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Secret Agent. White Heterosexual Male, hobbies: oppression, privilege, colonization, golf.

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12 people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by there's a ringing endorsement for Baked Alaska! Catboi says he's a certified sick cunt! Can this crew get any…
Retweeted by Groyper007In half a lifetime, many Americans have seen their God dethroned, their heroes defiled, their culture polluted, the…
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@LaraLaefer That baby fever is hitting hard, huh? @stone_toss Get it all the time, they take their best shot, I turn the rhetoric to 11 and they're shocked, SHOCKED… you get away with as a charming Chad: Telling young girls, "You're beautiful, get rid of that fucking nose r… were you looking at that girl's tits Anon? @HarmlessYardDog #EyepatchMcCain Dan Crenshaw's dog, Eyepatch McBeagle.Who won WWII you ask? JAPAN! 98.5 Japanese in demographics, clean, safe & homogeneous. People around the world feti…
Retweeted by Groyper007Ladies included, finally full equality. Thank You!
@TremaineYimo Apparently! I just don't get it.Who told women they look good with nose rings???????
Follow this autis - oops I meant artist. Very talented. I usually don't bark orders here, but just follow. Thanks.
Retweeted by Groyper007It’s not the New Year anywhere in the United States right now. But it is in Israel.
Retweeted by Groyper007The year is 2035, the only comics allowed are left wing cringe with @stone_toss aesthetics. Stonetoss produces comi…
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@arurkuo You overcook that too?
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Be sure to subscribe to HBO so you can watch this corpulent, nidorous, Јеwish gorgon "explore teen sexuality in a c…
Retweeted by Groyper007I WILL NOT eat the whole tin of Danish Butter Cookies. Aaaaaaand they're gone. Every. Single. Time.
Retweeted by Groyper007Congratulations "journalists" only 45% of people would rather their daughter sell nudes than join your "profession"
How do you like your steak? Retweet and I won't ruin your steak by overcooking it.
Retweeted by Groyper007 @AsatorSon @reptardneverdie @AsatorSon @AsatorSon @MartinaMarkota Looks like exactly what I put out when I have company, just missing the wine. @JackTakinMyBirb @GloriousMale My main was suspended for 12 days lol. Have some good friends on the sock. (Nit sure… @JackTakinMyBirb @GloriousMale I would like to also add with no provocation or compensation that @GloriousMale is m… @JackTakinMyBirb @GloriousMale Thank you for the RT. Life is tough as a sock.
Retweeted by Groyper007Uh, Theresa?!? No one, and I mean NO ONE is sliding into your DM's from my corner of Twitter. 😂😂… @JamesKosur @KevinJKline Good job, shame about the forehead though.
@ProudRapist I didn't even know I tweeted that. Might have been auto tweet from the tweet collage app.My favorite comics from @stone_toss
Retweeted by Groyper0075 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by REINSTATED! 12 days in the gulag. I'm up to 1000 pushups a day. Nice to be back.
Retweeted by Groyper007 @JackGroyper @RacistTaiga @BigGuyBuck99 @HEAVYWASHH @DenethorG @jokerfanact @JackGroyper @RacistTaiga @BigGuyBuck99 @HEAVYWASHH @DenethorG @jokerfanact Go the link and get your collage.What else could Trump do? -order military to secure border (Const, Art II) -shut down asylum process (statute) -pr…
Retweeted by Groyper007 @EricOrcadian @LadyAodh Should have happened first week. Since he hasn't done it in 3 years I have zero hope. @OO7SIS Roops a daisy, I sorrezze. @TheWesternIdeal @JoeBiden The one demographic he had a chance with--poof. Ready made campaign commercial. His "read my lips" moment. @MartinaMarkota Very sweet, melancholy. Since we're dipping into the wayback machine. @FrenlyBaratheon @TremaineYimo @AyatollahGroyp1 @PunishedGodKing Lol, it's a pretty funny collage. I'd like to see other collages.[My Twt Collage] @FrenlyBaratheon @TremaineYimo @AyatollahGroyp1 @PunishedGodKing via @HarmlessYardDog @Lancevideos Sounds bisexual, unfollow me Lance. @AndrewStallard8 @FrenlyBaratheon If gays want to vote for our side fine, we'll take any vote. But know we don't ag… run a quality Twitter account here. Unfollow if bisexual. @FrenlyBaratheon I do like Chick-fil-a sandos. My favorite home made sando is fried chicken cutlet on toasted bague… @FrenlyBaratheon I thought that was possible, but it seems a lot of frens do like fast food. So consider that a message for all frens. @FrenlyBaratheon Learn to cook fren, I eat like a GOD. Your palette deserves better than fast food King. @stone_toss You usually get fame when you don't seek it. You did something out of passion and it shows, plus you don't suck, that helps too. @KarlThorburn Right wing Twitter. Couple of guys could lose a few pounds, but mostly this is my mutuals. where credit is due. @PinoGroyper I would have thought that was crazy a long time ago. Really though we throw literally trillions into b… works. Social shaming works. It's exactly what the left does with every issue. It works so well that MILLI… @TremaineYimo Welcome back King.
Boomers driving $60K cars who haven't figured out how to use bluetooth talking on their cellphones while driving Groyper. @Trad_West_Art @MartinaMarkota Imagine having that chaos hanging in your home, might drive you mad. @LaraLaefer You can't make deals with the devil. @realTy_Webb Those cars are in great danger from the 27 handicappers practicing their unneccessary lob shots they use for 10 yard pitches.The fire rises's been monitoring immigration and Big Tech is going to reinstate all my frens accounts and PAY THEM DAMAGES for… @TeddyHilljack Reading that tweet makes my brain hurt. These people live in Titania McGrath's fiction as reality. @pesachlattin @michellemalkin @USCCB @LIRSorg @HIASrefugees @dcexaminer @BecketAdams @SethAMandel @TuckerCarlson @DianaWintah We all like attention, women just like it about 50 x more than men. @pesachlattin @michellemalkin @USCCB @LIRSorg @HIASrefugees @dcexaminer @BecketAdams @SethAMandel @TuckerCarlson @pesachlattin @michellemalkin @USCCB @LIRSorg @HIASrefugees @dcexaminer @BecketAdams @SethAMandel @TuckerCarlson @pesachlattin @michellemalkin @USCCB @LIRSorg @HIASrefugees @dcexaminer @BecketAdams @SethAMandel @TuckerCarlson pose when calling in the big scorestreak. @TweetBrettMac So many shills for the Big Groyper lobby. They got Malkin too huh? Sad.He's back to retweeting the heavy hitters now. Terrence K, the black teenager with a "Blacks for Trump" hat who was… @paramnesiac_ @PunishedGodKing Left leaning isn't far left is it? Remember Idiocracy, he tried to convince the nati… is retweeting accounts with 118 followers now. Expect a Groyper RT any minute now. 😭😭😭 @realTy_Webb @wellactualybot Get rekt, bot. @paramnesiac_ @PunishedGodKing Some, but you never know who, when, or why people change their mind. Sometimes rheto… @MindPalace18 Sometimes the jokes, they photograph themselves... @goodideahaver @ScottMGreer Don't listen to him, he's just a shill for Big Groyper, follow the money... @ScottMGreer Delivered perfectly with the smirk.Yeah, folks express Dissident Right views solely to make money. Truly principled conservatives repeat Koch talking…
Retweeted by Groyper007 @PJones1776 Ross Perot as a populist was LEADING in Presidential polls before he dropped out inexplicably. Pat Buch… @jdmichels @Quillette There's a lot of rhetoric and an edgy humor there that has been deemed unacceptable the past… @paramnesiac_ @PunishedGodKing It's rhetoric, but not far from truth. Trying to convince leftists with dialectic ar… @jdmichels @Quillette Traditional PaleoConservativism is now the extreme, huh? What's "normal" now? Drag Queen stor… @p3rzeus Gross, looks like a Sci-Fi transformation scene.Mediocre people are getting mainstream attention and recognition for not being white
Retweeted by Groyper007 @arurkuo @realTy_Webb Never understood this B!TCH pride thing. You're telling any man worth his salt to stay miles away, wel… arguing over the legitimacy of this impeachment on Twitter dot com. The left simply wants a one party state… is on a RT storm. Coming so hot and heavy he may RT a Groyper, lol. See Trump, even though you capitulated on… @CernoMark Yup. The confident man will always get women, even if he's a "jerk" etc. Meme is inaccurate in that regard. @CatOnline4 @BasedEngie @nc_groyp @JaysonPuccetti @AnimePoIitics @achaparrado We did it frens! The first MONITOR tr… @morenoalex10 @NOPAINBRIM