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DJ @priusOBS California, USA

Best 2d cameraman in the game. Once 1v3’d at a Major. HLTV Profile Haver - djpriuskuntz at gmail for inquiries

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@Vansilli step 5 it seems @ShorterACE future valorant pro
@blucasts I remember in scouts I used to hate that sound of everyone's tents opening up because it was time to get… @Yehty_ yo wanna observe the project M masters @pinqucs show her that fat cheque @RiotNu rip johnny @ShorterACE I appreciate the bed sheets @RyanAtRBM dodger fans @Vanityxz white interior
@RealStrongLegs wheres the bare ass? @WillFPS .stats MisstahJ error: sorry we only have the top 1 million players @boqcasts can meet Ryan and all the c9 CSGO fans there @PHRISK3D you have a 3 in your @ and you were hired by Valve? Half life 3 confirmed. Congrats on the dream job! @laughoffliam @RyanAtRBM yeah man good take @SullyCasts anime pfp probably cheats too gg @nicothepops happy birthday Nicolas! August birthdays are the best @VellyCasts this is what happens when you assume gender gg @VellyCasts very good boy @RyanAtRBM also to eat inside a restaurant in Copenhagen last month I had to show my vaccination card or a negative… @RyanAtRBM W @DonHaci scratching my don haci sticker off my AK because of this @arTist_cs thanks man, we love 2d cameramen @just9n @sapphiReGG <3 thanks justin @sapphiReGG ty Heather free merch best merch @Loxar__ <3 @Pyreon_ ty thomas big fan @Vanityxz I got you @sergthepanda "if you weren't vaccinated im sure you would be feeling a lot worse" you "dOeS tHaT eVeN mAkE sEnSe"… @StefRich22 @Tombizz thank you stefan <33 @Vanityxz get a green screen and make it a picture of me behind u
@VellyCasts Poland is calling @CrashtagVS chipotle today! thanks crash, always look forward to workin with you when I can <3 @VellyCasts <3333333 @BenWoodward thanks man, glad you're recovering from covid - scary sickness :( @Vansilli <3 nicest guy I know in esports, ty vans @falco happy birthday!! @EsportsDoug <3 thank you to man who is 0.1% more gorgeous than I am @Tombizz HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM Aug 2nd is a nice birthday! ᵇᵘᵗ ᴺᴬ ᶦˢ ᵇᵉᵗᵗᵉʳ @SpayceGoast guess we'll leave that up to Jordan, which is why I told him to test drive one and not base his purcha… @Hudd4 ♥️♥️♥️♥️ @Pimp_CSGO it's Monday pimp @n0thing only shitty thing is the wait time from ordering to actually having the car lmk if you have any questions… @n0thing you should test drive one before purchasing ofc but its such a fantastic car, maybe look into the model Y… @piethrouer your discord sux
@AneleAndeshmand happy birthday Anele <3 the best people have birthdays today and tomorrow! @launders 3070? 5900x? @FatalFighter_ @launders tbh I don't look at benchmarks, I just get the best of the best thats available at the tim… @launders go big or go home @fogdoc @kcranews clicked on your profile and saw the my pillow guy and instantly knew what I was dealing with have a nice day :) @fogdoc @kcranews I don't think anyone asked what percentage of brain cells you have left @sergthepanda I don't remember asking @ShahZaMk power washing simulator its aim labs but with water @DazedDreamx absolutely rocked☠️☠️☠️ takes a lot of courage to tweet, at the risk of losing fans/sales -- especially as a solo artist at his own sh… @RyanAtRBM this is probably one of those "tweet it and mute tweet" type tweets
@TSM_Myth feel better coach - the vaccine is and has already saved so many lives if you weren't vaccinated im sure… noticed the option for "mouse magnetism" in the Halo Infinite alpha finally @RyanAtRBM can be good at an FPS @abibsal @Vansilli after I tweeted what I said above, I remembered my friend said he has an S7+ and he loves it bu… @cs_jupiter @Vansilli at the time when I bought the ipad a couple years ago, there was no good android tablets out… @abibsal @Vansilli no good android tablets @MasterDalK that title holy moly ahaha @aidencalvin wow toronto looks different @Vansilli ipad 100% downloading youtube/netflix videos for offline usage is OP on the plane @Vanityxz @VellyCasts ask them if they think toothpaste is a boneless mint @JessGOAT analyst stop talk @Pimp_CSGO Happy birthday Pimp! @definitelymiwa anymore symptoms?! @Pygmurs GL ETHAN
@_BrianCS send me the full review asap please @ShahZaMk @zombs Tesla would never @PHRISK3D yeah but the transmission would go out after me @Vanityxz love u tony
@GeorgeCGed weird ass people manWhat I find most revealing is how many of my unvaccinated patients, who are now ill with COVID19, continue to expre…
Retweeted by DJ @Rushly123456 @FNS berlin champions? @jakenbakeLIVE happy birthday jake!!!
@HLTVorg come to Iceland @CSGO Counter-Strike.
@R2Serfdom @RyanAtRBM @voltz420 hold down the fort for us man, we need more people like you!!! @R2Serfdom @RyanAtRBM @voltz420 you sure do have the answer to everything, next thing you'll tell me the government… @VellyCasts I saw u last week you changed in a week?! gimme that workout plan @R2Serfdom @RyanAtRBM @voltz420 hah personal jabs are the best, that's what I usually go with but because I got vac… @R2Serfdom @RyanAtRBM @voltz420 oh he's being serious LOL @laughoffliam @RyanAtRBM ya man I'm sure the government wants people to not travel and not spend money so people do… @JoshTalkative @RyanAtRBM good retweet man help spread that misinformation! @ttthiago_ @ynelcsgo @RyanAtRBM good banter man @ttthiago_ @ynelcsgo @RyanAtRBM then don't complain? @RyanAtRBM thanks Alabama @ttthiago_ @ynelcsgo @RyanAtRBM don't use Google? @definitelymiwa I get tested before, while and 5 days after I return (as per the CDC) but definitely taking a risk and hopefully it's worth! @definitelymiwa feel better yo, I'm sure the sickness would have been worse if you weren't vaxxed @VellyCasts ez 4 velly @sapphiReGG so coolCalling all content creators! Our team (Riot Broadcast) is looking to add an LA based features producer (to work on…
Retweeted by DJ @Guiiimond who's massaging who @piethrouer @launders this is somehow your fault @followdusT huntington beach also known as the florida of LA @_BrianTruong @overtime congrats dude @JosiahCSGO @launders saw your response I just wanted him to have his little fun