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Nothing but respect for my knight in shining armor. Hanna Season 2, now streaming.

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📺: HannaYou have our permission to put this phrase into rotation as you talk to friends and family.
This season is full of twists and turns, and did we mention action? Can Hanna bring down The Meadows and expose the… toughest new recruit, Jules, is an independent thinker and a Take-No-BS teenager with zero remorse. Is she Hann… is a recruit who is eager to please her friends and her instructors. But that attitude can be deadly in the s… finds herself torn between her loyalty to Hanna and a new life at The Meadows while still searching for her m… is back, and she's brought some frenemies! Season two brings us inside Utrax as it moves to The Meadows. Afte… 3-day weekend just got booked. #HannaTV Season 2 is now streaming.
Nichelle Nichols almost left Star Trek after Season One. Why'd she stay? Because a fan of the show told Nichols she… want her to play by their rules but Hanna doesn't play games. Season 2 arrives in 1 day. #HannaTV
Retweeted by Prime Video @HomecomingTV It sure is! 🤯’s their house. We’re just living in it tbh. Watch Knives Out on @PrimeVideo now.
Retweeted by Prime Video📺: HomecomingI would honestly just watch Janelle Monáe figuring out a mystery by herself for 8 straight hours. @Fallout @BethesdaStudios #KilterFilms
Retweeted by Prime VideoWe know what you've been waiting for mates... it's the Season One Blooper Reel!
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Christopher Sciueref @Sciueref as Abell Cauthon Juliet Howland @JulietHowland as Natti Cauthon Mandi Symonds as Dai…
Retweeted by Prime VideoThe Wheel of Time family keeps growing! Please welcome: Lolita Chakrabarti @Lolitachakra as Marin Al’Vere Michae…
Retweeted by Prime VideoSurprise! We have another announcement. The Children of the Light have arrived. Let’s welcome the Whitecloaks to th…
Retweeted by Prime Video @HannaOnPrime Can it be July 3 now?!🎥: Troop ZeroAnd, for that reason, it is time to run Viola Davis her coins. SAVING FACE (2004) for the first time yesterday, wept the whole way through, am furious with my 16-years-ag…
Retweeted by Prime VideoBookmark this for the next time your roommate says, "I don't know, what do YOU wanna watch?"
“A Night at the Drive-In,” curated by @michaelb4jordan, begins tomorrow with CRAZY RICH ASIANS and @GPBmadeit’s cla…
Retweeted by Prime Video📺: American Horror StoryPoints were made.'s no wrong time to watch Do the Right Thing and dance like you are Rosie Perez in the opening credits.’s how Kanye’s new video makes us 3 degrees away from Beyoncé: 1. Arthur Jafa directed “Wash Us in the Blood.”… @MaiselTV @AlexBorstein She's a real gem 🙌 The Right Thing
Retweeted by Prime VideoThe world on television should look like our world, and that means telling diverse stories of love. Prime Video Launches ‘Watch Party’ Feature, Letting Up to 100 People Stream Together
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📺: One MississippiHow we plan on arriving at the LGBTQ community. biopics of cultural icons show us where we've been and remind us how much further we still have to go. story deserves to be seen.
Retweeted by Prime Video @ninekatz Tina Turner would be proud!Who you see on your screen matters. Who's your favorite LGBTQ+ couple from film or TV?Have you seen Hanna?
Today's the last day! Tell your friends! It's just like getting together for brunch, but you can design your own cu… mod logging on to bless the timeline and school you with some Bisexual Lighting 101 this afternoon.*Taps mic* Attention! We have something to say and that is:
Once we all learn this choreo from @ParrisGoebel, who wants to start a dance crew? Watch the full video and let it… you all at 9pm 🌈 at with @PrimeVideo
Retweeted by Prime VideoSo happy to celebrate pride this weekend, even if it's virtually! 🏳️‍🌈 Thank you @primevideo for having me 💜 RSVP a…
Retweeted by Prime VideoMission accomplished 👊 Watch #MySpyMovie on @PrimeVideo now.
Retweeted by Prime Video“It’s one of those things where all the stars aligned.” @DaveBautista talks about the incredible chemistry between…
Retweeted by Prime Video🎥: Dirty ComputerIf you're still sleeping on Janelle Monáe's sci-fi visual album, Dirty Computer, today's the day to wake up.
📺: Schitt's Creek, Homecoming, Orphan Black, TransparentLove is love & a kiss is a kiss. 🌈 say a prayer for the fabulous @manilaluzon, who appears SEVEN times in our programming. And somebody get this woman a cocktail!A quick look at our #PrideInside Festival schedule starting Saturday at 10am PST. So go ahead and decide where you'… @feezlo We did it just for you ❤️ @heyduhde Hurry up and get here, September! @CastleCanary Couldn't agree more 🙌 @TheBoysTV Oh we are so ready. demanded it (and demanded it and demanded it). The Boys Season 2 arrives September 4. @TheBoysTV @KarenFukuhara The ultimate silent game opponent. @MonaLisa_1797 Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, mate. have The Boys been? What are they reuniting to tell us? And why is @PattonOswalt here? You're asking a lot of… to celebrate Pride with @primevideo 💕Catch me at Amazon Prime Video’s Pride Inside Virtual Festival - happe…
Retweeted by Prime VideoThe CIA's top agent just got a new BFF. #MySpyMovie starring @DaveBautista and @ChloeColemanAct is now streaming.'re partnering with @michaelb4jordan and @Outlier_Society to bring communities a selection of drive-in film scree…
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🎥: Joker, Deadpool 2, Slice, SebergPosting pics of Zazie Beetz until I wake up with this much effortless style. lineup? Sickening. My wig? Snatched. The date? June 27 & 28. Get all the tea on the 360 immersive experience by… you’ve been in our mentions every day the last few months asking for details on #TheBoys Season 2, this one’s fo… @UploadOnPrime Funk yeah. @j2tiger It's called Upload. Now go watch it!📺: UploadNathan and Nora are so much cuter than me singing this alone in my kitchen.
Big news coming this Friday… you’re not gonna want to miss this one, mates. Set your reminders:
Retweeted by Prime VideoShe's here and she's queer. 🌈 Y'all better get your friends and join us on June 27-28 for our 2-day Virtual… Friday. 2PM EST. We’re getting the b̶a̶n̶d̶ boys back together, with an assist from @pattonoswalt. Don't miss… ✅ Endurance ✅ Strength ✅ Fiji is gonna take everything you've got. @beargrylls hosts #WorldsToughestRace, com…
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This monologue from @SimoneLovie should be studied in acting classes everywhere, period. 🎥: SELAH AND THE SPADES,…
Retweeted by Prime Video🎥: I Am Not Your NegroWhere are you in your journey this year?🎥: Chi-RaqAngela Bassett said you'll have a side of truth with your breakfast this morning.
Biopics can't always capture every nuance of a figure's life, but these films do these cultural icons justice. to this tweet with the Supes who are actually good people. I'll start: The Female.
Retweeted by Prime Video#MaiselMonday is back! Join us today as we live tweet Season 3, Ep. 4, followed by an Q&A s…
Retweeted by Prime VideoSteve McQueen’s Small Axe coming soon ❤️
Retweeted by Prime Video🎥: Major!Miss Major Griffin-Gracy is a 79-year-old human rights activist, a trans WOC, a Stonewall Veteran, founder of an AI… asked around, and here’s what our Prime Video teammates said they're watching, reading, and listening to right n…
This opening sequence of The Last Black Man in San Francisco is one of the most thrilling moments in recent cinema.… things real quick: 1. Black trans lives matter. 2. You gotta watch these movies ASAP. Thank you for your ti…
Just Mercy highlights the racist criminal justice inequality we continue to make efforts to overcome today, and you…
.@JanelleMonae, @Lavernecox, Maria Bello, @TheoGermaine, and @NicoTortorella recommend movies and TV shows to help…
Retweeted by Prime Video🎥: Paid In Full, Coming to America🎥: Queen & Slim, Do the Right Thing 📺: Watchmen, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air about Black history is important, but taking in art that celebrates Black joy is important, too. We partne…, we’re celebrating some of the incredible Black talent behind the lens of Amazon Originals. First up is Lad…
Retweeted by Prime VideoJuneteenth is a day of celebration which marks the emancipation of Black Americans from slavery. The legacy of free… this year: a new documentary featuring @StaceyAbrams that examines the barriers to voting that threaten the…
The systemic racism that the Black community faces every single day can no longer be tolerated. Meaningful change b…