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ECHLN @prodbyechln Cape Town, South Africa

Record Producer & Audio Engineer

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People recording themselves crying for social media are so weird 🥴Sessions with TOP BOY Himself @AshleyWalters82 💎 I'm stillll shook From quoting every line from the season to cre…
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Retweeted by ECHLN @casspernyovest please hook me up with a new samsung hle 😭
Retweeted by ECHLN @Lynn_J_LeRoux ☹️ @Lynn_J_LeRoux Just happened to me on Destiny 2 😑Experienced this before🙈
Retweeted by ECHLN @BrokenTransient I hate how I don’t care much about this and it’s so wrongNothing worse than your controller dying on you MID MISSION! @xplosive_dj All I hear is "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". I can't man 😊 @ProdbyKaeB I can’t stand the guyIt’s always UKZN, huh?Looks like my shoes are only coming tomorrow ☹️April is going to be litThe Weeknd sounds like noise to me @TheSupremeSaint @Oreo Take my money!Supreme x @Oreo Coming Soon.
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@next_divas This is not a clap back2015: @tylerthecreator gets banned from the UK by Theresa May 2020: @tylerthecreator wins a BRIT award, thanks her…
Retweeted by ECHLN @ComplexSneakers @Complex VirgilPharrell by Vanessa Von Zitzewitz - 2016
Retweeted by ECHLNSome poeple call it the struggle.. I call it fuck them dishes 😂😂
Retweeted by ECHLNThe first version made me feel fierce & powerful but here's to a new unapologetic anthem of self love & graceful go…
Retweeted by ECHLN @Naxxion Uhm?If anyone is able to chip in: Theres family I help out in Hanover park. She looks after 25 children (mostly orphan…
Retweeted by ECHLNThis is how slavery happened
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Retweeted by ECHLN😍’ve found my religion
Retweeted by ECHLN @drk_chclt @SamsungMobileSA Whoop whoop 🙌🏽snippet of a video I'm currently editing shot on @SamsungMobileSA S8. Shooting on a phone is challenging but really…
Retweeted by ECHLN @PrincessCK__ 😊I saw two of my favourite people back to back and my heart is so at peace. 🥺❤️
Retweeted by ECHLNA genuine smile is worth a thousand words and its weight in gold. | @Emamkay_ as seen by me.
Retweeted by ECHLNI REALLY REALLY want the Travis Scott Dunks 🥺Holy shit 😂Thanks to everyone who listens to my music ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by ECHLN @Kim_venty Where is this? @Apondiii_ I feel really insecure now @prodbyechln Connected to my lower back? I can see it.
Retweeted by ECHLN @larptard Roses on the hip? @missdanibagel You know about e-boys? @missdanibagel Cringe = Views @mybroadband🥴 for that “Your order has been dispatched” email 🥺Overly religious Christians have such a weird perception of sex. Almost childish even.World War Z zombies soon come
Retweeted by ECHLN @PrincessCK__ Tonight then 😊 @PrincessCK__ Lets grab lunch thenI need another pair of shoes. Beaters.
Retweeted by ECHLNTell her to get her money up not her funny up
Retweeted by ECHLN1. my mom loves him. I don't blame her.
Retweeted by ECHLN @drk_chclt Ncaww @Naxxion It's easy when you have more than 5 people at rafflesPre-save my new album "Inkomazi III" on Spotify:
Retweeted by ECHLN @MikeAndronico @MaxWinebach 18? Americans really age in dog years
Retweeted by ECHLN @dzarkbase There are different situations for everyone man @CNN The surround of the eyes look like a heart shape. I’ll be mad if the name of this dinosaur isn’t Cardiasaurus.… @dzarkbase Damn 😂hours
Retweeted by ECHLN @rawilsonsr @Complex They should
.@VirgilAbloh’s DIY job on the new Off-White x Air Jordan 5 colorway.
Retweeted by ECHLNTkfjrhghhhjgbhkgkgkhnhjhhfjf
Retweeted by ECHLN👀 @virgilabloh previews a new @OffWht x Air Jordan V colorway 🎥: Ibn Jasper on IG
Retweeted by ECHLNVirgil wearing CPFM 🔥 @Complex I hope AA sues her to the ground. No one should be reclining their seats.I guess I'm getting another pair in white 😍 I had the absolute privilege of shooting @Emamkay_ , a musician I've been a fan of for over 6 years and a fri…
Retweeted by ECHLN @Naxxion Ncawww! @Naxxion I'll think about it. Let me see how they look in person first 😁 @Naxxion To be honest, I’mma wear the shit out of these. Been waiting since November. They won’t be a restock off t… like another early morning L from the SNKRS app #OffWhite5s
Retweeted by ECHLNSNKRS app was like
Retweeted by ECHLNIt’s a lot harder to cop on SNKRS US it seemsMe still waiting for notification from the Nike SNKRS App
Retweeted by ECHLN @_PatrickPryor Sorry man @Naxxion You think I should keep them on ice? Just admire and not wear? 😂I LOVE THE SNKRS APP!!!
Retweeted by ECHLN @_PatrickPryor L? @Naxxion Dude! I wish Nike would allow you to buy two pair. Keep one for myself, sell the other for $1000. @prodbyechln SNKR gawds definitely on your side..
Retweeted by ECHLN @Naxxion They are a fetching for R14,000 on StockX so if you got that, maybe we can talk 😂 @Lynn_J_LeRoux It’s a good day. Second SNKRS win🙌🏽🔥👌🏽💯
Retweeted by ECHLN @DeeWithThe2Eyes 😂lol, i remember all those that said the “5’s” were wack, i see you still 😜!
Retweeted by ECHLNNow everybody wants a pair 😂 @ProGIsTheName 😁Caught an L on SNKRS? Can’t relate @PrincessCK__ Charging right now! @PrincessCK__ That’s so weird. We’ve been fine here. We are scheduled to get it at 7PM @PrincessCK__ Aren’t you in zone 13? @PrincessCK__ You should get the ESP app if you don’t have it alreadyLETS GO!!!! villa has been mad peaceful since shaugna left 😭 #loveisland
Retweeted by ECHLNLet me wait for the Nike email though. The money did come out of my accountMy second pair of Off White Nike sneakers