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i love one (1) butch lesbian druid who unfortunately had to get forest married in a goddess dressStarting my CTeam Season Two doodle thread with: wedding walnut (+ an unrelated walnut) season two starts with suc… @TrystanFalcone @coffeerobot @amytfalcone @krisstraub @TychoBrahe @katewelchhhh @RyanHartmanWins same but add three hoursI thought about this bit today out of the blue and started tearing up, so of course I now have to seek out the reas… I hate halloween costumes. I am insulted by them. Sid:
Retweeted by jones @ not hereDespite everything, it's still you. @TychoBrahe you had me at eyrewoodThe MCR shirt sends me into a different dimension and I refuse to process it alone so I'm posting on main so you all also have to see it.I am (finally) starting my Season Two CTeam rewatch For Realsies and I always always always forget about Pat's Drie…
@BittersTweet ducks had nothing to do with it lollich jim gamer fanart actor headcanons AI doodles (some new) are asleep, post concept art for my garfield/heathcliff/tom & jerry fanfiction
Retweeted by jones @ not hereMine also arrived today and by god it slaps. @Schnauzer89 @RobinAChilds @ThatScarletMoth @genkaiko @bromeliad_black @WillMuzzi @Archimer @bernummm @ronbcomics @Peach_Herald <33 @lordbilingual ooey gooey like melted candy
team #megavoltisdefinitelyaratI'm posting a lot more now not because I'm back on main (I'm not) but because I recently also had my medication adj… evening i posted this at like 4am. arent out of my system yet, sorrytfw when your boyfriend betrays you by enjoying --ulch-- V I D E O G A M E S megavolt keeps reminding him he can j… @Pastabiliti @Lacuna_Absurda this has always been true @ActionEconomist @Pastabiliti It's the NB flag!Attention Employees of the #discroomgamejam. it is time. OFFER SEVERANCE @
Retweeted by jones @ not hereAttention followers. I have spent a considerable amount of time making a new game for the #discroomgamejam. I would…
Retweeted by jones @ not herecomes out as genderfluid at 4am while watching darkwing duck reruns, yoloI'm genderfluid (sans fem-aligned genders), it's my house I control the gender fluidity. he/him and they/them are b… for like four years: I'm non-binary me two years ago: actually nvm I'm a binary trans man me now: yeah, about th… @ronbcomics I think the kids call this simping. @ronbcomics I fail that check on purpose @ronbcomics @HernyEd the lich is targeting me specificallyMonster Girls Week 4: Vivian the Werewolf by @HernyEd Lich Swamp Creature Crow Harpies
Retweeted by jones @ not hereYou can just think about bunnies for free... no one can stop you.
@the_torto some people are all three!! @the_torto you should watch the Avernus Arc :) @ThatScarletMoth I could have watched twenty more episodes with Lich portrait for someone on instagram! it was an honor to paint the wide and grand Giuseppe
Retweeted by jones @ not here*listens to Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do on repeat for 45 minutes* anyway i miss Lich Jim he was taken f…
Retweeted by jones @ not here[ jingles menacingly ] i just think quackerjack is Neat™ |
Retweeted by jones @ not heresome mall au doodles! what album is zoro talking about there IS a correct answer
Retweeted by jones @ not herecheeseburger family🥺 #ducktales #darkwingduck
Retweeted by jones @ not here @mishacak3s i have One Type 😔im saying you dont have to make fun of me, i already know I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW*sees a purple clad overdramatic weirdo with bad teeth* mysteriously, i vibe with that[ jingles menacingly ] i just think quackerjack is Neat™ | @mishacak3s i wuv them @mishacak3s loudly supports uI’VE BEEN NERVOUS TO POST THIS ONE ON TWIT sdjkhf but, listen, they’re terrible dorks. i love them
Retweeted by jones @ not herei can have some serotonin doodles, as a treat #rottmntoc
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*draws my waifu, a 50 year old wizard who sucks* that's enough twitter for today @TaylorACrockett the caption is a lie i could only get through one chorus and then i started watching ducktales instead also DANKEthe inherent homoeroticism of obsessively planning revenge against the ex-best friend who sent you to hell because…*listens to Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do on repeat for 45 minutes* anyway i miss Lich Jim he was taken f… ass is so close to being out at all times
Retweeted by jones @ not here @mishacak3s babby.✨✨✨
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Bg3 experience so far
Retweeted by jones @ not here @bicokun @pixelkitties That is ABSOLUTELY the vibe I was going for. A soft spoken and charismatic british gentleman… @WillMuzzi he's a beagle actually dnd followers for ducks, and new duck followers for all the dnd. hope you like jim none of them get along with Jim, to varying levels, but Jim was the bridge burner and it's what he deserves.i dont rly have an idea for liquidator because i barely remember him from the show...perhaps once i sleep. idk.he's actually like cool and tragic and there's a reason Drake and LP are like 'WELL TECHNICALLY' i am just too tire…'s like 2am here so im going to bed but they're my Fearsome Four actor headcanons so I decide who the cool trans… @pastelninny danke!! you cannot separate them... they're In Love. @DeFriendlyTroll '''roommates''' worked until like 2001 and then they were just like yeah we gay keep scrolling and FOR SURE'besties (or more?' it's more. It's not even so much that I shipped it as a kid, I just kind of assumed they were l… glad I'm like 34 now and I can finally draw Darkwing Duck fanart as good as I always wanted to when I was like 6@'s @DeFriendlyTroll because he's the only person who'se opinion matters to me on this subjecti threw megavolt in, too, because you cant have one without the other. i would love to meet the Fearsome Four actor…
@DeFriendlyTroll she assumed they were fake and they are Not @DeFriendlyTroll launchpad just has a copy he bought off ebay and he's so sad. like it's very nice but he wants to… @5dollarlongfoot thank :,) he loves you too he's very sweet. everyone's cool gay uncle. @DeFriendlyTroll you know drake definitely has a signed copy of his autobiography and adores him in return @DeFriendlyTroll I almost @'d you because I did in fact specifically do this to you. (and me. but like. also you.) @nb_santiago thats me, I hate the gays (I am the gays) @Pastabiliti ding dong dipshits.'There's only two sexes, male and female' ma'am I'm intersex.TERFs have no connection to reality and need to just shut the fuck up. Trans people are just vibing. We're just chi… some TERF put me on a list she made called 'homophobic and rapey' and like lady I am just vibing, you are the… love ducktales but i dont know how to draw ducks, im sorrytoday i bring you a headcanon about the actor who played Quackerjack on the Darkwing Duck show in the DuckTales 201… have murdered so many little monstermen @krisstraub the third Pikmin is due on switch in a hot minute, the combination of puzzle solving and those puzzles… here to Idle Champs brag @krisstraub anything that lets me minmax to an absurd degree. Stardew Valley, Disgaea, most JRPGs. I forget about t…
nasa employee: oh hey u guys are back early astronaut: moon's haunted nasa employee: what? astronaut: *loading…
Retweeted by jones @ not heredoodles. been busy! work, rearranging my bedroom for winter...sleeping. anyway. here's boys.…
I just backed ARISE, YE SKELETON KING! (and you should, too) on @Kickstarter @TychoBrahe vibrates
goodbye until i have season two doodlesanyway ON TO SEASON TWO i watched the xmas special already but I'm stoked for Elf Wedding Timeskip Intro. v excited.- fenn is the best npc if we dont count chronaarextremely funny notes from my watch tho - jerry repeatedly dropping hints that vars maelis is inside donaar but no… i drew chronaar and ligotti which is from like episode 25 or something but I didnt draw at all the last like… one ends on such a high and I know season two is an emotional torture device pretending to be a dnd comedy s…