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@rundeirun I can write a pretty accurate description of the reaction it'll get before it even airs. @rundeirun Not sure what to think about this.There's gonna be a Colin Kaepernick TV series?"What do you think? Me relinquishing play calling and giving it to the offensive coordinator -- who works under me… do #NFL head coaches even acknowledge media and fan requests that they give up play calling? There's no need to… @AcidTongueDevil 1985 was worse. That team would've won the World Series.It's fine to celebrate the 1986 #Mets, but it's also fine to be pissed off that that collection of talent from 1984… gets lost in the #RedSox breaking the curse in 2004 is that the team they beat might've been LaRussa's best… yeah, sometimes they are just making stuff up.That said, what they do is not "reporting" in the classic sense where they dig up a story, scour for information an… have legit sympathy for sports reporters not named Joel Sherman who are dealing with trade rumors. They have orde… @dmelendi None of his kids have the ability to do what he did. And Don Jr. is about 3 ounces away from a full-blown OD. @JForma @AHotMetss I bailed when Homelander discovered there was a group looking to take them down. Just lost interest. @dmelendi I'd make "you don't want this stuff exposed" threats. He'd still be in danger in NY. And no. I wouldn't trust him. @GKRBURNER What are you babbling about, Tucker?Players and agents know how rich Cohen is. They’re all gonna wait and see what he’s willing to do. #MLB #MetsThe #Yankees would be better with Nevin as manager instead of Boone. But Nevin is a red ass and would not let Cashm… don’t give Jeff Wilpon as much shit as most on here do, but the image of him walking out of the Citi Field office… told Gal Gadot to stop calling me and that she should stay with her husband.
@JForma Cohen and Sandy were gonna make Jeff the GM too.You need to understand the mentality of the Fyre Fest guy, Kevin Trudeau and people who scam for a living: they are… @GotNoSperm They need to have that threat over him to keep him from going completely off the rails and encouraging legitimate insurrection.And that would include no political careers for the kids; no Jared; no nothing. They all go. And they don't come back. #election2020Those who want Trump tried for whatever crimes wouldn't like it, but if Biden wins, I'd suggest he tell Trump to ju… was driving by the high school where people are voting early and there was dueling illegal electioneering for Max… @thepeterjpappas @seanmohen Trump won't ever admit defeat even if he's forced to leave...and that won't be till Jan… @seanmohen @thepeterjpappas I doubt the sufficient percentage of people who fucked around with that nonsense and bo… @thepeterjpappas @seanmohen Hillary was one of the most hated people on the planet. @thepeterjpappas @seanmohen If people cared enough to keep it quiet, I can't see enough people turning around and d… @TheDietIsOff Barely anybody outside the Tri-State area even knows who he is. That's what's funny about it. @seanmohen Not this time and that's his biggest problem. His supporters are his supporters. They're at the rallies… @seanmohen This is just my guess, but if the polls are first asking if the people have already voted before discuss… so I understand: the polls are irrelevant, people lie to the pollsters and they should be ignored unless one c… a few words around and this also serves as a eulogy! Kushner’s 4D chess move in his and Ivanka’s complaint against the @ProjectLincoln billboard was to turn aroun… people for not voting is pretty silly. If they’re so disengaged that they’re not on either side in this pol… @iainsut He won’t get fired for that.Given his tactical ineptitude, I’d steer clear of Boone’s lieutenants when looking for a new manager. #Yankees #Tigers #RedSox #MLBDave Roberts doing stupid shit and having it work out "vindicates" absolutely nothing. Was Joe Maddon "vindicated"… @GotNoSperm It's hard to know what anyone is capable of until they actually need to do something. He didn't need to… for the Jared Kushner infomercial! Kushner's attitude is shocking to people who don't understand how these unaccomplished, can do literally noth… @DBYankees1 @JoeH0518 @laurasgoldman Guys like Cohen see one color: green.DeBlasio blocking Cohen is the one and only thing that could unite #MetsTwitter. #Mets #MLB @DBYankees1 There's gonna be violence. If Trump loses, he's gonna stoke it.I'm pro-law enforcement, but you cannot be making political statements on duty over the loudspeaker of a patrol car. @NJD107_ Why is there a pic of Jewish deli pastrami? @smugJLM His French press form is horrific. @DBYankees1 @laurasgoldman It's more to do with him being an attention whore.It may have worked out, but I thought that was weak of Kershaw to just hand the ball to Roberts without protest. An… was Tom Frigging Seaver. You'd tell him, "Yeah, Tom. I'm starting George Stone. Have a seat"? Please. #Mets #MLBIt amazes me that #Mets fans who were around in 1973 *still* bitch about Yogi starting Seaver in Game 6 instead of… @MetsMinute Someone talked him down during the break.Who gives a shit what Peggy Noonan says? She uses 45 words when she could use 5; she makes Maureen Dowd seem concis… @moochiepoodle And the pineapple.John Smoltz is finding reasons to justify it whe he and Bobby Cox would’ve gotten into a fistfight on the mound ha… @300lbsofsports 🤷‍♂️Kershaw was cruising. #Dodgers #MLB #WorldSeries
Brady’s heading for the MVP; the #Patriots are heading for 6-10. #NFL @laurasgoldman @NewYorker The only thing #MLB and the owners are worried about is him absolutely burying them with…’s gonna be fascinating if the #Patriots continue on this plummeting trajectory is whether the “do your job” st… fairness, it was Jansen who blew it. @300lbsofsports I think they lay it out beforehand with a level of specificity and basically no wiggle room. After 80 pitches, pull him. @laurasgoldman @albanian_angry @sheelahk Jim Crane is a bigger scumbag than Steve Cohen could be in 3 lifetimes. @laurasgoldman @albanian_angry @sheelahk In that world, none of the current franchise owners in any league on the planet would own a team.There’s no debating that Brady is making Belichick look bad. #Patriots #Buccaneers #NFL @leftfield_13 @TonyDeCarlo84 The overriding philosophy is the problem. @leftfield_13 @TonyDeCarlo84 Well, it didn’t work. @TonyDeCarlo84 I don’t like him as a manager, but this seemed like a pure order from the front office. @MetsMinute That had the clear front office edict feel to it. @MetsMinute I have no problem with using relievers, but he was looking for a reason to pull Urias.I’m not understanding why Roberts pulled Urias so quickly in Game 4 either. #Dodgers #MLB #WorldSeriesThere is no way Trevor Lawrence’s handlers will let him go to the #NYJets if Adam Gase is the head coach. #NFLThis is a “Rex Ryan is looking better and better the longer he’s out of coaching” day. He pushed hard for Josh Alle… @Lisa6264 My timing is on the money today. in general and at The Athletic in particular try way too hard to be poetic. Just write the fucking st… @LanceMRinker The Reds dumped him too. @jakelarsen He wouldn’t be pitching if it was that. @thepeterjpappas People who’ve run a business or have some basic understanding of how the publishing industry works… @iainsut You get a waaaayyyyy bigger cut of ebooks.No matter how tempting Texas is, Biden needs to concentrate on the Rust Belt. #Election2020 @brianbuck13 The training is to immediately run between 3rd and home and then run where the ball is expected to go.… like independent bookstores as much as the average person, but buying books is expensive in and of itself and the… @jakelarsen Great minds... was signed as a *catcher* too. He’s instinctively gotta know to get back there. @MetsMinute I don’t know what you want him to say.The only thing I’ll give Jansen shit about is not backing up home plate. #Dodgers #MLB #WorldSeriesNever heard of of KC mayor currently on #FaceTheNation, but he’s got star quality. He’s got the “it.” #CBSThe #Colts had “Suck for Luck.” The #Jets just have, “Let’s suck!” ##NFLI absolutely despise the Fidelity “change in plans” couple.At least Edwin Diaz just gives up a home run like ripping off a band-aid. No torment. #WorldSeriesArozarena pulled a Daniel Jones and crawled to paydirt. #WorldSeries @TheManuelBrown Well...Why not walk Seager? #Dodgers #Rays #WorldSeries #MLBSingle-digit numbers for pitchers is just plain wrong. #MLB #Dodgers #WorldSeries @JForma @Fixxser @brianbuck13 @Lisa6264 No. The @fixxser person. @brianbuck13 @JForma @Lisa6264 @Fixxser Write an outline for Trump. Draw pictures of girls with giant tits in the m… @Fixxser @brianbuck13 @JForma @Lisa6264 I’m not seeing your replies unless I check your page for some reason. @Fixxser @brianbuck13 @JForma @Lisa6264 Yeah, but you’re the one I don’t think understands these basic concepts fro… @BeckyBravo @GKRBURNER This shit started because of alleged police brutality and a bigger crackdown would’ve aliena…