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Patrick R. McDonough is a writer, reviewer, and podcaster. Producer/host - @Dead_Headspace;co-host - #UnburyingtheDead; editor - #KillingTimeWithSilverShamrock.

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Episode 73 with @todd_keisling is now live! We talk about Devil's Creek, A Life Transparent, and more.
Retweeted by Patrick R. McDonoughOh Ian. I love him. One of my favorite actors. Portraying one of my favorite fictional characters! @PowellSundae @JustYoungEnough @ARROW_Player @Maddie_the_G @JoeyMillin @mobilfilmfest @grimmfest @MobileMovieMag @JustYoungEnough @ARROW_Player @Maddie_the_G @JoeyMillin @PowellSundae @mobilfilmfest @grimmfest @MobileMovieMag @ScottJ_Moses Exactly. PLUS, idk about you, but when I get general rejects, I get it, but... those publishers fade… @ScottJ_Moses Those are game changers. @djai76 And you made many of mine, friend. 💚💙My review for @djai76's Glass Slipper Dreams, Shattered. @diovassallo Made peanut butter cookies for my family tonight. Rolled in chocolate chips. hard agree, man.Keep your mind so busy with exciting things. Filter out the shit. And keep hustlin'. @GrantArnold87 @bansheetales @Dead_Headspace @shamrock_silver I think you'll really dig it! @keeltyc Happy and Spidey's aunt😜 @cinapelayo I'm so happy for you and your family.🙂
@ctrlaltcassie So many colors!Not only is episode 73 with @todd_keisling airing tomorrow, but episode 2 of #UnburyingtheDead airs as well, where…, folks. Today's the first day of voting for the 2020 Bram Stoker Awards. My novel DEVIL'S CREEK is on the preli…
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@todd_keisling @BrennanLaFaro @Dead_Headspace 🤘🏻😈 @SlorZhanna @SuspenseSiren @Gabino_Iglesias @PolisBooks I'm sure I will! @cinapelayo @SuspenseSiren @Gabino_Iglesias @SlorZhanna @PolisBooks Really trying to get more Polis and hopefully s… @horrorsong Wow... That's beautiful. @KealanBurke We are the same. So... We'd get along.Original art in background by @FrankNobleArt - one of my absolute favorite artists. It's a design for the mask of my slasher.Thank you for this @SuspenseSiren!!! My very first suspense/mystery ARC!!!!! Wouldn't have seen it without… @SteveLC8349 Very cool! @RonaldKelly4 🤬 @Haley_Bishop @TomAndJerry Very cool!Winner announced tonight! Final day to enter. @ashford_zachary @AlanBaxter I'm a man of many faces! @BeverlyBambury @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Trying to keep up with @Gabino_Iglesias. ^_^ @BeverlyBambury @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Thank you! Still interested! Not sure when, so many people I want to… @AlanBaxter @ashford_zachary ok. I'll Accept! @InkHeist lol @ashford_zachary @AlanBaxter Fun fact, the character named Patrick IS named after me. Alan would argue. But who are… I (Rich) promised the rest of the Ink Heist team I would hold an AMA while I have a few drinks, so let's do this!
Retweeted by Patrick R. McDonough @InkHeist If you were thrown in a ring with Shane, how long do you think you'd last? @beaujohnson44 @HightowerLaurel Words don't need to be in the right order or spelt write, right? hehe! Ok, time to… @HightowerLaurel @beaujohnson44 wander* ugh. Tired brain no worky. @HightowerLaurel @beaujohnson44 Salem is a magical place in October. More than witches and ghouls wonder those streets! @Matt_Wildasin For a guy that grew up in The Bridgewater Triangle... no. Not one that I can remember anyways. @beaujohnson44 @HightowerLaurel phones had killer cameras* @beaujohnson44 @HightowerLaurel It's probably best he doesn't produce offspring.Salem, MA. October. 2012. I recorded many weird things from a man in a suit preaching bible things literally on a… @beaujohnson44 @HightowerLaurel See also a video I recorded before cameras had killer cameras (used a my camcorder)… @HightowerLaurel LOL @beaujohnson44 @HightowerLaurel She deserves that.Izzy made it to the next round! Please Help with a free vote, it's quick and daughter is trying to win o…
Retweeted by Patrick R. McDonough @HightowerLaurel Goody! @HightowerLaurel Wish someone would launch her into the sun.
@bansheetales 👻🤘🏻💚Just finished @ThisIsHorror episode with @manylittlewords. A lot of great stuff in here.’S***My review for @bansheetales’s CHRISTINE’S AWAKENING: @deathsheadpress @RonaldKelly4’s Irish Gothic and Fear @pklinkne Hell no. @author_jmc Awe!My Little 🐻🥰📖 @cinapelayo 💚🤘🏻 @cinapelayo Please never change. You're amazing. @laquiglette @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro @Matt_Wildasin @WilsonTheWriter I didn't know they had that! And good!! @serialsemantic Congrats!!! @Meteornotes @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Thanks, Dave! @laquiglette @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro if it wasn't for @Matt_Wildasin and @WilsonTheWriter, Im not sure I would've known about Libsyn. @SteJHoward @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro That certainly means a lot, Stephen. Thank you! @spooky_sterling @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Thanks, William! @ctrlaltcassie My pleasure!!! @NYMag @EllenDatlow @jonathanchait A fantastic representation of the Southern Army. @serialsemantic @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro 😎😎#WiHM Who else should you check out? So many great choices, but I'd like to focus on @ctrlaltcassie real quick. Sh… @ctrlaltcassie @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Hey now, you're part of the success! <3 @FallenFiction @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Thank you, Samantha! @HightowerLaurel @sonorawrites @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Thank you, Laurel! @ericraglin1992 Mannn, I watched that in my teens I totally didn't pick up on that. Gotta go back and watch!You all have just today and tomorrow to enter for your chance to win a FREE paperback of CLEMENTINE'S AWAKENING! @TimMcGregor1 @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro @ericarobyn @ctrlaltcassie 💚♥️ @sonorawrites @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Thanks, Sonora! @BrennanLaFaro @AaronDries @Dead_Headspace Still can't believe we got 'em for the finale. @TimMcGregor1 @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Thanks, Tim! @laquiglette @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Thank you, Lisa! Feels awesome. Literally been 10 months since we launched. @AlanBaxter @AaronDries @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro @MickGarrisPM Definitely good to know! @AaronDries @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro @MickGarrisPM Hit me up when ARCs are available? And I like Mick a lot,… @BrianKeene @marysangiovanni @ThunderstormBks That equals my money being spent wisely. @AaronDries @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Thank you! As do you!🖤 Hope to have you on for that upcoming collection…'re also really proud to be one of the first show's on @shamrock_silver's podcast network - Silver Shamrock's Hor… @AaronDries @Dead_Headspace @BrennanLaFaro Dude, it feels so incredible that others like what Brennan and I do. @TananariveDue @kreepygrrl @VanityFair Holy crap... this is amazing.As of today, @Dead_Headspace hit over 10k downloads. Thank you to everyone who's listened thus far! @BrennanLaFaro literally have never rooted harder for anything
Retweeted by Patrick R. McDonough @AaronDries Scariest Freddy. @mikeclarkbooks @AliceInChains That's killer! @beaujohnson44 Trinity...I tried to like this movie but nope. First 2. Third one is a flaming turd. @AlienRedrum @AliceInChains Solid albums! @StephenVernon @AlanBaxter Nice!It's an @AliceInChains kinda night. #PMWriting #MorelMalice🍄 @pattonoswalt @MrGaunt Sounds like Keanue Reeves should get a role. @jcwhorrorwriter @WesSouthard guess Wes is going to be dueling with a sword. Wonder which one wins? Didn't @SGJ72 @Massawyrm That title is social commentary on religion. hehe! Last inception tweet (pinky promise). @Massawyrm Title: Death of Our Savior. @Massawyrm Best way to start out a horror is by killing off the "main" character and seeing how the others deal with it. @sonorawrites A damn good story. @WilsonTheWriter @GiveMeYourTeeth @JoshMalerman C'mahnnnnnnn.