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Michael @Primetime_1987 Indiana, USA

Michael is my name & horror movies and pro ‘rasslin are my game. Husband 🖤Father and full of useless knowledge #HorrorFam Drive-In Mutant

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@Theoddprophet Sooo good 🤣 @reel_geek “Why because I’m a blonde white women?” Literally looking at a blonde white woman employee 🤣 @AmandaCaliber @Unsolved I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes so far. I love it though. HUGE fan of the original ser… @abadon_AEW do pictures exist in the internet only you without the makeup on? Curious fans wanna know...and it’s li… @breannimator DLR lived in my town for 8 years....and yet there is nothing here to show for it 😞 @breannimator @TheMorgster The obvious choice @filmswithdave @DustyHorror
@DustyHorror Jaws the original is my favorite movie ever. JAWS the Revenge is my favorite Jaws sequel @GodOfGore13 Haha I love Freddy’s Dead. It’s one of the ones I gravitated to as a kiddo. “Well the map says we’re fucked!” 🤣So my 4 year old is somehow singing the Spice Girls 🤷🏻‍♂️ but she’s saying “if you wanna be my mother, you gotta ge… @TerraCalaway 😍 @NickPusch I listen to these 3 on the regular along with Darkest Side of the Night from Jason takes Manhattan @Asian_Darkness @losman94 @Felissa_Rose She’s a photographer now. She’s on Instagram @Theoddprophet TCM 2🤣🤣😂
Retweeted by Michael @HReview73 @ChuckysSideGirl And to you 🎇🎆Bout to go light of some pretty bang bangs 🎆🎇 Rockin my DFWTO short for my homegirl @ChuckysSideGirl who seems to b…
@ChuckysSideGirl What up girrrrl @AshXAshes I got it for $20 when it first came out years ago. I really like all 3 of them though. Part 2 is an abso… @BrandtleySpicer @PopHorrorNews @BrandtleySpicer @PopHorrorNews A has the Mighty Ducks and NOES 3 which is the greatest horror sequel of all time so... @PopHorrorNews A @Kellursa @_hernameismax_ Mother fucker out here looking like Grizzly Smith....and everyone knows that’s not a good thing @HorrorNHaunted Watched it last nigh too. Loved it!This movie is badass! @bakedbaker89 🤣 @RachelRouen If you didn’t have the black on, you reminded me of Sarah in Crow City of Angels
You mother fuckers 😑🤣 @NHorrorphile I enjoy all of them. People should take note on the remake too, cause that’s how you do a fuckin remake.Everytime I wanna share something with you @MMortemm, you’ve already liked it or retweeted it! 😫 @fuckgetschwifty Icing, powdered sugar, or neither? @johnfaltin One of @angiebulkeley favorite summer flicksMy wife has been binge watching The Office. I wonder if she’s seen this episode yet 🤔 @1carolinagirl This was always one of my favorite pics @angiebulkeley @rural51 @angiebulkeley Oh man, I’ve always had a crush on her @DevonESawa @angiebulkeley Haha! It’s the only Damn Yankees song I know. @angiebulkeley Heaven is in the palm of my hand and it’s waiting here for you. What am I supposed to do with a childhood tragedy 🎶 @angiebulkeley CAN YOU TAKE ME HIGH ENOUGH! 🤘🏼 I agree, gotta separate the art from the artist. I still like some… @spaghetti_lips YES! When things are going too good, I know there’s some shit around the corner
@AshXAshes Literally watching the Office right now @AshXAshes Them damn enchiladas! 🤣Lake bound ☀️ @DFWTO8811 @likablemshyde Trash @TheHallWay1 @angiebulkeley TubiTrent’s mom driving him and Chuck to the match in the van is the best entrance I’ve seen in awhile 🤣 #AEWDynamite @trentylocks @SexyChuckieT @KingOfMadProps @AmandaCaliber If I can be serious for a minute 🇨🇦
@spaghetti_lips Everything from a tummy ache to cancer. Good luck selfie in camera roll/most recent @TheMorgster That black hair was bitchin 🤙🏼 @AshXAshes My nightly struggle! I searched streaming apps for an hour last night and just settled on YouTube videos 🤷🏻‍♂️ @amythatisme @angiebulkeley @BTheDaywalker @ChuckysSideGirl @ConnieJoJo2 @Delilahsulliv10 @HalloweenIsLove @xRetroGamerTomx Midsommar! And Haunting of Hill House series @livingdeadguy55 💯 Candyman but 1408 is phenomenal @LeeGatorsrule44 @Super70sSports @TheKevinFertig @ECWDivaFrancine @HLProWrestling I’ll see you both there! @ECWDivaFrancine Why would anyone even ask that. Mind your damn business people.
@Halloween_75 No, it was an IMAX theater @angiebulkeley @Felissa_Rose I follow Pam Springsteen on Instagram and just like Felissa, she still looks great! Wh… @angiebulkeley Man, part 3 is a bit hard to get through, but I love these movies so much. @Halloween_75 @NHorrorphile NICE! @abbytoir Oh no! Hope they can take care of it 🖤 @damned000 Yes you probably will haha. I’ve killed SO many hours at work over the years with these two. @damned000 No Sleep Podcast and Darkest Night are both really awesome. 😬 @damned000 What kind are you interested in?"My own brother..a goddamn shit sucking vampire! Well you wait until Mom finds out buddy!"1 year ago today I finally got to see JAWS on the big screen. It was glorious 🦈 @MellyAwe @foREVerDeranged @reel_geek @The_Dingus_Khan @AlissaLaylax @ShaneHelmsCom If he had won 1 more match, he would’ve been upgraded to Golden King @TommyDoyle47 JAWS @reel_geek I’m cracking up right now @foREVerDeranged Let’s kick it off with 34 @Halloween_75 @GodOfGore13 I’m saying I’d never watch JAWS while sitting in the water...any water! ARE YALL CRAZY! lol @Halloween_75 @GodOfGore13 I’d never do that @GodOfGore13 We just had the same lineup at our closest drive in @JonHarless21 Yes! Thank you!#mutantfam #horrorfam does this ring a bell to anyone? @PostMalone I know it’s a long shot, but hope you see this 😬🌻 This is my kiddo Dallas and he’s 8 years old.…
2020 @AshXAshes @ineedyoujesse I remember being a youngin at my Granny’s house the first time I saw this on tv. I enjoy… @WWERoadDogg So sorry for your loss Brian. I hope you, your dad, and brothers find peace in great memories.lmao. this is how pull-overs are done in Halifax Canada.
Retweeted by Michael @AlxDuncan404 @TommyDoyle47 I’ve had a good handful of JAWS related nightmares. They’re awful 😩 @TommyDoyle47 This gives me anxiety @ShaneHelmsCom You were on a hot streak when WCW ended. Had they stayed in business, what do you think the future held for you there? @sarahmcgphoto @CriticalK_O @StephenKing They tore down the JAWS ride to make room for that Harry Potter bullshit a… @FiteTV I don’t know if it was my first, but I was very young and I remember Earthquake vs Ultimate Warrior in a steel cage. @cmunkey2 Haha, I used to keep emergency deodorant in my desk drawerIt’s already been awesome. Looking forward to meeting more! @cmunkey2 @ChuckysSideGirl @BrainOfBlood I mean, I have a celebrity pass list...but what are the chances of that happening @MsCharlotteWWE