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Show your recently used menu commands and execute them from your Mac menubar personalized reminders of small things you can do to be a better adult and organize content from the web into beautiful, thematic collections engaging images that your customers can share's important to make the most of the time we've got. Keep track of your day and year progress from your Windows… your reading and keep track of your favorite quotes your team and keep it 100% remote without having to worry about payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.… your entire day to day right inside your Mac menu bar trust and culture within your team using this Slack tool that special someone a personal mixtape your favourite tunes to your Slack channel Tune in: a great first impression by making sure your emails look stylish with this template pack Beautify your email… @googledrive files into a wiki or help centre for your team of your friends is the best singer? Sing Karaoke with others on the web or in VR trees while you shop Calculate the carbon footprint of your online shopping and offset it:… email aliases so you stop handing out the real thin and avoid filling up your inbox. Start protecting your… keep track of your remote team's timezones with this beautiful world clock app for your Apple devices :… can be an NFT artist Mint your doodles as NFTs for less than 1 cent't put all your eggs in one basket especially when it comes to investing. Track all of your alternative assets…, sell and manage your newsletter advertisements with this platform colorful self-care, habit tracking app that provides a productive approach to making positive changes in your lif…
A tool to coach your sales reps in real-time and close more deals plants deserve better, join a community of enthusiastic plant parents and discover how to care for your leafy… the meetings and communicate with your team with this privacy focused screen capture and collaboration tool. Y… something to lift your mood? A platform to discover a good thing you can do to brighten up your day… your email messages from Gmail to your Notion workspace ML-generated map of related topics to discover online courses your investment portfolio with this Notion template simple loyalty & referral programs. No need for fancy cards, just a simple app. browser and @NotionHQ in perfect unison. @trove_hq lets you highlight the web as you browse it and send it t… a podcast without recording a single word. Just type out what you want to say and let A.I handle the rest… randomly grouped with coworkers for lunch with this Slack bot more productive starting with your new tab page A new tab dashboard for your tasks, goals, and screen time… off your remote team with this map builder designed to show where each team mate is from tool to make Machine Learning more accessible A free, easy-to-use app for creating custom ML models, from… your own branded payment page, all with No Code. Check it out: launch ready with this set of 100+ @figmadesign compatible templates designed specifically for your launch asse… is an interesting take on knowledge navigation Explore a map of the internet and find interesting resources better care of your computer's battery A menu bar tool to limit the maximum charging percentage of your Mac @NotionHQ opened its API to public beta and we covered it here your apps menu with the click of a button. Osara is like spotlight but for searching app functionality…
Track and explore your relationship with food in a non judgemental app designed to help you become mindful… control of your privacy and delete your data from multiple sources with this open source tool when your website is down before anyone else. This tool by LinkJar is an easy and reliable way to monitor your… you were to start a new project tomorrow, what is one thing you would do different based on previous experiences… @labnol FYI, you've been added as a maker of Send Gmail to Notion on @ProductHunt't get caught with a paywall again, automatically detect and remove them from your Google search results with th… @lynicis I too like to live life on the edge best programming language @byte_app and?Changes one line of CSS my site: the next Unicorn before anyone else. This tool ranks startups using Stripe verified revenue data so you ca… needs a URL shortener when we could instead lengthen our URLs up to 56x? know what track you are listening to on @spotify and @applemusic with this handy mini player that lives in t… YC ready with this generator that presents different questions to help you get prepared for the interview no-code platform that lets you build a website automatically linked to your Google Calendar to make it super easy… |▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░| 5% |▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░| 99% @collectedview @yourstacks Love to see it! @alisalahio Great idea!Zone in on whatever you are doing, whether it's studying, relaxing or powering through your latest code session wit… more fumbling around trying to trim videos, instead simply trim your videos by selecting specific words… it's Friday.A browser extension for Github that helps you stay focused while you code FOMO and stay informed on all things crypto with @getmoni_talks A daily crypto newsletter with handcrafted c… with @TheQuillBot is like giving Grammarly an AI. Let it paraphrase: source of resources for VR & AR designers. Really great place to for those just starting to create in the space. improved time tracker that helps you understand where you're spending your time and make visual reports for clie… courses that are short & sweet by industry experts. lottery-style newsletter where one subscriber gets to share one link with the entire list. Enter the lottery: a trademark doesn't have to be a painful process, do it in 5 simple steps with Brainbase. It features real-t…
A super-easy way to create & manage slash commands in Discord. /clicklink: your love of statistics while also informing people with this handy tool that lets you create text based c… us what you can do curious about the page we built, you can check it out here This was built in 2mins from a non-designer, so you… applauded the freedom mmm gives you to design a page, abandoning the cookie cutter templates. We explored… was loving @xhfloz’s latest product mmm, so we decided to give it a try. Full drag & drop features + no te… is like Loom for coding!. Easily record your screen and talk through the issues you're going through in your c… mind my whenever I take a lunch break @tobydoyhowell It’s called ~self love ~ 😌What are some of your favorite no-code solutions? for product can be a pain, so @MaxFleit built a checklist with 50+ things to consider when raising funds for your s… @SlackHQ Day 1 notification soundFuture Tesla @kalisurfer @NotionAPI *improvingNEW from @Notionhq Connect Notion to all of your favourite tools and start building with their new API'll soon be able to discover live Stage Channels on Discord through their new Stage Discovery feature. Slated f… live events? Join in on virtual ones that feel like in person events right from the comfort of your own home an entire website just by dragging & dropping your elements. mmm by @xhfloz gives you total creative control…'t let design be an after thought, send out a pitch and get matched with the perfect designer to help build your… @DominicZijlstra @TraverseLink 🙌 🙌 🙌It's always a good time to learn a new skill, @traverselink is a learning tool that helps you remember by using sci… @DominicZijlstra It is looking good!This is kind of like if @spotify and @reddit had a child. Share the most powerful moments of your favourite songs… Figma has changed the way we collaborate on projects & you'll likely use it in the future. The Unicorn has grow…
Retweeted by Product Hunt 😸Texting is OUT, letters are IN. Put a smile on people's faces by ditching the phone and sending a hand written let… ahead of the game with this free newsletter that surfaces behavioral economics, viral marketing case studies, a… the value you get from remote meetings with this handbook that guides you through an effective strategy to all the makers celebrating ❤️Jarvis is real. Not exactly an Avenger but it can definitely help with your content. Jarvis handles your long for…