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SAKAI @Pro_SakaiTama Columbus, GA

Amateur-Lit caster | Tournament Organizer | Video Editor | Not a weeb | #OnTheDuck | DMs open | Taco Bell | Email: SakaiTamaDotA@Gmail.Com USA 🏠

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@AlwaySleepy_2 @pogstad LMAOOOOO
@awnuhaha Bro not in a weird way or anything, but Seb high key a qt ☺️☺️☺️ @Nadeshot Holy MACARONI AND POGGERS HAPPY BIRTHDAY NADE @combatclone But frfr thank you ❤️❤️❤️ my friend @brazymami took it like a WHILE ago in the land before Covid @combatclone LETS GOOOOO POGUUUUUU (SakaiPog^^) @combatclone 🥺🥺🥺🥺 me Dylan right? Or is there another ?Still no internet after the storm :/ nap time :D @GFuelEnergy @SteelSeries @DigitalStormPC I 100% am the next big streamer (physically) @fvckwill Oh sorry which part of that was confusing? @fvckwill Mmmmm 🤤🤤🤤🥵 @fvckwill Frick you @Carlylmfaoo YO twinsies @lustations feelssadman @Easton_Streams @HarryButAverage @Connugh Bro its SO much hotter than it says this is bs @Crroee I can’t get a breakHoly FUCK me @HarryButAverage I actually love this game @pogstad ??? @harrybutprivate 2 times in a week lets GOOO @Connugh @harrybutprivate Holy fuck... I’m so sorry Harry. This must be really hard for you right now, I have faith it’ll al… @TipsWasTaken LETS GOOOOOOO 😋😋😋 @TipsWasTaken If it’s not 11 please don’t respond @Classify Thank god, bro all my family live in the Chicago area and always question my ass for not eating Lou’s (th… @endeylol @aidlamb1 Ended this one BANGS bro good editing holy frick @atSerpentine Rip @Crroee @BisonPog In a bit @Crroee Stop her? He hardly knows herIf I had a huge shlong my name probably wouldn’t be Rosstopher @HarryButAverage That video was actually so funny man good shit, goodnight broGoodnight guys say it back ❤️ Oh ya I also posted a video yesterday so if you haven’t I’d appreciate if you drop i…
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@cooladnacoola @OmeoMusic @notgloh @isthatcufs @lilfboi123squad @keseubi @prasanna_mohile @iviwe_iswinning @CouRageJD Update: not a bad tweet @CouRageJD This man gonna post an absolute stinker and I don’t mean in the good way @Gokinoo @BigFnDawg00 @shivisdumb @BisonPog trader @notchaselyons Someone like this again plz I made it 666 @vywiewie @SakaiPriv HEHEHEHEHE NO @OnTheFlyTwitch @HarryButAverage @xLambo_ @Chriztopha_ @shivisdumb The song BANGEDDDD @HarryButAverage My webcam is Razer Kiyo does that count? 🤢 @vywiewie That’s not how it worksssss @PotMofthe_Moon For real actually it’s insane @vywiewie What’s wrong with you @shivisdumb Time to smoke quackI don’t get it, I could easily snort coke like once every 2ish days for just under a year straight and not get addicted.Who would buy my sweat? And how much?Announcing my new chapter ❤️
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@MoH4_hhh What do you mean what? @vywiewie 🤢🤢 @vywiewie 🤢🤢🤢🤢 @vywiewie He has a pool??? @Purity_Live WWWWW that sounds funGood Morning Gamers ❤️ What is everyone doing today? @JhbTeam @CrypticNoOne Lmk what your dad says please @vywiewie ... @vywiewie LMFAOOOOOOOO @VideosCryptic Something about Jason Derulo and tiktok?23 year olds looking at 15 year olds when vine comes back
Retweeted by SAKAI @harrybutprivate I literally started crying
@Bucks Where do I put my application? Y’all want an email? A business card? @Connugh ... again with this sh*t @WePlayDota2_ @RichWCampbell @SirActionSlacks @SheeverGaming @ODPixel @DotACapitalist @Foggeddota @keepingitKyle @Connugh What’s your latitude and longitude? I’ll blow really hard in that direction and see if it helps @Connugh Yeah for real that shit would melt in a house when it’s 75° F frfr LMAO although 90° F is still hot praying for y’allDoes typing in CAPS a lot make me a psycho? @SkreetMan @itsWaddles_ @OnTheFlyTwitch @chaselyons @Huntrelol Ayo now im scared @its_nyxi @Cloud9 @maikqt youre just smurfing @its_nyxi @Cloud9 bro you and @maikqt better get me tickets to your first game on LAN @Connugh MF it’s 96-100 here right now and that shits not even happening they just had a frozen popsicle sit in mf… @Connugh @BisonPog LOLLLLLL I CANT TELL IF THAT’S WORSE @Nors3 Dude LETS GOOOO that’s so nice @Connugh @BisonPog ... @BisonPog Mf imma stop this chain right now by EATING that jawn @OnTheFlyTwitch @chaselyons @SkreetMan @Huntrelol Good luck men, even though you won’t need it LOL @its_nyxi @Cloud9 Mf that gonna be REALITY soon @its_nyxi @Cloud9 WWWWWWW when you getting signed finally? @Immortals I just noticed Immortals is using the @HELLRAISERSgg eyebrows LMFAOOOO @KyleTheGod_ Omg that’s awful ;(((( I’m sorru bro, plus it’ll be a few degrees more since you’re so hot 🥵🥵🥵 @vywiewie @Avalanche100T Bitch IT IS @Oreologist We really be so tall mf’rs just think we’re short cause they don’t understand how we’re built @Oreologist If they tell you the same thing ask if they know who you are, I’m sure you can scare them into submission 🥵🥵 @Oreologist What the fuck, wait your first one right? I think a second one was said to be approved already, if it’s… @Oreologist Call the irs @Avalanche100T Light mode twitter is simply far superior @vysowiewie BTR>1D @HELLRAISERSgg I’m pretty sure they’re saying it’s been 10 big years of culture and they made their mark in it 6 ye… @shivisdumb They need to HEAVILY change crouching accuracy, the way the entire movement and aiming system feel, mak… @NomadCasts Holy crap did you take these with a drone or did you have a friend take them?! @MxjdTV It’s not safe out here in the streets people be getting sus’d TOO much ;( @MoH4_hhh ;) @MoH4_hhh You lucky mf @MoH4_hhh Oooh WAIT THEY for real JUST PASSED YOU CAUSE COVID??? @MoH4_hhh Ahhhh okay, what grade you in? @MoH4_hhh Wait you’re in high school? @HarryButAverage Imagine arguing “she’s not hot” like THIS MF HAS ROOM TO SAY SHIT LMAOOOO @Abstraaa It will be :D @buffakee Omg good luck bro!!!!! My fall classes start then 😔😔 @buffakee You’re doing summer classes?WE DONE WITH SUMMER EXAMS