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Principal of the #GatewoodGators in @Hopkins270. #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay #principalsinaction #KeepItNiceDaily. Past President of MESPA & MN 2015 NDP.

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I'd be happy and honored to contribute! Having enough time to do all the things I need to do and all the things I want to do. #MEMSPAchat The students, families, and colleagues. #MEMSPAchat you are interested, @PrincipalFrench, @sheehyrw, and I wrote Principals In Action, and it's on sale now on Amazo…
Retweeted by Mark FrenchA4) How to help students and adults manage conflict; how to support students and families who have experienced trau… The focus now is on relationships, instructional leadership, supporting colleagues, innovative thinking. When I… I had a principal who was a great role model, mentor and friend. It was because of him that I wanted to become… I don't ever remember seeing my principals in classrooms, on the playground, in the cafeteria or outside at arr… evening, #MEMSPAchat, Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN. My favorite part of the school day was r…
No, we became 1:1 after I arrived. I've seen learning and engagement both increase! #BeTheOne We are a 1-to-1 device school. I have seen teachers and students deliver engaging lessons, work and solve probl…, #BeTheOne, Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN.Here's the graphic I created of 300 #OneWord2020 selections I've collected! I'm still gathering more! #Read2Lead, I am! created this graphic of 300 #OneWord2020 selections. I need to update as I now have 403 words I've collected!… I have an accountability partner who I'll check in with on the 1st of each month! #Read2Lead Yes, through social media and in person with others. #Read2Lead will stay connected! Have done some financial and budget planning with my husband anticipating my retirement in eighteen months!…, I keep my word for the entire year! #Read2Lead I wait for a word to come into my mind that strongly resonates with me. #Read2Lead there!, #Read2Lead, Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN. Here's my #OneWord2020. @Slater_Curtis_ @brewerhm @CkslaterKim @_AndyJacks @brijslater @sheehyrw @PrincipalKap @GustafsonBrad @posickj Yes, please!
I hope you enjoy it!, we held an administrative meeting on restorative justice and our “Young Men Standing Tall” group came in to…
Retweeted by Mark FrenchIt's Day #80 for our kindergartners and halfway to 1st grade. Zero the Hero flew in for a visit. Thank you for the… join me in thanking @PrincipalElse for moderating tonight's #PIAChat and for his focus on stillness and refl… @PrincipalElse has this CTA for tonight's #PIAChat.'s CTA of #PIAChat is up in one minute.A3) This year we are implementing Mindful Kids sessions for some of our students. #PIAChat's Q3 of tonight's #PIAChat posed by @PrincipalElse. of tonight's #PIAChat is up in one minute.A2) My quiet, reflective time allows me to think and plan out my day. #PIAChat is beautiful. I propose a #PIAChat retreat on Grand Lake!'s Q2 of tonight's #PIAChat posed by @PrincipalElse. that first half hour supported by coffee? #PIAChat of tonight's #PIAChat is up in one minute.I, too, love the early morning time! #PIAChat I've found it's amazing how much time you can gain for quiet reflection when you turn the television off!…'s Q1 of tonight's #PIAChat from @PrincipalElse., Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas, Virginia, Minnesota, and Texas in the house so far for #PIAChat!Q1 of tonight's #PIAChat is up in one minute.Thank you for being part of tonight's #PIAChat. Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN. to tonight's #PIAChat. We're thrilled to have @PrincipalElse moderating. Let's start with introductions. @posickj You got that right, my friend!
Join #PIAChat tonight at 8:00 CST. @PrincipalElse will be moderating. Spread the word! #PIAChat tonight at 8:00 CST. @PrincipalElse will be moderating. Spread the word! week, a local publisher visited a group of @Ike_XinXing270 students to talk about the world of books. Mary Tar…
Retweeted by Mark FrenchWe didn't plan this, but my Principal for the Day showed up dressed like me! I get to show him that being an elemen… #PIAChat tonight at 8:00 CST. @PrincipalElse will be moderating. Spread the word! @mccall_kelley @posickj
@PrincipalKim @posickj @sheehyrw Thank you, Kim. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Good morning, #HackLearning, Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN.JOIN US for another BLOCKBUSTER #MEMSPAchat happening this coming Thursday, January 23 from 8-9pm (EST) with Princi…
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Good morning, #EduGladiators, Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN.
@Hopkins270 African American Read In in celebration of Black History Month and the great contributions of African A…
Retweeted by Mark French @IamJoryJohn and @peteoswaldart, I am reading "The Cool Bean" to classes this month. This morning, after I read you… us for Purse Bingo! Feb 9th. Benefits Gatewood Elementary @PrincipalFrench @HopkinsGatewood
Retweeted by Mark French @MHortonLeads @mradamwelcome @casas_jimmy @chrisemdin @docspeaks @ManuelScott @brewerhm @PrincipalKafele Reach out to others in your district, state and across the country through your networks and on social media.… @_AndyJacks @dbc_inc @brewerhm @coolcatteacher @burgessdave @sheehyrw @burgess_shelley @JessicaCabeen do this each day someone has their birthday. Weekend birthdays are celebrated on Fridays and Mondays. #MEMSPAchat We've started Birthday Books this year. Each student gets to select a book on their birthday. #MEMSPAchat I enjoy celebrating our Citizens of the Month with their families. This afternoon we recognized our December CO…
It's a beautiful, sunny day with a feels like temperature of -17° at today's family dropoff! Refreshing! week’s #art project at @HopkinsNJH270 provided students with peace of mind through #mandala stone painting. Th…
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The #culinary students at @HopkinsHigh270 prepared a tasty meal for several staff members and visitors today! Cafe…
Retweeted by Mark FrenchWe are celebrating this amazing colleague who became a United States citizen yesterday! Nidhi, we are so proud of y…
Hello, #VAESPChat, Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN. My favorite movie is E.T.
A2) We need adults who demonstrate kindness toward others. #HackLearning They will demonstrate kindness toward others. #HackLearning morning, #HackLearning, Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN.
My school is hosting a free community presentation about Mental Health. This info is too important not to share wit…
Retweeted by Mark FrenchThat's a great word! Its the 397th unique #OneWord2020 I've collected!
#hopkinsschoolmeals sure knows how to make pork carnitas from scratch! 👩‍🍳 We start with pork bottom roasts; we sea…
Retweeted by Mark FrenchThis is the organization that brings the therapy bunnies to visit! do learning spaces of the future look like? See for yourself! Secondary students provide a tour of the new fle…
Retweeted by Mark FrenchIt's a new year and a new decade! Hopkins has lots of exciting news to share in our first Royal Report of 2020 -…
Retweeted by Mark FrenchThe only thing better than @Vikings Spirit Day is when the therapy bunnies are also visiting! #GatewoodGators are you doing to cheer on the @Vikings today? We've got Vikings Spirit Day for our #GatewoodGators! Teachers call the office for support, someone responds. We use walkie talkies to communicate with and reach our…'m older than all of you, so for me it's "Lovin' You" by Minnie Riperton. @joemullikin86 @jeffreykubiak @matthew_arend @jon_wennstrom @_AndyJacks @PrincipalKap @Slater_Curtis_ That's a great choice!A6) I lean on my supervisor, district and building colleagues, and PLN members for advice, ideas and support.… me, counselor, social worker, psychologist, literacy coach, special educators, referring teacher. Teacher… We problem solve with our Student Assistance Team. #MEMSPAchat Establishing a positive relationship between the student and a caring adult for check-ins, breaks, support, rew… Calmness, patience, listening, understanding, communication, empathy, collaboration. #MEMSPAchat Helping students manage and cope with mental health needs and those dealing with traumatic situations.… Pizza lunches are one way! #MEMSPAchat, #MEMSPAchat, Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN. This suit will be making a return appearance fo… there, #MEMSPAchat, Mark here, elementary principal in Hopkins, MN.
@jon_wennstrom @Jennifer_Hogan @Vroom6 @ifireup @GustafsonBrad @sheehyrw @jodiepierpoint @sandeeteach @BobbieFrench had a great pizza lunch with these 5th graders to honor a bet I made with one of them on the December 23rd Viking… #PIAChat stands for #PrincipalsInAction, leaders who promote and support each other in redefining the role of p… exhibit hall will be buzzing — Watch for new activities and fun prizes at Institute 2020!…
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Preparing our students for the future will require bold transformation to both learning and the student environment…
Retweeted by Mark FrenchCongratulations to @Mr_Abbott_SC and @KatQuain for being the recipients of signed copies of #PrincipalsInAction fro… ❤ your #OneWord2020! exciting to see two leaders you admire featured in the @NAESP Principal Magazine. Great job @PrincipalGarden an…