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i could never be hers* just wanna ride harley and dip @senjatanuklir kalo webinar ridersnya apanot a single sight damn @AFAT3K @senjatanuklir smart3k on the movesekolah adiwiyata yang sesungguhnya @AFAT3K wait that shouldve been stroberi mangga lecifree trade crazy as fuck @AFAT3K sori nggak bestie^_^
Retweeted by maka @AFAT3K stroberi mangga apel @i6tweets just check their ig its icolor_servicekilljoy @i6tweets icolor i think @arkuyyy congrats opps @homiesapien_ we🤝
how could all these people talmbout coochie on my tl yet my tl still dryi’d wipe out all of the fatuis for youthis is why i always wait for series to be finished first before i watch themits not pillow talk anymore its discord talk now @elevendust goddamn i miss yallkok sekarang gak wibu gak temensome of yall be talking and i dont even know what it means but imma just say yes king @GobangGodit PONG @serpentfangs i cant watch it the screen’s blank @serpentfangs what game u playin? @serpentfangs poggers @hullo79 gua udah season 4 tapi lupa jalan ceritanya @YoNippIesHairy @CommonlyJay_ “Arse fat red bone”
Retweeted by makai’ll take u anywhere if u got that gas money @xtrobbery aha @happymeaIya panji tidak senang melihat ini @homiesapien_ kita jadi bestie aja ^_^!!WHERE YO ASS WAS AT @homiesapien_ ya makanya apa salahnya ngedektin cewe fakk @homiesapien_ ngeri juga deketin cewe akhirnya dispillSZA just confirmed on her ig story that she’s trying to get a Good Days remix with Frank Ocean… This sounds like t…
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@untukamuaja ada @qwonidin thats like my dream too @snookigal agak ga nyambung gitu sama fotonya @kixxanaxx 2
tig when clay asked him to do errands @saintrhea pusing sob @yaudahsihmaaf PRONG TONG TONG @13iscursed betawinye keluarfinally a temporary peace of mindYEP @homiesapien_ listrik stonks @AFAT3K gatau fat gua gapunya temen, lu mau ga jadi temen gua? bestie!! @AFAT3K fat lanjutin series kenzo dan queensha temen gua suka katanya @putascuffed nyicil skripsi✅ @daphiannx we still call you dat minor jamet @neckkisz delete @supersadb0i gokil friendok so they dont use variables in qualitative research thanks chiefi grew my hair this long to feel the wind blowwe got a bomb OTW! 🪐 gnar + ski
Retweeted by maka @zxzima make it fiveoceanid: “the purest of water will begin to envy the forms of living things who can roam about freely. it is this w… @brokeboifan hbd bro @happymeaIya thank you bradergada yang ngingetin solat jumat sob
Retweeted by makaevil matkul done get bodied REST IN PISS
@qwonidin WHA @snookigal coba berlutut dulu @snookigal aku bukan babumu $ob @putascuffed 5 take it or leave it how much @KDimasF_ u know what it is @vlowmaki banged @SYKOSIKESUS its just meidk if yall already seen this shit need faceapp im already pretty @qwonidin modal patungan ceban sama nyarter angkot berangkat dah abis solat jumat @eclecticia tolong pencerahannya mbak cia😭😭source: dissect podcast on youtubethis is so beautiful man @zxzima well guaranteed five stars is like 90 pulls so it took like 14k+ primogems which cost 1.6 mil++ rupiah on t…
she delusional she all i want @homiesapien_ xutext couple @zxzima four 5 stars is like 7 million rupiah bro :) @cakepattycake__ @zxzima just what i thought @zxzima anjing whaleyo @AYEHUASCA wrong qt LMAOvegan meat🔥 @m3gumiii gotta bookmark this tweet cuz mine tooancah nhaga jawline game>> @AFAT3K @haronamd thanks for the tarot reading bestie<3 @33xtendo call him chimmie😂LMFAOOOO#NewProfilePic @yaudahsihmaaf everybody keep rushing, why aren't we taking our time?(Come Back to Earth) And don't you know that sunshine don't feel right When you inside all day I wish it was nice o…
Retweeted by maka @arkuyyy just like i dont have to wash my dishesthis is just like eating is fun until you need to get rid the fat out of your body @AFAT3K mungkin bukan bestiemu fat