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Roberto Diniro @primmacoffee Chesterfield, England

gay Italian single love nights in and out eat italian chinese food love kylie minogue 80 I have anxiety depression and tweet about anything 🏳️‍🌈🌈

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@MarkmaccaMc So sorry for your lossA very good night to you all sleep well everyone peaceful dreams xxxxx 💞💞😴😴 @MrEvilSkeletor Good one thatIan always the weezle #EastEndersWhy is it that each time you have a cup of tea or coffee we always have a biscuit or two or more with it ? 🙄Peter is well fit #Eastenders 😛😛😛😛Never like sharon to be honest #EastendersRemeber when shirley was drinking 🙄 but juding linda omg pot kettle black #EastendersEastenders time linda back on the booze we all knew she will relapse #Eastenders oooo Phil is back good might sort sharon out @MRobertsQLD I think they should @00rbz @leerichards182 Already knowA pink jeep lol 🤣🤣 #HollyoaksGo on liberty tell sienna ...#HollyoaksPerry is being used by jordan ..#Hollyoaks @HollyoaksSebs transplant aww bless him @Hollyoaks #HollyoaksFelix expression lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #Hollyoaks @andrewmcb Oh thanks AndrewTurned it to E4 for hollyoaks why how does warren know felix? #Hollyoaks @BishopOfDevon U can kidnap me anytime lol xxx @Scottytotty89 Yes xCeleste is genuinely loving the arguments between martine walter mitchell toby etc #HollyoaksHollyoaks time ooo Warren vs sienna ooo sienna not happy with liberty and brody #Hollyoaks @Beee2019_ Considering deleting Twitter @TownCalledVinny I just feel like I dont fit in I never had done even off social media @BurtvsLife hey x how ruIs it me but if your face dont fit on here you get unfollowed ? If its cause I tweet about the soaps I watch just so sad ... @BBCNews Not kean on himGetting unfollowed on here hey oh not botheredWatching the Simpsons @TheSimpsons before hollyoaks starts on channel 4 @LilywhiteRebel Nah I finally found my cock 🤣🤣🤣😛I'm feeling really positive folks despite what is happening in the world at the momentDid an hour of exercise at home with my playlist on spotifyMy weetabix with chopped bananas and strawberries delicious 😛😛😛😛 morning all have a fabulous Tuesday woke up late thought sod ir might as well lol xxx
Logging out now good night all sleep well phone being turned off may you all have peaceful dreams love you all xxxx😴😴😴😍😍😘When you come out of isolation what is the first thing you will do ? 🙌🏽Ffs Linda #Eastenders#Eastenders Habiba and Jags would make sure a cute couple, omg. Habiba deserves a new man who is gonna treat her l… should tell the truth what dotty doing #EastendersI like Jags he makes me laugh #EastendersFunny how they say they cared about Ben omg bullshitters you all know he was a prick #EastendersEastenders time oh dear its dennis funeral bet no one say a good word about him #EastendersBernie not a nightmare ffs she helping #Corrie @itvcorrieSince the coronavirus everyone has forgotten about brexit lolFfs geoff the tosser faking it #Corrie @itvcorrieKen been robbed by Charles #Corrie @itvcorrieAled hearing aid getting fixed in bless him #Corrie @itvcorrieWhy they fighting over Seb ? He ot much of a looker really ? #Corrie @itvcorrieI feel so sorry for David bless him I cant believe how seb behaved towards Alina and David...seb you got emma so feck off #Corrie @itvcorrieFfs yasmeen you doing my head in why still with that twat ? #Corrie @itvcorrieGeoff dont want Ayla staying at the same hotel he knows she onto him #Corrie @itvcorrieCorrie time thanks for the remind #Corrie @itvcorrie we know already 🤣🙄Cant believe how kerry and her daughter not gone to prison after murdering tracy dad Frank #EmmerdaleFfs mandy will it still work down under lol 🤣🤣🤣 #EmmerdaleThats where all the sanitizer gone to 🙄 #EmmerdaleOoo I would love brenda to go to prison she does my head in #EmmerdaleEmmerdale time ooooh brenda what have you done trying to kill dan ffs #EmmerdaleCeleste is pissing me off so much #Hollyoaks @LilywhiteRebel Yes lol xxxxTobe and celeste fuck off #HollyoaksBrody and Liberty would make a good couple #HollyoaksWalter made this worse poor mitchell and Martine #Hollyoaks @NiickBoii That was awarkard with the davarosThat was awarkard the davros 🙄 #HollyoaksOh dear liberty loves brody lucky bitch #HollyoaksMercedes still loves sylver #HollyoaksHollyoaks time ...Mitchell's dad arrives in the village so there be more fights lol #HollyoaksWatching the Simpsons @TheSimpsons before hollyoaks starts on channel fourOwen and ben having a domestic #tippingpointPat waiting for you eleanor becareful #tippingpointAnimal farm thought it was a porn version? #tippingpoint @ramsay_jacqui happy birthday beautiful have a fabulous day hunnie xxxxxxx @ramsay_jacqui Happy birthday hunnieAlan will end up being with Pat at the care home shortly #tippingpointPat is back in the old people home...#tippingpointPat in back room thinking I'm gonna kill that bitch eleanor #tippingpoint 🙄 ben say dont use your button as it's only you playing I wish someone pressed the button just to be annoying and funny #tippingpointEleanor has nothing #tippingpointOwen in the leed so far #tippingpointOwen ooooooo he a geek I like geeks #tippingpoint 🙄🤣 @Attila_hun can we be Twitter friendsPat is a screamer #tippingpoint machine being a bitch #tippingpointWatching my handsome man ben shephard #tippingpoint @TippingPointITV even though these are repeats due to the coronavirusI so miss going out at the moment but managed to do half an hour exercise in the house this morning which helps you mind and body 💞 @TicketmasterCS Thank @DianaRoss is the tour cancelled in uk as well as Us what happens to our money @TicketmasterUK @O2 @homo_in_stix Yeh thank you much appreciated @LilywhiteRebel Bitch 😛😂Do you count the day when you isolate? Or when I got the letter ? #Covid_19 #coronavirusukGood morning all have a fabulous Monday everyone xxxx
A very good night to you all make sure you lot dont wet your beds if not put padding on it 😂😉 seriously peaceful dr… @amgrumpy Hugs @steveshg Thanks darling xx @LilywhiteRebel 😂😂😂😂😂😛Sometimes you just need a hug without no explanation 🤗 @lechevalnoir5 Was on sf fy sky @GrocottJanice Thank u hun @soniast94597425 Thanks hun