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ECHLN @prodbyechln Cape Town, South Africa

Audio Engineer

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@iam_badbad @nayeayla‘ The Calling ‘ OUT NOW on all streaming platforms. #MAMAEP out Oct 2 ❤️
Retweeted by ECHLNXplosive DJ (@xplosive_dj) calls many places home with his debut release ‘Plan B.’ Read our latest interview, as…
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Retweeted by ECHLNMust be nice being an Xbox fan. That shit never sells outI've been laughing at this for like 10 mins 😭
Retweeted by ECHLN @MaxWinebach You’re either reckless or the unluckiest tech owner ever @julzeys @tylerthecreator You’re either 12 or weirdly obsessed😍😍😍 @happygolakei Ain’t blaying with you nibba new M4 is nuts!!!!! 😦 Easily the best ass on a car @happygolakei Nah please please please please vote please dude vote
Retweeted by ECHLN @YoursTrulyMusik Crazy 🔥If you're a fan of Pharrell, peep my Instagram stories. Dropped some not so common knowledge
Oh no no no! Please let this be a dream. Herbalife huns are going to go buck wild the only thing that could’ve saved 2020 was Bobby Shmurda being released 🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by ECHLNGot a serious crush on my niguh. Peng ting.
Retweeted by ECHLN @joaqu__n Sorry to hear about thatLMFAOOOOOOO from:@Blankzy_ "My gamers got talent submission! This is lightweight for a guy like me 😈🙌🔥"
Retweeted by ECHLNMy fantasy team is in shambles lmaoLMAOOO
Retweeted by ECHLNH AH AHA HAHA I used to make beats with @prodbyechln every december - this was one of the gems haha
Retweeted by ECHLN @jinji_boolin “But look! I have an iPhone”Praying for some good gigs where I'm given the opportunity to fucken do it. Ya feel ?
Retweeted by ECHLN"We sold out in 4 minutes" - The mad rush to buy a PlayStation 5 in South Africa
Retweeted by ECHLNIOS14 dropped and we still can’t change the color of the handshake emoji because Apple doesn’t want to see black fo…
Retweeted by ECHLNpeople trying to post those immense monologues about social dilemma – YOU are trying to take my attention but you don't wanna pay?
Retweeted by ECHLNThis NLite song is a masterpiece. Damn! @J_Liana_ @carolceciliaaa Ewwy’all ios14 home screens is giving me real middle school jail broken ipod vibes, it’s cute though 😭
Retweeted by ECHLN @jaoovic_ @sina_rawayama Okay now we have a problem. Why show the girl?girls on instagram be like "yall like the new skin care routine😌"
Retweeted by ECHLN @SusieMontage Makes sense. Looks too lit @SusieMontage This is a huge surprise“I’m Thinking of Ending Things” is such a mind fuck 🥴 @Luka_WeGoDeep Ain’t nothing wrong with tweeting like that 😂 it’s just interesting how similar a lot of them areOzarks Watchmen Mind HunterCongratulations to Ozark's Julia Garner — Winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Se…
Retweeted by ECHLNWell deserved. Best series ever someone with more iconic one-liners than Julia Garner, we'll wait. Congrats to the #Ozark actress for winning…
Retweeted by ECHLNone of the biggest #emmy snubs this year was tom pelphrey in #ozark. he stole the show and became its emotional cor…
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Retweeted by ECHLN @jinji_boolin 😂😩😩😩😭
Retweeted by ECHLN @ZadokZA Am I lying? 😂Soulection era producers tweet like chakra huns @Classify
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Retweeted by ECHLNThis Don Jr Interview Went OFF the RAILS
Retweeted by ECHLN‘Somethin' (Instrumental) (Free Download)’ by @Emamkay_ & @prodbyechln
Retweeted by ECHLN‘ Muzi - Good Vibes Only ft @espacio_dios ‘ for @MRPfashion ad 😬🔥
Retweeted by ECHLNLayers on layers of sonic perfection
Retweeted by ECHLN @ZadokZA Still his best workTO PIMP A BUTTERFLY >
Retweeted by ECHLN @whaatitdobabyyy Who doesn’t?‘Euphoria’ Star Zendaya Becomes Youngest Emmy Winner For Lead Actress In Drama
Retweeted by ECHLNWatchmen won 11 Emmys and that’s all that matters.Damon Lindelof says he won't change his mind about ending "Watchmen" after one season, even after the limited serie…
Retweeted by ECHLNThis is sad but I’m glad that one of my favorite series of all time won 11 Emmys @GrippingFood is the best account on Twitter @Emamkay_ Nah. Spotify and Apple Music got me. If I need news, I got YouTube channels and articles for that @nayeayla Sure baby. Sure 😂
The comments on Gunna’s Instagram posts 💀yall are weird
Retweeted by ECHLNgunna fat 🔁4000000 ❤️3000000
Retweeted by ECHLNShort women >>> @KudzayiDaniel I swear he’s doing it on purpose 😂 @prodbyechln 😂😂💀💀
Retweeted by ECHLNIt’s hilarious when Naye asks me to get something jn the kitchen that’s too high for her 😂 shout to her for making me feel like Yao Ming @nayeayla And it’s hilarious 😂Literally perfect the ownership of TikTok Global will be, according to a person familiar with the matter: Oracle - 12.5% Walmart -…
Retweeted by ECHLNNigga did everything right and still got cropped 😭😂
Retweeted by ECHLN @Complex Critics are the worst thing to happen to television. I’m glad he said thatDave Chappelle rips critics in Emmy acceptance speech: “Shut the f**k up forever.” More:
Retweeted by ECHLNIt’s incredible that people still listen to radioSELL KEPA @ChelseaFCKEPA IS A FUCKING IDIOTEasy red that ☹️Everybody please say hello to Baza and her peto, Wagwan 🐶❤️ Follow our family page on IG: @kwadarkie ☺️ whole lot…
Retweeted by ECHLNGlobalization is really dyingI just flipped @CALLmeeUNIQUE 's song entitled "a bit more" for fun :) ... here's the reemiks. check the full song…
Retweeted by ECHLNbig S/O to @prodbyechln for the master
Retweeted by ECHLNThis gameweek has been shit for me on FPL. Still early daysI think about this video everyday Kreepy Krauly Teacher 😂
Retweeted by ECHLNmy mother was jumped at her fast food job for saying she was gonna vote google jayla fox popeyes
Retweeted by ECHLN @SangoBeats Depends on the age of your phone (more the battery age) and if you allowed the phone to do some overnig…
I’m done listening to Twitter. One time I was moaning during sex cuz Twitter said that’s what women like and she st…
Retweeted by ECHLNPresident Trump says he has approved a deal between Oracle and TikTok's parent company, but it's unclear if that wi…
Retweeted by ECHLNMarcus Rashford must be the best-paid dinner lady in the world
Retweeted by ECHLNThis girl said hassan I want breakfast in bed I said u better sleep in the kitchen lol
Retweeted by ECHLNHe’s probably feeling sad send him ass pics
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Retweeted by ECHLN @longlivead_ @amocoe_ @Moristiko @nayeayla ❤️jesus christ
Retweeted by ECHLNI’ve never seen a lip filling that looked good. It’s so obviousWelcome back United 😂