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Hello, my neighbors! Coming 2 America is now streaming.

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@GQMagazine Me opening this article like– we're celebrating @chellehendley's nuanced and charming performance in Boy Meets Girl, a super underrated Ken… @AkileyLove All hail Princess Tinashe, the Queen of our heart! 💗👑 @StephenFlorival Honestly we all need to see more Teyana Taylor appreciation tweets on the regular. Just sayin'. @BassFreakk Re: this^ @ExplicitVirgo Louder for the people in the back! @Rutieclay1 @davido .@davido had us smashing that rewind button like– @ItsTraceyAshley Only 33 years, amirite? 😏 @Malinasaval it MIGHT be?! 😉 @InStyle How is she so perfect? @renan Perfect to mop up your tears with. @claudiajordan @Lesdoggg She's always so warm and lovable onscreen! Her line delivery in #Coming2America gets bette… @NomzamoMbatha @Allure_magazine Potato, papaya. We've got nothing but love for you 💕 @thegoldenmuzzy Us @ #Coming2America 33 years later: @ChrisMcPhersn Good thing the original Coming to America is also on Prime Video. @renan It was during the choke scene, wasn't it?🎥: #Coming2AmericaMillennials logging on for another day of facing their rapidly-decreasing cultural relevancy. @ElaineWelteroth @ZamundaRoyals Glad you were in attendance! @BeauYoungPrince @ZamundaRoyals We've had your song stuck in our head for a full 24 hours, it's great! @wesleysnipes @ZamundaRoyals You're telling me these 🔥fire🔥 moves were improvisational?! @FINALLEVEL @TracyMorgan @wesleysnipes Legends supporting legends! Glad you liked it, Ice! @PhyliciaRashad Enjoy #Coming2America and Coming 2 Cozy Town with that gorgeous blanket 😍 @EdwardIsSoCool the cast is royally stacked 👑 @datboy143 Live look at us watching #Coming2America: can’t express the joy I feel watching Davido’s performance in #Coming2America  Afrobeat has come a long way,…
Retweeted by Prime Video @keagsvb This energy right here 👆 @freyaheart A royal serve 💅Introducing @NomzamoMbatha Remember her name. #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime VideoYou gotta see Coming2America if for no other reason.. It’s to see the return of ‘Sexual Chocolate’ My brothers…
Retweeted by Prime Video"That's why we love this. We don't get to see ourselves like this." The Coming 2 America cast speaks on the impact… @AkileyLove @ZamundaRoyals @GarcelleB @ArsenioHall @wesleysnipes @shariheadley @bellamurphy__ You are absolutely ro… @EdwardIsSoCool @ZamundaRoyals @GarcelleB @ArsenioHall @wesleysnipes @shariheadley @AkileyLove @bellamurphy__ Every… @ReginaKing A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early ✨Pulling up to a #Coming2America watch party like.... Let yo Soul Glo
Retweeted by Prime Video @JJSea @ZamundaRoyals @GarcelleB @ArsenioHall @wesleysnipes @shariheadley @AkileyLove @bellamurphy__ Truth, truth, and truth! @justamusicfan3 Never and yet it's already sold out. @MrDJBaker Let's get a little commotion going for um'! @_tonyMC Not with THAT attitude, you won't!This is us moving over to Instagram now to watch @TiwaSavage keep the #Coming2America party going. Don't be jealous… didn't think they'd make a whole sequel without bringing back Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate, now, did you?… a Randy Watson stan, I give #Coming2America 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
Retweeted by Prime VideoOur favorite band from America! 🍫We have no choice but to stan, as the kids say. #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime VideoLet’s take a moment to appreciate these amazing costumes, designed by @iamRuthECarter. #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime VideoCan we hear a little commotion for the costumes? Every look is a serve, every thread fit for royalty.… @going_streaming She's a queen, she's a queen, she's a queen 🎶 Bell Calloway reprised her role in #Coming2America, 33 years later! ❤Stunning👑@nessabcalloway…
Retweeted by Prime Video @AnitaWAVY @Lesdoggg Amen! 👏👏 @MsGladysKnight @ZamundaRoyals Just look at them 🥺 really said BYE. #Coming2America @TEYANATAYLOR .. you killed it darling! #Coming2America @ZamundaRoyals
Retweeted by Prime Video @chrismohney So funny, I'm dead. @ZamundaRoyals They're honestly our new favorite dynamic duo! it be known that Litty Queen Lisa is the best Queen Lisa. #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime Video @ZamundaRoyals SCREAM 😍Yes, there are spoilers. No, I am not sorry. I told y’all what we were doing tonight. #Coming2America Now, let’s ke…
Retweeted by Prime Video @shoegaltoo Has us alone in the living room like @luv_mydachshund Salt-N-Pepa got us dancing in front of our TVs like– @luv_mydachshund 👆 What she said @LaVettaCelise @wesleysnipes Izzi woke up and chose ✨drama✨ @vanebaigorria Can only hope for my funeral to be as royally lit as his! @ourmaninchicago What a nice tweet. Faved! (disappears in a cloud of rose petals) @Raechef2 When we type "otw," that gif is what we mean ✈️ @EdwardIsSoCool @bellamurphy__ @ZamundaRoyals Like father, like daughter 💁‍♀️ @Richard_Kong Happiest of birthdays to you, Prince Castro! @EdwardIsSoCool @RickRoss Zamunda is a beautiful place 😏Coming 2 america 2 is sooooo damn good are y’all seeing this wtf
Retweeted by Prime Video @Surrinderella It's true. @Lesdoggg @ZamundaRoyals Petition to add "Kang" to the dictionary.not necessarily plot related, but just your regular reminder that leslie jones is a goddess 😍 #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime Video @MDK17011 He took that role and made it unforgettable! fact: The Zamundan palace is actually the home of rap legend Rick Ross. All these shots of the African plains?… @Rickonia Okay, fashionably late entrance, we're here for that! boy could not swim y’all!! And I think he lost his contacts! @PrimeVideo @ZamundaRoyals #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime Video @Kozza Sup King? 👑Wesley Snipes has the best ZAMUNDA accent! #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime VideoThat's Eddie's real-life daughter Bella playing Akeem's daughter Omma. Turns out perfect comedic timing runs in the… @wesleysnipes Living for that wordplay 🔥 Take it Izzi🗣 PUT @lesdoggg IN EVERY MOVIE CHALLENGE! #Coming2America @corimurray We're 2 excited! cameo list is longer than a CVS receipt #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime Video @_brandoc Good morning, Z̶a̶m̶u̶n̶d̶a̶ Rick Ross' house! York has changed a lot since Akeem's last visit, but the men at the barbershop are right where we left them—Mor… @ej11lizzie Welcome, welcome, come on in! @Kingkeraun Gotta love her– our crazy queen from Queens ❤️Hold up though, 'cause King Jaffe Joffer's funeral had performances by: ✅ En Vogue ✅ Salt-N-Pepa ✅ Gladys Knight… being in #Coming2America with @EnVogue @PrimeVideo
Retweeted by Prime Video @fdwellington Where is the lie @KevOnStage We're here for it. @LowKeyUHTN Oh he's been waiting for this one! they done worked in the first movie. Nostalgia is on overload right now. Lol. Thank you @primevideo #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime Video @DaRealPepa @EnVogue Oh we HAD to have you there, legend!If there's one thing @WesleySnipes is gonna do, it's make a grand entrance. When he sat down with us, he described… @KevOnStage No spoilers but uh... you're gonna like it.Royal rose bearers, assemble! It's time to settle in for the sequel 33 years in the making. We're going ✈️ Zamunda.… we go! We’re starting #Coming2America at the top of the hour on @PrimeVideo. Don’t embarrass me in front of…
Retweeted by Prime VideoWelcome to the Royal Watch Party! Remember, comfort IS royal. Share your drip with us at once. #Coming2America
Retweeted by Prime Video @bellamurphy__ Our three favorite princesses! the #Coming2America watch party in 10 minutes right here on Twitter!! @PrimeVideo @ZamundaRoyals
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