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DJ @priusOBS California, USA

Best observer in the game. Once 1v3’d at a Major. HLTV Profile Haver - djpriuskuntz at gmail for inquiries

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@Nohte @Twitch BABY STEPSin other news, hasn't reported any new scam streams on Twitch (CSGO/Just Chatting) since la…
@RyanAtRBM still trying to figure out which banned player they have @pinqucs @BanKsEsports @sapphiReGG you didnt need to list everyone that thinks youre cool markus @vanitycsgo LMAO @ChaosEC @acoRCS omg you're at a hotel in Copenhagen too?! hotel Copenhagen bros"TOM CRUISE DOES HIS OWN STUNTS"- Love @launders' casting 😂 #DHMasters
Retweeted by DJ @sapphiReGG alright heatherObserver Pack v4 (Basic) Preview Thread: In this thread there will be some quick 45-60s videos showcasing the new…
Retweeted by DJSuper disappointed TOs and ESIC decided not to punish those caught stream sniping. How does one get away with what…
Retweeted by DJLet's go! 10 minutes to @OGesportsCSGO vs @dignitas #CSGO @Flashpoint with @OnFireSemmler and myself!
Retweeted by DJI love seeing this man speak, gives me hope for LANs in 2021 :D @TheUltraLex I instalock sage on split @Alchemister5 this never works because the stream snipers can just pause from the round before and get the informat… @short_fps @michau9_ what a dog shit take @Jamppicsgo banger @ScrawnyCG
@launders do you wanna cut mine @JakeSucky @StreamHatchet curious who has the peak for twitch/youtube as an org (IE eleague) @Cloud9 @kingmezii have never seen this Messi guy in the NFL I hope you know you are spreading fake news! @pinqucs think you subbed in for this map @StrikerHLTVorg watching too much NA CS? @DonHaci if anyone actually thought he cheated they need to reevaluate something @Warchamp7 we love to see it
@voithi4 ya thats what ohnepixel dm'd me with :( sad but annoying to deal with, I guess just turn it off when doing stuff on buff @JacobWolf better than Bose?! @sapphiReGG @ValorantEsports @riotgames lets go Heather WOOOOOOOOOO @Linku yours and mine definition of simple are way different it would take me hours of blood sweat and tears to create thisI've been waiting MONTHS to say this... I'm so so SO excited to share that I'll be one of the Observers for the…
Retweeted by DJ @Rushly123456 @RyanAtRBM imagine not putting this guy in your top10 to the playoffs of Flashpoint 2. @Thorin will be your guide. HD Video:
Retweeted by DJ @pineconetv - Tesla owner because day rate is 40k a day @BLASTPremier it's obviously train lol @Pimp_CSGO you're owning @OfficialXETA quarantine op @dinkotv dutch sounds a bit like german to me but less angry sounding when you speak it @dinkotv what language did you try to learn @itsmeERROR banger of a playlist too @RyanAtRBM @RyanAtRBM surely we dont leave out jingle all the way
@RyanAtRBM ya but there's more hot takes to come @RyanAtRBM oh no, now we're gonna get hot Christmas takes from RyanSo many people behind the scenes who deserve praise, but I want to take a second to really appreciate @BLASTPremier
Retweeted by DJ @ScrawnyCG @BLASTPremier @martin_smed in this house we appreciate and love martin @backdoor_cs stay safe! @launders @RyanAtRBM rude @pinqucs @BLASTPremier @mousesports @Cloud9 was doing my best pinqu impression @BLASTPremier @mousesports @Cloud9 swear I saw the same mouse last nightHere we go. The final game of the #BLASTPremier Showdown. Winner goes to finals Fall 2020 Finals and loser goes…
Retweeted by DJObserving Liquid Furia & Mous Cloud9 with @launders and @ScrawnyCG on the mic #BLASTPremier Tune in…'s popular youtube another day another deeeemoStreaming some early afternoon European Dangerzone w/ @ScrawnyCG -
Retweeted by DJ @FrankieWard @BLASTPremier lucky you, you get to see them all of next week! @launders @semphisss I've got webbed toes and my dad has 5 toes @Hudd4 weird looking top golf
@ItsDaFaz POGCHAMPI'm going to keep casting as if the crowds are right there with us, because I know I'm not the only one feeling emo…
Retweeted by DJone of the most intense maps I've observed this year holy shit #BLASTPremier @launders @AlejandroMopoz @michau9_ I wish we could have a 10 digit code but sadly only 4 digit currently :( @skycs6 then that's it, you use that 4 digit code every time you login. if a hacker gains access to your account,… @skycs6 yes the first one, give a cheater access to a game he can't really screw you over inWith all the hacks happening recently, you might want to follow @priusOBS advice here... (still unthinkable you ca…
Retweeted by DJ @GeT_RiGhT @karriganCSGO @karriganCSGO got damn who's that observer catching all the karrigan frags @Mauisnake what maps are they gonna choose today @Mauisnake it's actually pretty nutty you're able to do that, just don't become an observer because you might be be… @Mauisnake nerd @Hudd4 I don't think this would have helped your situation, think you just got scammed and it's a life lesson but I… @RAHME2K this only helps if someone is doing the trading for you. if you initiate the trade then this can't really… @careyfrozt 6969 @ichibaNNNRJC a lot of shit gets exploited, that's why companies pay a shit ton to hackers to find them "bug bounties" @messioso @tabzcsgo then this is just another safety measure and it only inconveniences you once every time you loginSelect "only game I choose" and then choose a game a hacker can't screw you over in by cheating (I chose VVVVVV) @messioso @tabzcsgo @ichibaNNNRJC while in Katowice I got a text from steam at 7am saying my steam guard was removed and then I was get… @VorlizPT I mean it's just another safe guard on top of steam guard @messioso while in Katowice I got a text from steam at 7am saying my steam guard was removed and then I was getting… @ohnePixel might be worth sharing to your community because I assume a large percentage of your community is tradin…
@AimleveI I have 0 connections to valve, just a front page reddit thread and got lucky that a valve employee saw it and accelerated it @AimleveI I was not, just steam guard and got a text saying it was removed. I use steam guard now @AimleveI not everyone follows the advice :( @notsquishy they messaged steel and he removed me :( @Warchamp7 it helps there was a front page reddit thread on front page @lucasgabt copy my settings in the screenshot and give access to 1 game that they can't screw you over in (I do VVVVV) @Aluka__ that library thoI had my account exploited somehow while in Katowice and the exploiter streamed on steam hacking in MM and messaged… recommend everyone to enable family mode (settings > family) so exploits/hackers can't access your game library (… @ShorterACE where we going @getDOIGED @Eeowna @Vladyslava_Z right now? Mars @launders ...was watching NA CSAfternoon DangerZone Delight w/ @heliumbrella
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@waduPUBG wadu in my DMs one last time pls @BLASTPremier @acoRCS WAIT MAN @followdusT get better soon dood @NAFFLY @MADLions_CSEN