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@The_Ronyn hi @TJE4Smash A good glitch to have
@MobinHood_ Okay, that's terrible. Please DM us your full name, mailing address, email, purchase date/location, and… @Nandosaddict2 But Mr. P likes TV @suprsarit Happens to us all the time. @HelplessHoser That's Mr. Pringles only criteria for finding a significant other. You did find the one. @thiccboicrazie Might we recommend dipping an original into salsa? @evilgothictwin Your hands are the perfect size, our cans are the perfect size, but sometimes, two perfect things d… @Jamienoodles13 Please send us a DM with your contact information and the product information, so we can get this handled. @kaczpere Yeah, that's not supposed to happen! Please send us a DM with your full name, location, and email address… @LarelLapin Sorry about that, Larel. Please send us a DM with your full name, mailing address, email, and product i… football and just realized tackling is the human version of stacking.
@2LiLDuffs @MrCracknell @CharCracknell @bethcracknell15 @Soocracknell1 This is the correct answer @tomboxcreations Yeah, that's not supposed to happen, Thomas. Send us a DM with your full name, mailing address, em… @MccourtMonica We're sorry to see this - bad news: you're missing some crisps, good news: we're giving your some fr… @blckolives Due to lower demand we discontinued those in this sector of the universe. @msu_kome Hello - while we don't have an official account for the Middle East Region, you may contact your regional… greatest fumble outside of football is running out of Pringles.
@EmBee20 Okay, that's terrible. Michele, please DM us your full name, mailing address, email, and product informati… @rad_nasty_ In the relentless, never-ending pursuit of new flavor perfection, sometimes our flavor scientists must… @mattbo324 Don’t worry, your hands are the perfect size, and our cans are the perfect size. Unfortunately, perfect…
@meg_nasa Have you tried stacking multiple Pringles in one bite? @TrendTechBlog Hi @ShutteR_1slanD We’re listening @yourmomundergod @Oreo 🤤 @LoganJones2002 Might we suggest our new Rick & Morty flavors?Eating Pringles and @MLS actually have a lot in common. For one, both can technically be done without using your hands.
@emamc78 Sorry to hear this, Emma. If you could send us a DM with your full name, location, and email address, we'd… @J_Drilly Our flavor scientists are really good at their jobs. @_Rene2K Promise?Just found out American Cheese Month is October and not every month? Which cheese is your favorite? @sumething_clevr Depends @dontpannic Hey, Nick - we're sorry to hear that these crisps don't taste the same. For more direct information and…
2020 smart phone’s apps should be as customized as your favorite Pringles stack. Open this thread to download your… @DeathEvilMan Are you on your smartphone or desktop? For computer: drag and drop it to your desktop For phone: pre… @tbsl_maya hi @gottahavajava No, that's life. @The_Yazoo We do now @JimenaDraws We will @Benjami97698246 hi @CrypticPulseYT Sorry, we got distracted stacking Pringles. @Cheeky_Brit We feel that @MahadRizvi It isToday we go purple with @glaad and millions of others in support of LGBTQ youth. Add your name to take the pledge a… @SuperbUnderling Due to lower demand, we discontinued the multigrain flavor in this version of the multiverse. @sydneyrabz12 That's not supposed to happen. Can you send us a DM with your product and contact information? We'd l…
@AdverTina Hey, @AdverTina - our Thanksgiving Dinner limited edition pack won't be offered this year.Did you know, no number from 1 to 999 includes the letter "a" in its word form. 1-999 and Pringles have that in common @AbbieSBrooks @OsmanBhatti @nikkendrew @JThambyrajah @DrRachelMorris @DrNighatArif @DrRachelWardGP @drjamieparker @FLlCKERVOL6 Sup @nyactor Ah, we have a fellow pun man on our hands. @TheRor4 This encapsulates the exact reaction we were looking for. @MrJoshyWashie Depends on your hand. @AbbieSBrooks @OsmanBhatti @nikkendrew @JThambyrajah @DrRachelMorris @DrNighatArif @DrRachelWardGP @drjamieparker @frigginshark No @TheSpaghet And? How were they? @WhackInk This is the exact reaction our flavor scientists were going for @dshocc1 We think.... it's awesome @tobesosad @HSFlNELINE We have a life, we're busy working on new flavors @maistomedia @Wendys We'll let our flavor scientists know they nailed this one @heightonagency @pizzahut @dominos @pepsi Dope. Well done Simon @CaptnRenegade Sorry to hear this. Please send us a DM with your full name, location, and email address, so we can… @leah_rei Thanks for the feedback, Leah. We love that you're someone that loves loads of flavor. Send us a DM with… @KennyGallegos8 Tortilla crisps were discontinued in 2016, Kenny, so until we perfect time travel or bring Tortilla…, Mercury is officially in retrograde. And to think it wasn’t for all of 2020. @SkankHu89596662 Sorry to hear this. DM us with details and we'll figure this out @heeeyaannaa Please copy and paste the web address into your browser's web address bar to access the contact page f…
Just because we’re in a can doesn’t mean we can’t. @Oliver_Coppen Thank you for reaching out, Oliver. For the most direct assistance with your inquiry, please contact… @JAHorbes 🤔 @BobbyWalsh1 May we suggest sprinkling Pringles crisps all over your bolognese? @lk_whitney We also do this. @tobesosad hi @Hannah_Abreo We thought we were the only ones... @DDeane41 Remove all his clothes from his suitcase and instead pack it full of Pringles.
@007hyde For the best assistance with this, please reach out to our team members in your region. They'll be glad to… @tweets_reets The best place to check in this dimension is Walmart. @ComyarS That's adorable. Phoning our CEO to change our name to sibiliyeh @PoltergustG00 We did @Candycritic A group of geese on land are called a gaggle @Bbstine We do have to say... this is a first. We'll pass along your recommendations to our flavor scientists. @Nandosaddict2 We aim to inform @HAZZAXRAINBOW 👩‍🍳😙 @bonolomofficial We're sorry to see this. Broken crisps break our hearts. Please send us a DM with your full name,… @HAZZAXRAINBOW We sprinkle the seasoning on with a waterfall process vs a tumbler, so we don't risk breaking the cr… @ppyhi Thanks for the feedback. Send us a direct message with more information, including your location, so we can… @Nandosaddict2 We don't get it. We're still handsome. @NWblockhead45 Our daily life. @namstaymon This is exactly how we sleep. @M7_Gaming_Zone Keep buying them @KangaphantPTG Fan art makes us jubilant.Did you know a group of Hippos is called a bloat? Actually more interesting fact, did you know a group of Pringles is called a stack? @thetristangray @RickandMorty Good choice @Alexis_Bish2012 Stack it up: extra hot on pizza
@StuartLandon Great question! Unfortunately, these flavors will not be returning in 2020.