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We’d watch this movie for sure 🎥 Nikolai Lockertsen amazed us again with this #Procreate5X piece! There are so many…
@jillibeeean It’s not necessarily more ram automatically means more layers - it depends how much of that new, extra… 20 ☕️
Retweeted by Procreate @benitagimew Grab outside of the selection boxes and you should be able to move easily @LastSaintAround Check you storage has enough space free, and that your photos settings aren’t set to optimise. @magnamilktea This patch won’t retrospectively fix canvases created in 5X, sorry. We can’t undo the time-lapse that… @IanTheBananaMan Sure is! @DonryuArt love you, and thanks for your feedback. Don’t stop being awesome!Also also: Transform Behaviour. If you hold the Transform Arrow, you’ll activate the previous behaviour from Procre… we know you loved Recolour - we heard you. It’s not going back to Adjustments, but we’re looking for a new ho… include: time-lapse saturation issue, reference companion lag, CMYK PDF export, and more.New #Procreate patch is out! Update now! @samrodriguezart @ColourAddictArt So awesome to work with you! Love your work 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
@Poodle_Soup @victoriaying Hey Stephanie! If you’re experiencing any issues with the update we’re only a message aw… Aberration is showcased so elegantly in this #Procreate5X commission by @Kuvshinov_Ilya 🤩 #procreate @victoriaying Hey Victoria! Are you on the latest patch?A few days ago I decided to have a complete day off from everything else and just draw something in a chill way, an…
Retweeted by ProcreateHi Everyone I’ve opened a Job Centre in the middle of London to help artists retrain, resell and reboot! Pop on do…
Retweeted by ProcreateTori Gate (189/365) Sketch done in #Procreate5X #illustration #sketch #digitalart 1/2
Retweeted by ProcreateA rough little Miss Violet trot
Retweeted by Procreate
@jerm0113 Nice one! @NemetzSean Love those colours @DieValquiria Gorgeous work! @BrickhouseArts Wow, that’s so cool!.@artofayan is skilled in creating the most engaging scenes with rough, painterly strokes. He painted this for… @JEOArtist Hmm, in that case, could we get you to ping a message to support through the portal? They’ll check it ou… @ProperMotions We’re working as hard as we can
@JEOArtist Hey! Thanks for the love :) Do you happen to be changing your iPad while you’re using it? And if so, is it a third party charger? @EstoGraphics Hey! Tamar is a valley + river in the north of Tasmania 😄 @danhieux Not anything offical. The forums on our site are the closest to that @stefoubou So glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks for creating rad art 😍 @artistkierstan Fingers crossed!! @ARobTwit Hey! Please get in touch with our support team and they will check this out further for you :) @daniel_cuello We definitely want this too! It’s just not possible right at this moment @ChronicArtBlock @LION_KATE Thank you! We’re really happy to hear you’re enjoying it ☺️ @artistkierstan We can’t speak for other apps as we don’t know how they build their products, but Procreate runs on… @AMDesigned @Adobe @BrudWeiser @tamosaurus_ Procreate is a raster program - it doesn’t have vector capabilitiesA few @Procreate sketches from earlier today! #Procreate5X #under10kgang
Retweeted by Procreate @NosferatuGood4u And we’re looking forward to seeing what you make, whatever it’s made with! 😄 @natsmillie @mrseratonin Hi! Are these drawings that you deleted from the app? @nauticaelurra @dreamprismpress @Rosalyum 💜 We do our best to make sure Procreate stays smooth over all supported d… @cathrynvirginia We’re working on this <3 @chuladelsol Tap with two fingers on your layer in the layer menu :) @ducote_ben Argh, sorry about that Ben. Send a message to our support team through the portal at… @AMDesigned @Adobe Do it! We’re all for artists using all the tools at their disposal 💜 @theatomicsoul @Apple We haven’t really used anything else, but we hear good things about Rough Animator, maybe give that a try? @tamosaurus_ We’re working on this issue :) @ExtraCooler Work won’t automatically sync to a new iPad. Please either AirDrop your work to the new iPad, or creat… @NosferatuGood4u Nah; Procreate’s not a vector program. We’re happy that there will be more possibilities for artists! 😄 @stefoubou Woah this is incredible!Oh heyyy, here's a mandatory spooky season little something something. I went a little ham with new @Procreate effe…
Retweeted by Procreate @LanaLeesVoer Hey! We’re really sorry this is happening. Please contact our Support team so they can help you out a… @Ryan_GameDev love the movement in this #Procreate5X commission by Danni Fisher-Shin! Danni created this gorgeous artwork for… @stockhausen Hey Carlos! Send our support team a message via the portal and they’ll look into this for you - @redinkedpanda It’s a bug! We’re on it :) @dtzrgza We’re working on it! @natsmillie Benefits to both! It’s a good part of the world. Highly recommend.Process in @Procreate !
Retweeted by Procreate @Procreate Thank you! My most recent acryla gouache painting was entirely mocked up in procreate - making use of th…
Retweeted by ProcreateIf I had to draw October this is how it would be! 😊 The illustration I made for magic moon week back in 2019, was a…
Retweeted by Procreate @godwinakpan234 It was so cool to work with you! @Dishi98760176 @godwinakpan234 If it was free, we wouldn’t be able to continue developing updates for everyone! @nauticaelurra @dreamprismpress @Rosalyum Doesn’t sound like normal behaviour. How much storage space have you got left on your device? @Graphic_Teddy If our support team haven’t been directly contacted, there’s a chance our team don’t know and can’t… @randeepk @LION_KATE No plans for this, sorry. Procreate was designed specifically for iOS :) @phenecly Sounds like a really annoying bug :/ Ping our support team and they’ll look into this for you - @feitans_ We can’t, sorry - it’s a hardware restriction. We’re working within the RAM we’re given. @natsmillie @KristianDuffy Yep. Drop Bears. Dangerous creatures - they target tourists and look like Koalas at firs… @EmilyMeganX When you’re in Transform, look at the bottom toolbar for the circle with the pixel pattern :) @Cykelero Not at this stage, but when you open Adjustments you can just slide with your pencil or with two fingers… @drjpol Actions - Canvas - Reference will bring up the window, then you can import your image and resize the refere… @Mariquita_LoL Wonderful! @christianazolan Great designs 😍 @crimsonjustice @cevyche Great work! @pigeondrawrs Lovely works @rdsiomai Beautiful artworks 😄 @palsaeri Great work! Loooove the Sailor Mercury reimagining 😍 @Jordo48 Great pieces, thanks for sharing 😄 @Syn_is_Sara So cool! Thank you for sharing 😄 @edgeasketches Wonderful styles! @saraelsouhagy These portraits are gorgeous. Love the lighting @DigitalInkError Cool concepts! @laynevandoodle Wonderful artworks 😍 @_owainlewis Awesome pieces! @creating_daily @_stilleyerise_ Very cool work! @lianthuss Love your style 😄 @jacquelinecolls Wow, these are great!! @Soap_Tears Love the atmosphere in these @natsmillie We’re Tasmania, Australia. Just across the ditch ☺️ @Moontowhee Beautiful work! The flower outfit is stunning @cmbuen So lovely 😄 @madmcmahonart Lovely style @toon_chrissy Great work! @YosiBouslog Love these colours @baiweiart Always beautiful to see figure sketches 💜