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"She was one of these fun loving people; loved to joke a lot," says Dr. Fink. "She liked to tell jokes and be funny… continues, "Prince with those big eyelashes, he’s like 'excuse me?' And we’d all look at her like uh-oh, what’s…“Boni was reality,” remembers @leviseacer. "Sometimes things could be, let’s say, intense. And then Boni would say,…, Boni passed away from a brain aneurysm in 1996. Those who worked with her in the Sign O' The Times era… appears on the Prince albums Lovesexy and Graffiti Bridge, in addition to the Sheila E.'s Prince-produced third album, Sheila E.Prior to joining Prince's group, Boni was a keyboard player and backing vocalist in @SheilaEdrummer's band. She was… it came time to assemble a new band for his Sign O' The Times Tour, Prince recruited several musicians from th…
2020 reviews are in from @Pitchfork, @RollingStone, @VogueMagazine, @TheAVClub and @thesundaytimes: the expanded rei…
"Prince was always way ahead of everybody else, and so the New Power Generation thing, I think he was actually play… played bass on the Sign O' The Times Tour, complementing rhythm guitarist Miko Weaver and Prince on lead guita…“He used to say, ‘If you’re not a genius, write it down,’ ” he says. “Another time he said, ‘I might forget what I… the end of the year, Levi would be invited to join Prince's new band and begin rigorous rehearsals for the Sign… before Prince disbanded @therevolution, he had already started scoping out potential new collaborators, and… Seacer, Jr. first landed on Prince's radar as a member of @SheilaEdrummer's band, and would eventually play bo…
2020 expanded reissue of #PrinceSOTT illustrates the limitlessness of Prince's creativity. The massive collection, w…
Dr. Fink worked with head wardrobe designer Helen Hyatt on the new look, asking, “What if we go back and look at th… @therevolution disbanded, Dr. Fink even transformed his look to align with Prince's new vision. "Prince said… Fink joined Prince's band in 1978, when Prince, then a newly signed @warnerrecords artist, was assembling his f… all the musicians who played with Prince in the Sign O' The Times era, Matt Fink—better known by his stage name…
2020 the @LATimes to the @NYTimes to his hometown newspaper, the Minneapolis @StarTribune, the reviews for the expa…
In celebration of independent record stores, on Oct 24 an exclusive 2LP Picture Disc of the newly remastered, iconi…"There was this unbelievable anticipation of feeling like you were held in the arms of whatever you were about to e…"I was at the height of my Prince fandom and every subsequent album surprised you even more," Fred Armisen says on… included in Episode 7 are longtime Prince fans @MayaRudolph and Fred Armisen, who were both deeply influenced…"In a way it spoiled me for live acts now," remarks fan and @PrinceVault editor JooZt Mattheij. "I saw Prince live… memories from LeRoy, musicians @leviseacer, Dr. Fink, @LeedsPeterson, Atlanta Bliss, and Cat Glover, tour dire…"Sign 'O' The Times was a full-on theatrical show, the first time we’d stepped that far into something," remembers… new episode of the official podcast "The Story of Sign O' The Times" is available now. On Episode 7, "Peach and B…
A new episode of "The Story of Sign O' The Times" is out now. In Episode 6, "Pop Goes the Music," Prince assembles…
Reflecting on the release of the reissue this week, Lenny added, "My big brother's music will live on forever." his foreword, Lenny reflects on the lasting impact of Sign O' The Times, and the ways that Prince broke down the… Super Deluxe reissue of #PrinceSOTT is accompanied by a 120-page hardcover book, and it begins with a foreword…
when he wrote and recorded enough material to release at least five separate albums, broke up his band, broke off h… hotly anticipated, expanded reissue of Sign O' The Times is out now. Available in remastered, Deluxe, and Super…'s historic New Year's Eve 1987 show at @PaisleyPark is still available to watch on the Official Prince… you to all the purple fams, musicians, DJs, and Prince collaborators who helped to celebrate the launch of… diggin’ it #PrinceSOTT
Retweeted by PrinceTHE WAY I SCREAMED #PrinceSOTT
Retweeted by Princeこのボリュームはスゴい。納得のお値段。大切にしよう。#PrinceSOTT
Retweeted by PrinceTimely post, considering Prince + Miles Davis' only on-stage performance will be included in the forthcoming…
Retweeted by PrinceWatching the #livestream of @Prince on New Year’s Eve in ‘87 during the Sign O’ The Times era. Stunning music, musi…
Retweeted by PrinceI could listen to Prince solo over the end of “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” for literal hours. Dear god. #PrinceSOTT
Retweeted by PrinceAnd that's the thing about Prince....... Attending his shows gave you front row access to some of the BEST musicia…
Retweeted by PrinceBut can they do Housequake tho... #PrinceSOTT
Retweeted by PrinceCheck it out urself.’s up. #PrinceSOTT
Retweeted by PrinceSee what @babssheking is talking about at doing guitar solo, pulling faces, smiling, rolling his eyes. "What this? It's nothing. Easy!" 😅 #PrinceSOTT
Retweeted by PrinceMe trying to watch Prince and the Lakers-Nuggets. #PrinceSOTT #LALvsDEN
Retweeted by PrinceHappy New Year Purple Family and welcome to 1988! #PrinceSOTT #purplefamily
Retweeted by PrinceBy the way, that lil interpolation of "La, La, La, He, He, Hee" you heard during "When Doves Cry" was the first tim…
Retweeted by Prince#PrinceSOTT 🍾🥂🎉
Retweeted by PrinceHere we are folks, the dream we all dream of: the legendary, full concert video of Prince, his Sign O' The Times ba…
Starting now on the Official Prince @YouTube Channel: a pre-show conversation hosted by @MayaRudolph and featuring… @MayaRudolph and guests @susannahtwin, Dr. Fink, @LeedsPeterson, and @leviseacer for a special pre-show conver…'s gonna be a beautiful night. The full vault recording of Prince's historic concert December 31, 1987 at… included in Episode 5 are the vault tracks "It Be's Like That Sometimes," "Witness 4 the Prosecution (Version…"I called him at the studio, at Sunset Sound," Lenny Waronker recalls on the podcast. "He picks up the phone and he… from engineer Coke Johnson and Daphne A. Brooks on the development of the Camille persona, Susan Rogers on Pri… new episode of the Official Prince Podcast "The Story of Sign O' The Times" is available now. Episode 5, "It Be's…
Join the party... and wear something #PeachAndBlack #PrinceSOTT the concert premiere, stay tuned for a marathon after-party featuring @djrashida, @natashadiggs,… at 7 p.m. ET, join Maya Rudolph @princesstagramslam and Prince collaborators @susannahtwin, @Drfink81,… New Year's Eve benefit concert was the final time Prince and his band performed their Sign O' The Times Tour st…, boom!... what was that? Aftershock! The full vault recording of Prince's historic concert Decembe…
In the winter of 1985-1986, Prince moved into a new home on Galpin Blvd. in Chanhassen, Minn. The basement studio w…
Episode 4 also features the previously unreleased vault tracks "Soul Psychodelicide," "In a Large Room With No Ligh… from Lisa, Wendy Melvoin, Matt Fink, BrownMark, Eric Leeds, Atlanta Bliss, and one of the members of Prince's…"We started getting so close that the lone wolf started going away," Lisa Coleman shared. "But you know he knew wha… fourth episode of the Official Prince Podcast "The Story of Sign O' The Times" is available now. In this episod…
Ahead of the Super Deluxe reissue of #PrinceSOTT, read an exclusive excerpt of Dave Chappelle's contribution to the… forthcoming Super Deluxe reissue of Sign O' The Times, available September 25, will include 63 previously unrel… was the first of four songs Prince recorded for her, however, the envisioned collaboration didn’t ultimately mat…"I Need A Man" was originally recorded for Prince's protege act, The Hookers (an early version of Vanity 6), in Aug… of the Super Deluxe reissue of Sign O' The Times, the previously unreleased vault track "I Need A Man" is ava…
On September 25 The Prince Estate, in partnership with @warnerrecords, will reissue #PrinceSOTT via all physical, d…
Read more about the contributions Jeff Katz made to Sign O’ The Times in Vogue: See more o…"He taught me so much about how to think on my feet and create at a moment’s notice, how to make things happen orga… addition to the cover shoot that took place at Prince’s rehearsal warehouse in early 1987, Jeff also captured po…"The shoot was pretty much over, and I had an apple box sitting in front of the camera. He just walked up to me wit… Jeff Katz worked closely with Prince to create the artwork for Sign O’ The Times. As Jeff shared with…
Who in this house know about the quake? In Episode 3 of "The Story of Sign O' The Times," an earthquake hits Los An…
The concert film featured 11 songs from the album of the same name, in addition to the hit "Little Red Corvette" an… film was originally intended to feature footage from the final shows of his Sign O' the Times Tour in Rotterdam…