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Looks like we finally found Billy Butcher 👇

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A crash course in awkward date chat via Queen & Slim @danieldurrans We see which side of the "pineapple on pizza" debate you stand on. @sasha2deep We're jealous 😤 @BexxMin We love that working title @azimyangel The clown always wins ❤️ @AngelsCrepes But this... this is E.T @214MinutesLong Sending love and support. @Laurensamuels88 An ode to Avocado.Everything in Utopia is real. What's your purpose in life? Jason Bourne beat James Bond in a fight? @sassysstrange sure it's @primevideouk @JoshEdwardsFilm @antonystarr The villain we love to hate and hate to love. @MrDecentralized A movie about vegetarianism? @SarahMae1780 These emojis are a way to spot a fellow Good Omens fan. @jqbilbao The dog from A Dog's Journey will star as co-lead.Your most recent emojis are the plotline to the movie about your life... tell us
Have you binged #Utopia yet? If not, maybe this will convince you... @therealKripke @TheBoysTV @PrimeVideo Climax is a... scary word in this scenarioA relationship should be 50/50. You help them stop Armageddon and they take you for lunch at The Ritz. @JONESYBISH Uhm, close! @JackQuaid92 @TheBoysTV We feel like we're watching a Shakira music video. @decider A lovely compliment. @bunnydarke It's nearly halloween season, we did what we did.Can you decode the secret message? 👀
@katie_mac48 @TheBoysTV @KarlUrban @itsNateMitchell @The_JessieT @antonystarr @JackQuaid92 @KarenFukuhara @gotham_villains [high pitched wailing] is our new default setting.ATTENTION: The incredible @lenawaithe movie Queen & Slim is now streaming @justthatjon Compound V stands for Compound Vegetable from here on out. @MarcisShadow Dream binge session: @MrAntony "It's very odd" is high praise indeed. @RhiannaDhillon @teddyblanks Title designs getting the recognition they deserve 🌟
@FplTriple He’s obviously a man of many talents! 😂 @VezPlays The best time of the week @2FacedPink So dreamy. 😍 @_SamStorey Well, we approve of all of these (but then again we would, wouldn’t we? 😉) @AndrewWebber98 We’re glad you think so! @Jacob_Stol @NOWTV @BFIPlayer We’ll help you get through lockdown, one great TV series at a time. @CheltCinematic Oooh, we do a love a bit of Burt Reynolds. you ever cringe at awkward on-screen sex scenes? In this week's episode of Wrap Party, @ItaOB discusses realis… 'mind-fuckery' doesn't sell Utopia for you, nothing will.
Pick three for the ultimate movie night... @ToniDryden No lies detected there! @brittystardust All that and an insatiable thirst for milk. What a guy. @bongbrummie @scenesoftheboys @TheBoysTV @antonystarr @Honey_Heidi360 @KittyDorkling Nice. 😉 @fuckingpanic666 @calowny The people have spoken. incredibly powerful message in @lenawaithe's Queen & Slim - dropping 28th September.
It's Friday night. What are you doing and who with?5 Black British stars making waves in Hollywood. You thought those accents were real didn't you? @MissJodie hail the Queen 👑 @annasmithjourno discusses bisexual representation in The Boys with @allisonshoe in… @comic_rev @JensenAckles This. is. exciting. @MrRickyWhittle @YetideBadaki ❤️❤️❤️ @KarenFukuhara That was a weirdly violent episode of Grey's Anatomy but we loved it. @SamHeughan Prove it - pull a broody smoulder. @TheGingerScott *chef's kiss* @Claire210909 The whole Scooby gang is goals in all honesty ⚰️Willow and Buffy had the best TV friendship of all time: discuss @antonystarr Unseen shot from the Homelander audition?Weekend plans: diving into Utopia.
Everyone after hearing David Attenborough is on Instagram: @neilhimself Getting 'Wahoo' as a lower back tattoo in celebration of this. @greggrunberg Laser my tits. Laser my tits. Laser my tits. Laser my tits. Laser my tits. Laser my tits. Laser my ti… @FluffiesForLife Buffy and Spike walked so Homelander and Stormfront could run. @pop_hill @rainnwilson It's a big leap of faith trusting Dwight as safety officer. @frazbelina This is simply divine.Which movie title card gives you chills? Our new podcast Wrap Party, hosted by @rhiannadhillon and @michaeljleader you trust @rainnwilson with whatever's in this vial? 📺: Utopia (Coming tomorrow) @McDowellMalc Every group needs a 'grumpy' one😠When Episode 6 of The Boys is out tomorrow... @empiremagazine Prepare to pee a little out of equal parts fear and delight. @ratbanjos @nickjfrost @simonpegg @samsonkayo @McDowellMalc @EmmaZiaDArcy @julian_barratt @ItsKevinEldon @katenash @Variety Not so much 'trick or treat' as 'treat or treat' @IMDb @simonpegg @nickjfrost @PrimeVideo Ghosts don't know what's about to hit 'em. @mutant_ally @nickjfrost @simonpegg @samsonkayo @McDowellMalc @EmmaZiaDArcy 30th October - perfect Halloween viewing 👻 @McDowellMalc See ya there 👻 @simonpegg @StolenPictureUK @nickjfrost The release date is next month but that wig is timeless. @nickjfrost We all love this shit.
Feast your eyes on the exclusive #TruthSeekers trailer featuring @nickjfrost, @simonpegg, @julian_barratt,… @ladbible @simonpegg @nickjfrost A little scared, a lot excited.Say hello to our unlikely heroes. Featuring @nickjfrost, @simonpegg, @samsonkayo, @McDowellMalc, @EmmaZiaDArcy, Sus… else still considers chips the basic side dish to every meal? 📺: The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey on, tell us... 📺: Utopia (Coming September 25th) @ReeseW This could have been taken yesterday tbh. @drdr101 @TimDuck12 @dsnnatroy This ones actually Kimiko from The Boys doing her thing @MrStevenCree @TheBoysTV @caitrionambalfe @SamHeughan The crossover no one asked for but everyone needed.
First look at the official key art for #TruthSeekers. Exclusive trailer dropping tomorrow. @nickjfrost @simonpegg @sheenyfest Us watching this video: @ratemyplatenow @dan_jeavons Think it was said in Star Trek at some point but the Boys said it better.Introducing Dr. Stearns... @rainnwilson. Utopia out September 25th. foreshadowing for Utopia: @karamccabe @HandmaidsOnHulu Blessed be the finale @NickdeSemlyen The show that created a generation of conspiracy theorists @Torres 💪💪💪 @fpdblaxland We do, it's the "Watch Next" row. this summary by 'film critic' @chrisblisstwit doesn't make you want to watch The Bourne Identity, we don't know…
@DextersDesciple @johncusack He definitely has more secrets than room 1408 @RobbieAmell @wattpad Hope you don't find our Robbie x Prime Video fanction on Wattpad... @therealKripke Ashley went from villain to hero real quick.