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Wild about videogames, web dev, and how people connect. Systemsmancer at @teamVirid, media evangelist for @KitsuneGamesCom. Quantified self 5ever. ADHDer!!1!

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More faerie colouring think you mean “always”📢 ATTENTION TWITCH STREAMERS 📢 Want to be one of the first people to stream SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE? 👀 ➡️ N…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic] @vykthur @tylerneylon advice is often just good life advice pretending it only applies to parents. 1/
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Tea from 1918 right here.
Retweeted by Aimee [sic] @Nikola_ilchovsk Well I just made my first priests this year, so about the same as previous expansions as far as I know
Red Barrels is looking for an enthusiastic and experienced Community Manager to join our team in Montreal 👀🔎 For…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]I don't usually do these but
Retweeted by Aimee [sic] @seldo @trek I, personally, am very glad you made an exception @MMOsyl ALL THE YESEvery website in 2018
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]People ask me: “Is web design over saturated?” I always reply with a dual-answer: 1. No. Only half the world has…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic] @novalsi @ELGL50 “There are enough Lees to go around and they’re all better Americans than this one.” L O V E @kindofstrange I just love that I immediately heard this in his voice 😘Hey freelancers! I’m currently taking pitches for @MMORPGcom - we have a bit of freelance budget now and I’m lookin…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]rt if you also hate this man
Retweeted by Aimee [sic] @TheOneOnDruryLn @stargate
Business in the front, party in the back. #rabbitsofinstagram Wonder Woman film might not be releasing this summer no but you can still hang out with Diana in DIANA AND THE…
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It may be war, but my husband @TheRealQuatrol (a @Davie504bass fan) and I (a @TwoSetViolin fan) are watching YouTub…
This is fine enjoy another games industry TikTok. 👀
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Les gamers: Notre communauté n’est pas toxique c’est juste qu’on a les sjw et les LGBT+ qui forcent ! Also les gam…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Hi everybody! My book “Mind Games” is available for pre-order on Amazon! I will be tweeti…
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Ladies, if he refers to ds9 as Terok Nor that's a red flag.
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My coloring book order’s juxtaposition brought great joy to @therealquatrol
people wearing masks without covering their nose
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Narrative Designers! Massive is looking for a senior ND to create cool quests. I know the team and they're all awes…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Give her what she really wants this Halloween: equal pay & an ancient sword.
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@burukaniro_chan This is incredible! I'd love to buy a print for my son (HUGE Underale fan). Do you sell your art anywhere?
As Aurora Police in riot gear sweep the protest from the municipal park, this dude fires up his electric violin and…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic] @ugobananas Does she play Roblox? My 10 year old just published his first game theough their studio.Mama in the corner is TIRED of homeschooling these two and wonders if it’s too early for wine
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Keep #ElijahMcClain and #BreonnaTaylor trending. We are far from done demanding justice. They should still be here.…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Any zombie movie that doesn't have hordes of people running towards the zombies to deliberately get bitten because…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]no less than 30 minutes later, APD fired tear gas at us 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Good social media managers get frustrated when asked to post bad content because the brands they manage are an exte…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]America knew exactly what defunded meant when they talked about Planned Parenthood what’s not clicking all of a sudden
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@that_lefty_joe I mean in that we were 20 years old soon after xD So we always measure it from when we turned 20-ish. @that_lefty_joe 2000, so I’m thinking that may have something to do with it @that_lefty_joe Out of curiosity, did you graduate from high school in the early 90s? @ProbablyAimee Actually, 2018 was 20 years ago ... or it sure feels like it
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Mixer Pro is gone, but we've got you covered. Mixer Pro only allowed 720p30, but our new Gamer plan gives you 720p…
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@seandick @AMO_Crate Friend of mine called me on it last month, “But you said you were 40 last year??” Hell if I kn… @TheRealQuatrol do you have this one wishlisted yet? @calebsaysthings I prefer Healthline because all the articles tell what MD reviewed their opinions for medical accuracy.Wear a mask. That is, unless you want to be intubated by a gynecology intern July 1st who did her last semester of med school via Zoom.
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Hans Asperger said in 1944 that autistic children "lack humor" and "do not get jokes" but what if Hans Asperger wasn't funny
Retweeted by Aimee [sic] @seandick @AMO_Crate I’ve been telling people I’m 40 for a couple years because it’s just easier to not do the math every time @wtfmig @mulmbot @wtfmig @mulmbot I started to post a smartass reply but too tired today to deal with people coming to explain to me how blockchain worksDon’t be silly, 1980 was 20 years ago. @ClohertyWTOP Happy birthday! @JaythebardTV 🙌For those who think #ADHD isn’t a big deal—I just melted down crying trying to open mail & pay bills before my meds…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]I am a: ⚪️ woman ⚪️ man 🔘 plant owner Interested in: ⚪️ women ⚪️ men 🔘 buying more plants
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]my boyfriend trying to be supportive
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]"Its citizens, he suggested, were incapable of governing themselves responsibly and, in any case, did not deserve a…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Yesterday I shared a fab video of a kid in Nigeria practicing ballet with the comment promoting accessibility to th… @clairelizzie WOWAmid America's #COVID19 disaster, I must come clean about a lie I spread as a health insurance exec: We spent big $…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]EM--DASHES FOR LIFE
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I think all the time about how much talent of all types goes undiscovered and untapped due to lack of resources and…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]CALLING ALL THEATRE FANS! Want to be in Stellazzio's next trailer? We need a big crowd to help fill out some seats!…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic] @mstfacmly Best videogame storyline ever, seriously. I just look like a madwoman when I try to explain it 🙃 @HungryAndAngry You should see my seven Tumblrs >.>Both kids are rocking it! My youngest has published his first solo Roblox game and is learning to monitize it. @HungryAndAngry Well that’s why I have two additional accounts for aesthetics and algorithms![Announcement] Cool off this summer by diving into the #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons free Summer Update – Wave 1, a…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]My oldest (12) made his first Terraria mod and it’s just almost at 1k downloads 😍 @redlianak “I can’t be sexist, my mother is a woman!” @EdeaCross And I still have to concentrate to remember the right word for “refrigerator” in all of them.I feel so represented
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]DMs: You can't have a two handed weapon and a shield equipped at the same time. @Michaelcthulhu: Meet the WRECKT…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic] @wtfmig @jwaaaap Someone’s going to screenshot this for an article/reddit because they think you’re serious 😂 @HungryAndAngry 🤔For me, it’s a shortcut for posting cat and kid pics on both Facebook and Twitter. Does that count?This is like a whole movie in 7 seconds and I swear I've watched it a 100 times and still love the main characters…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]July 3 on @disneyplus, #Hamilfilm. May you always be satisfied...
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Same, but the maintenance fees are horrendous. in Michigan be like “go back to where you came from” but live in a place called Okemos or Owosso or Saginaw…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]As a cis woman, I feel extremely safe having trans women in women’s spaces. You know who I wouldn’t feel safe havi…
Retweeted by Aimee [sic]Don’t think of wearing a mask as a hassle and a pain. Think of it as a magical item adding +3 to your Constitution…
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@jbcurtin Excellent examples in the thread. Spot on. So true it hurts.Build a golden bridge. A golden bridge is basically letting someone exit a situation with no shame. After confront…
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Oh crap. In “TIL that this other part of my life is affected by ADHD” news... spaghetti and tomato sauce with parmesan cheese just pizza noodles
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Skipping Boss Dialogue in an Rpg
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You're right, the impact was much more than I expected given how quiet my stuff usually is. @icyveins would you lik… @BlainieTweets @icyveins (I'm not tagging them because apparently people read my tweets. It was a shock to me.) @BlainieTweets @icyveins I would have to disagree that there's ever an nonviable leveling choice if you're not min-… some of you missed it, IcyVeins did answer me and it was my misunderstanding combined with some poor optics o… @BlainieTweets @icyveins That's what made me decide to support the site, and why it made me cringe so hard to see t… @BlainieTweets @icyveins Thanks again :) Maybe I'm in a very small group of IV users who come for the "easy mode" g… @BlainieTweets @icyveins Thanks for the followup! Things happen and I made an assumption based on my own experiences.Much appreciated response. I revise my earlier statement. @icyveins Thanks, I'll remember that for the future! Sorry for the callout, I really didn't think I'd get an answer… @icyveins @Mytholxgy @treckiewow All good, just think that guide's needed some love for a couple years. @icyveins @Mytholxgy Another reader also pointed to a perhaps updated guide link that includes BfA in the title. I'… @icyveins That's fine, that's a better way to say it though. That being said, I'd rather go with a guide that gives…