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Sakai @Pro_SakaiTama Columbus, GA (he/him)

Amateur broadcaster | Tournament Organizer | Video Editor | Not a weeb | BUSA major | JCFC | DMs open | Email: SakaiTamaDotA@Gmail.Com USA 🏠 | 19

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Have yourself an #AverageChristmas nowwwww
@Layymooon @bwordsluvjos @Goombba @Attacksx @KingEmail0 @j4zzyko @SamjaySJ @COSTCOBACKWOODS @cuartocore @limbolul
@fvckwill @FatKidDeals @Goombba @Attacksx @KingEmail0 @Layymooon @j4zzyko @SamjaySJ @COSTCOBACKWOODS @iHaveNoHoe
@lemipog @HarryButAverage @jack I shouldn’t have woken up @Flesh_Pocket Pardon? @aidlambv2 Doing the 5g going on it do @aidlambv2 I’m going CRAAAZY @aidlambv2 DAMN AT LEAST LIKE THE TWEET @aidlambv2 @HarryButAverage @HarryButAverage THERE WAS MORE TO THIS @BisonPawg @mariojudah_ Your biggest fan's birthday is today it'd mean the world if you said Happy Birthday to BryceIf the black friday is not AT LEAST 40% off don't bother thinkin imma look at it Im cheap cheap mf @BisonPawg @Drake Your biggest fan's birthday is today it'd mean the world if you said Happy Birthday to Bryce @BisonPawg Alright kiddo nevermind @BisonPawg Happy birthday Kiddo, have you heard of/do you play league of legends? How about RuneScape? @Freakshxw_BRage Maybe sometime, I’m just super busy right now @Freakshxw_BRage MF I already DID #JCFC @fvckwill There’s no way... this real??? @BisonPawg Bro I’m not even sitting down I was walking by @qtyliv Actual certified hood classic (even though it’s been like at least 8 years since I’ve watched it)My mom just casually watching shrek @qtyliv Where is it, I’ve scrolled through YouTube for hours and they never told me what their profile pic looks like or nothin @CryptiicNo Mf livetweeting @iHaveNoHoe Bro LMAOOOOOO you a whole ass menace @scaruki FOR FKKIN REALLLL @ssodaholic Happy thanksgiving fam 🦃🔥 @Attacksx And smell @TheTopViking It’s a banger I know @henrydota2 Just buy it back from him duh*me on Ellen’s show* Ellen: so we heard you like to “drop fire” *set starts to be engulfed in flames* Me: omg Ellen you did not 💅 @Pxggers @harrybutprivate Same
@Darlington The longest domestic cat ever was roughly 4 ft. long that’s 1 foot taller than the CEO of Monstercat 😊 @vywiewie @SakaiPriv I know ;) @RealShadesMcGee just like it and move on dang @KyleTheGod_ just like it and move on dang @Layymooon just like it and move on dang @Attacksx just like it and move on dang @Graham527 just like it and move on dang @seanbtw just like it and move on dangWhat does the turkey cross the street?? Well cause he needs to gobble gobble @cuartocore PLEASE @BisonPawg @KingEmail0 @Layymooon @Attacksx @xAidanZul @jakkuxd @limbolul @luiisloll @crackwithdrawal @roojuliee @BisonPawg @KingEmail0 @Layymooon @Attacksx @xAidanZul @jakkuxd @limbolul @luiisloll @crackwithdrawal @roojuliee @watervessell Literally my best @Pxggers @OnTheFlyTwitch @Daymeeein @aidlambv2 @ELPWSwastaken @VanishingTerror @sophiesolit @SamjaySJ @KorruptJam @limbolul @JoeyTheSuperJew @HarryButAverage @100TJackiee @Daymeeein @fvckwill @ELPWSwastaken @Attacksx @xAidanZul @Layymooon @iHaveNoHoe @verytinypeepee @RealShadesMcGee @BisonPawg @jonessmvp @M3vho @100TJackiee @koordell WAY, they got @100TJackiee his own float at the #MacysThanksgivingParade @ifanyyyy @Attacksx Thanks you guys, I’ll check out the link right now @thegingerbatt @iHaveNoHoe Oh wait I understand now... LMAOOO @Attacksx Oh wait I see now @thegingerbatt @iHaveNoHoe My man speaks Indonesian POG @Layymooon @crackwithdrawal LMFAOOOO @n00ance Where are they 😔I’m so lost... everyone keeps saying “subscribe to my onlyfans” but every time I look them up I can never find them @ELPWSwastaken Holy frick, stay safe bro and take plenty of vitamins. Sad that the streets ain’t safe for nobody @thirst4dodgers @NPR ☝️🤓 “They shouldn’t hold any parade are you kidding me!!!” @NPR Mf’rs really saying cancel it because kids are going to school and people are still working like they both don… @Layymooon YALL ITS @LILUZIVERT @Layymooon Aight well I’m boutta fucking leak it too bad @harrybutprivate LETS GOOO Hoodie baby 🔥🔥🔥 @Layymooon Mf you ALREADY POSTED IT DID YOU NOT @LILUZIVERT Uzi you really have the best fucking energy LMFAO 🔥
@Daymeeein VERYhistory majors be like sorry i cant go i got yesterday due tomorrow
Retweeted by Sakai @Daymeeein I’m in public frick you @100Thieves @Rated_COD Congratulations @syhrhys @Attacksx @FatKidDeals I actually want one so bad, holy imma bookmark this @theweeknd For real though, so many of these award shows have lost so much of what they stood before decades prior,… @vywiewie Wait what?!?!?
@CrypticNoOnee @Froste AYYYY, comin to the dark side 😈😈 @nokeya_ Thank you thank you, glad to be a part of the public diary of Keyana @nokeya_ Wait why is this the first tweet of yours I've seen in like YEARS WHAT I had no idea you were so active on here >_< @CrypticNoOnee @Froste Bet you wish you could stuff yourself into a triple platinum album like JCFC 2 @Monstercat @Darlington Y'all planning on maybe releasing those ones this year instead?👀 @roojuliee @BisonPriv sure sure @roojuliee @BisonPriv Funny coming from ROOJULIE @JCFCofficiaI @Drake bump @Layymooon Good luck mate @FaZeClan JM for sure #FaZeJM @integriiity DEADASS @weplay_eng I feel absolutely played @Deathbot101_ @jakkuxd That’s that “almost out of Hershey’s syrup” type of chocolate milk for real @seanbtw Deadass 5 is just as light, they didn’t even post a gradient at this point, just 2 coffees and 5 shades of white/gray @jakkuxd Now that you mention it, I don’t think 4 and 5 are coffee eitherI fail to believe that 6 and 7 aren’t just milk and almond milk @vectorspaceman @jennybachaalany No dude literally, 7 is actually milk @Chris_from_MN Oh so you must be younger than 😎 @rvstefnn @CrypticNoOnee Dude let me pass my class @CrypticNoOnee “Hey I didn’t see your email about the new assignment that you gave me 48 hours on, any chance I cou… @thegingerbatt MMMM 🤤🤤🤤 @thegingerbatt Farewell, it was fun. Did I do it right? @BisonPawg Mf you do NOT have a job @n00ance WAIT DID YOU SEND THIS?! OR DID U FIND THESE SCREENSHOTS @Xouped @OpTic_Nadeshot Lets hope he responds 🤞🤞 @thegingerbatt We forgive you bro, I’m glad you learned from this, honestly it shows just how strong of a person yo… @panda_1481 Lets goooo 🔥🔥🔥 gotta love the classics
@fvckwill HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FUNNIEST RUCHEST SMARTEST JCFC MEMBER... ladies hit him up @fvckwill Old ass man