nights in a row. deadass shook over bout a hunnit hands.
It’s a family affair in Baltimore tonight dummy. I’m home ready to set this bitch off 🦀🔥🦀🔥🦀
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONReminder that Butch Dawson (@primelard) dropped one of the BEST debut Hip-Hop EPs of 2018, next to Black Fortune (…
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONFacts! Bumpin fortune rn
If I did work at Popeyes you already know all my niggas gettin chicken @pinkflame666 We all got some pride in us and I could not go that route. I’m Butch Dawson not Jujuan who work at Popeyes @pinkflame666 it was today lolEw I can’t believe I applied to Popeyes two weeks ago.Join us for our upcoming services! Shout to @THUGM0M for all these flyers.
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONVisual artist @Mvrjoni wants Black people to feel important through her sculptures.
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONAin’t nobody hungrier than I am and that’s facts.@primelard debuts new visual for "Ridin Round".
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2019 Now Check Out A Dope New Visual from Baltimore artist @primelard ❗️The track entitled “Ridin’ Round” is 1 of 8 t…
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONNipsey talkin about "the cold balance" (2009)
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONCan’t document everything in the trenchesIm top 5 underrated lyrcist .
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONThis fight will never end.I get upset at a lot of things
Butch gonna always be in my Baltimore top 3 easy
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSON drops in May
Retweeted by BUTCH DAWSONJust say “real nigga”
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