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"Watson is a brilliant polemicist." The Spectator.....”Free speech extremist.” The Mirror.

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Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen praised a company for firing an employee who had posted “all li… Blasio announces that he will set up COVID checkpoints around NYC in an attempt to catch anyone who flouts their… bike store in Austin, Texas has cancelled its contract with the Austin Police bike patrol unit after three ‘woke’… Biden was caught in yet another embarrassing situation during an on camera appearance as he stumbled over his w… British comedian John Cleese has hit out at permanently offended woke people, insisting that they have no… new poll has found that 84 per cent of Americans blame the media for creating corrosive political divisions in th… candidate Joe Biden promised Tuesday to enact stricter gun control measures, citing policies that have a… new survey by research firm Kekst CNC has found that on average, people in the U.S. think 9 per cent of the popul… the official narrative of yesterday’s massive explosion in Beirut remains ‘some chemicals in a warehouse’, Pr… ESPN radio host came under fire after posting a Twitter poll seemingly mocking NBA star Jonathan Isaac, who suff… on Tucker Carlson discusses the leaked George Floyd bodycam footage that was deliberately withheld by AG Ke…
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Minnesota withheld the full #GeorgeFloyd body cam footage for one reason and one reason only: they knew it would im…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph Watson“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth" - Albert Einstein
Retweeted by Paul Joseph Watson.@maziehirono stated numerous times at hearing on antifa today that they’ve killed no one. In 2019, antifa militant…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonA robot normally used to provide customer service now has a new mission; Scanning your face with AI technology to c… producer Ariana Pekary, who just resigned from her job, said that a media TV veteran admitted to her “we are… FOOTAGE: These were the coaches being loaded up in Dover today. Coming to a hotel near you?
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonDuring an interview with Axios, President Trump questioned whether Jeffrey Epstein actually killed himself, while a… $5,000 dollar reward is being offered to identify the culprit who put a ‘Trump 2020’ sticker on a bear’s collar i…, which never had lockdown, sees COVID-19 cases plummet as rest of Europe suffers spike
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonHere is body cam footage of #GeorgeFloyd resisting arrest. He was obviously drugged out if his mind, & was having a…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonA video shot in the London underground shows a man wearing an ill-fitting mask that isn’t even fully covering his m… Washington Post attempted to connect elite pedophile Jeffrey Epstein with President Trump following unsealing o… Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has announced that police will begin issuing citations against people not… chaotic day in the English Channel, 130 illegal migrants into Dover already. Here is some exclusive footage.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonA 12-year-old Swedish girl was shot dead over the weekend while walking her dog as one criminologist has warned Swe… the founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA endorsed Joe Biden for President, the Trump c…
Dr. Deborah Birx has suggested that Americans may have to start wearing masks inside their own homes in order to fi… story out of the UK describes how residents panicked by coronavirus in the tourist hot spot of Cornwall are “too… in Melbourne, Australia now have the power to enter people’s homes without a warrant and perform ‘spot check… in Minneapolis sent out a letter to residents telling them to ‘prepare’ to be robbed and to obey crimin… resident of Melbourne, Australia described how “hundreds” of police surrounded tower blocks to prevent people fro… Clinton’s former press secretary has urged Joe Biden not to debate President Trump, claiming that “it’s a fool… UK sociology professor has penned an impassioned editorial calling for governments to stop “terrorising” people w… society is finished. Find somewhere else to live. Somewhere civilised.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonNo. Yesterday antifa launched an attack on the Portland Police SE precinct. They hurled paint-filled glass containe…
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What experts back in April predicted would happen to Sweden's ICUs if they didn't #lockdown compared to what actual…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph Watson“Stoppen nu, er zijn kinderen hiero!”Knokpartij op @klm vlucht naar Ibiza. Dronken passagier weigert mondkapje te d…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonThe Public Order Act 1936 prohibits by law paramilitary and political uniforms. Why is the Met Police allowing this…
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Antifa burned bibles last night. They are what they claim to hate. Fascists. When you vote, remember that elected…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonWhat if we didn't ban TikTok What if we just made TikTok ban all its US users Then the ACLU would be ok with it r…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonExclusive footage of a beach landing at St Margaret's Bay, Kent. More illegal migrants hit the jackpot.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonEid celebrations in Ilford, London last night
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonFriday saw another nine migrant boats with a further 96 people getting to England illegally in one day. Home Offi…
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Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted over the past 50 years.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonA stupid person’s idea of meaningful
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonCall me old fashioned but I’m not sure that corporate sponsored, 200 ft tall banners in the political capital of th…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph Watson'Proper English is racist.' What is our world coming to? I have a school full of black and brown kids who are tau…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonJim Jordan: “Should we limit the protesting?” Fauci looks stunned by the question.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonIf we have veterans who are homeless whilst Channel migrants are being put up in 4-star hotels we don't have a cons…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonDear prime minister @BorisJohnson this was a photo taken this morning in batley, kirklees, how come this is acc…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonLockdown has killed 21,000 people, - due to lack of healthcare and cancellations of cancer, and all urgent care for…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonWith Bill Clinton directly identified by one of Jeffrey Epstein's victims, watch media interest in the Epstein files approach zero tomorrow.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph Watson200 arrivals yesterday. Expect the same today 1,000 a week. All requiring housing, healthcare, education, cash and…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph Watson"Greater Manchester is now locked down again, and people from different households cannot visit the pub, but all th…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonBut remember your grandma can’t have a funeral because her life just wasn’t as important as John Lewis’s. Sorry. Th…
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Sargon of Akkad could end Patreon if he had his followers file actions similar to the one Owen Benjamin's fans did.…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonUpdate: Patreon lost. The judge applied well-established law and denied Patreon's motion / sided against them in t…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonYesterday I tried to book a room at the 4 Star Bromsgrove Hotel & Spa, but it was closed to the public. Turns out…
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2020 of the only places where ex-Muslims can speak out relatively freely is social media. @ExMuslimTV simply shares…
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@PrisonPlanet Whether commercial or government, monopolies are bad for the people
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@JeromeAtEnds had way more than oneFarewell to this lands cheerless marches, hemmed in like a boar between arches.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonThis Wiley dude must have claimed the new record for the longest Twitter meltdown in history.🌹 Twitter sucks
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonPronouns suck
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonIt's difficult to express what a comically stupid time we live in.
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Tech monopolies moving into establish monopolies over other sectors of the economy is not "free market capitalism".… need to Grill Bezos about Amazon's antitrust violations against free speech and their digital competito…
I am expecting the markets to crash much more spectacularly than they did in March in the not too distant future. M…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonOxford Black Lives Matter leader Sasha uses racial slurs and threats of violence to abuse a black man.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonThere's no good reason why Joe Rogan hasn't invited Sam Hyde to be on his podcast. Needs to happen. Crucial.
Kanye isn't 'insane' just because he's saying things you don't understand. When he was talking about sex and drugs…
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonModern femininity is women obeying pedantic street signs, arbitrary government diktats, and not actual men. about Kanye deleting his tweets given that I had the top response.The world is populated by fake people pretending to be someone they’re not so they can GRIFT. Kanye, for his fault… @kanyewest Name them, Kanye. 🙏🏻
Retweeted by Paul Joseph Watson @kanyewest You’re such a classical Gemini, Kanye, I love you.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph Watson @kanyewest You’re such a classical Gemini, Kanye, I love you. @kanyewest Name them, Kanye. 🙏🏻Miss my friend Paul
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonThere's so much destruction all over the world and all you can do is complain about me.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonHannity took a shot at Tucker and learned when you go at the king, best not miss.
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonAt least Q Anon is banned tho 🧑‍🎨
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonPhoto Appears to Show Black Lives Matter Supporters Holding Down and Kneeling on Neck of White Baby
Retweeted by Paul Joseph WatsonHannity jelly because of the ratings. @iamontheappJD @seanhannity @DailyCaller I am happy to moderate a debate between Tucker and Sean. @seanhannity @DailyCaller Apology accepted, Sean. Also, virtually every major figure in America who is in control o… @DailyCaller Hands off? What? @seanhannity @DailyCaller You’re jelly because of the ratings. Sean. Also, I don’t dislike you, but you seem like a grifter. @dickwarlockfan @shoe0nhead Claiming that most conspiracy theories in 2020 center around things like that is a lie,… @ameliaa1312 @RationalDis @shoe0nhead Fair enough, but where did I say anything like this? Show me the proof. @internalennui @shoe0nhead Wow better ban all edgy speech because the FBI put out a “document”.i am absolutely not for banning conspiracy content and i will not be fighting anyone about this thank you
Retweeted by Paul Joseph Watson @martunmed @shoe0nhead Good point, mate, better ban all controversial speech in case someone’s feelings get hurt.