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#clublonely _____ Dj Primo from San Francisco

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@djhavingsex Hooking up a friend in need, is like finding a new sick trak, times 100 :) @codygeronimo Second tune is actually quite a banger
@fillerinsideme yeah it’s been in Billy from Scraper’s basement for YEARS @lycheefrut :):)Just scored a free dj mixer for a young friend to get her dj game on- repacked the fuse and it works, what a feelin… @lycheefrut Lol sorry I read this as a request- hilarious tho 🤣Waiting for someone to post a truly deep cut so I can reply with this
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY* @lycheefrut First one that came to mind :)
Hello from the Inner Richmond ~ #SlowJamsNight / #SlowJamsNightSF is back on this evening from 8:30-10:30/11 on twi… let me sleep.:. not attend or support Soft Leather parties promoted by this guy.
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY* @noctuarysf It has to be the most infantile locked groove in the collection for sure lol- the track on that side is… @primopreems And the award for the most annoying record in primo’s collection goes to...🏆
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*Hold on babe, let me put on some mood music...
@_2cute2puke Midnight snackSame tank top different day
This "fake" DJ Stingray has been accepting donations from people mistakenly under the impression that it's the orig…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*After just over a week of not drinking I feel my desire to draw coming back High happening soon, see you there, rg nojusticenopeacesf
@VinSol Lol true @VinSol Lmao- let’s see an updateHappy organize your record collection of July!
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‘Lost & Found Vol. 1' out today featuring Bézier, Bill Converse, Doc Sleep, Mystic Bill, Borusiade, Group Rhoda, Se…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*Time for a little evening music- courtesy of justintorres74 - great seeing you homie, thanks for the disccccs. (…
Good morning fellow creeps @voices_______ 😂😂🤣
Subscribe to The Baffler for $28! Printed on high-quality 60lb paper, our magazine is great for fanning yourself on…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*I switched to Beavis and Butthead and I can are feel myself getting less stupidLike why am I watching this overwrought true crime Netflix bullshit when I could be watching Beavis and Butthead...HANNIBAL seems like it was written by misogynistic college students who are making fun of the genre.Record people! Do I have to refile these or can I just sleep on top of them and that’s ok? @sparkletone @glorbis It’s trueThis me after the DJ set - but wow I really appreciate everyone who tuned in and all of y’all in the chat talking a… of my landlords has been cool about rent deferral, the other one has been psycho and accusing me of embezzlemen…
Reposting from nojusticenopeacesf 💕 —- the young organizers of the march that started at Mission High 💯💯💯 w a big 2020 mood —- she helped me pick out some soul 45s to play this evening at #slowjamsnight — on Twitch… @likeholywine New “foggy day but I’m nude from the waist down and also wearing shoes on Baker Beach” attire @ucsfdental Hahaha no zero days , I’m trying for two weeks, and then another two weeks
Stealing this photo from Lily’s birthday to say, I’ll be back on #slowjamsnight duty tomorrow evening on Twitch, li… @edgyatbest @glorbis Misery Meow! @glorbis I love “giblinator” @glorbis My ex and I had a giant kitter who was the color of cardboard, who liked to stand on cardboard, so that was often his nameThis took me forever to finally complete, but finally finished with the art work with design help by the.alaia for… stopped drinking every day five days ago and that’s been cool
Hi all, I’m will be djing some SJ style music tonight at 8:30 on Twitch- some tripper things as usual - link in bio…
May I please get a signal boost? 🙏🏿 I’m now volunteering at Our Trans Home SF. I put together this GoFundMe and if…
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Starting #slowjamsnightsf at 9 tonight bc we celebrating @vinsol
#slowjamsnight tonight online at 8pm on twitch- link in my bio- all tips will go to my friend’s father’s funeral co… after one social interaction ___ birthday to my pupper Mr @vinsol .... we are meeting up in the park 2day dm me for details @ Golden Gate Park @wonja @danletson Those are two handsome animals!! Happy birthday 🎈🎁🎉
5am is a place for me
Hi y’all - this is an action happening tomorrow evening- courthouse2comptons_ —- I’m headed that way , hope to see…
It was a great feeling to play music and to raise some $ - thanks everyone - see you soon ya- I should have said before - I’ll be on at 8:45 tonight for #slowjamsnight - link in bio - any tips will be d…
GUYS BEWARE OF CHANGE. ORG!!!! i would recommend mainly just signing the petitions from now on
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*Hey friends - tomorrow night I’ll be back in twitch for #SLOWJAMSNIGHT - link in bio - let’s groOve - and raise a L…"BUT WHAT HAPPENS IF WE DEFUND THE POLICE?" "Hi, Mr. Brooks. I'm w/ The Dept. of You OK? So, you OK? Looks like yo…
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@voices_______ Every break in the storm should be enjoyed 🖤ty for your thoughtful reply - take careThread of ways to actually help black trans women ✨
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*I have been cooking all night - this better be good oluwatoyin salau!!! this is so enraging and scary!!!! 19!!! shut this shit down for her!!!!
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*“Nasty Nas is a rebel to America” you know what comes next- always loved that linePowerPop Italian cooking 😝 am a pretend part of every subculture I have ever pretended to be a part of or thought I belonged to. #youthgroup @voices_______ Sobriety escapes a very predictable arc that is essential in staying passive - I can’t say I’m ready… Safeway partner with instagram? Bc these targeted ads are getting out of control... wish me luck on my first e…
Keep marching. Keep donating. Keep supporting. Keep reading. Keep paying attention. The news cycle is going to ke…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*Heyyyy____ so again I’m playing on twitch tonight at nine _ link in bio _ tripper jams! And all tips will be donat…
Whoa, Keisha Lance Bottoms just fired Atlanta's police chief on live national TV
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*APD killed #RayshardBrooks last night in Atlanta. No one is going to rest until the police are abolished. Black pol…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*Enjoy this cursed product my roommate received as a gift “Distributed by EatTheBallUSA” who think cops are there to protect them also think their stripper is actually into them
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY* @youngpaypal I always knew I was part woman!When I say abolish police, I mean abolish capitalism, I also mean destroy the music industry
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*If u donate to a police/prison abolitionist project or bail fund I'll send u a PDF of my book Carceral Capitalism.…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*Hi to everyone- hoping to be a little less checked out - I’ve been doing some donations and going to few functions…
@nebulahoroscope My match me+my bed
“...a mountain climber that plays an electric guitar?” @Dannosphere Maybe that’s a bit harsh lolIf I was forced to describe it I would call it “affluent people’s ecstasy jams” .....or hotel rooftop musicJust posted a photo 🌹 @srlapizoficial @youngpaypal If I had a job where I could claim assault by a green appleQ. What’s the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea? A. I’ve never paid to have a garbanzo bean on me…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*He gave absolutely zero fucks. Here he is making love to his lady friends in front of the cops’ paint splattered ta…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*During this time of protest, I know we could all use an uplifting story. So I want to tell you about El Negro Matap…
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the reason the “kneel in solidarity” is so horrifyingly perverse is because we are watching in real time the state/…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*#breonnataylor she would have been 27 today... let’s devote ourselves to doing whatever we can, maybe you can make…
I strongly encourage those who are looking to buy music tomorrow to please buy from black labels and artists. So ma…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*六四事件 The June Fourth Incident, Tiananmen Square 31 years ago. Was just a child in Hong Kong. I did not comprehend t…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY* @glorbis Oh Sweter Peden... sorry you’re “being discriminated”Ahhhh _ from nojusticenopeacesf 🖤
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*Youth of color led San Francisco Bay Area #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter march outside of Mission High Sc…
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*hey wait it’s almost like being lifted up by strong collective energies is what bravery is
Retweeted by SCAM LIKELY*Just posted a photo
stop posting the clip of trudeau thinking for a second who gives a shit
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