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goro akechi apologist, albedo smoocher, beiguang supremacist

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What do you think about Diluc with a wolfcut? — LIKE THIS...?
Retweeted by kayeplz Stop himbofying this poor fish. Lets stop trying to fuck Gill from finding nemo.
app is lily story btwmy fits + eddie :3 at the front killing it fan that thinks we were robbed of this design
Retweeted by kayethis is my favorite tumblr post
Retweeted by kaye @KlYOOMl 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @KlYOOMl STOPme n my bf r just horimiya except we are both miyamuraDis stupid bitch doesnt even do anything during peak hour and is on her phone during it but gives me shit when we'r… week i was talking to my boss about manga like csm and jujutsu kaisen during work and my other coworker was gl…🩸
Retweeted by kayethinking abt the nice man giving handouts for a new hotpot restaurant in the city and him offering me a handout but… @reiamimami will u marry me
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Retweeted by kaye @auzziejlee @noonbase Arming myself
Retweeted by kayehaha my family stop misgendering me challenge 👍😍just for the picture size ♡ costest kaeya tmr
if they ever animate ayatsuji one day it’s really over for all of us
Retweeted by kayewords on bathroom walls is such a good movie fuckWAIT A SEC I-
Retweeted by kayenice @cyber_unlt ur so beautiful @ikisspuppy b00st !!BUT WORSEI LOOK AND FEEL LIKE HIM I FUCKED MY HAIR UP @NY_K_ i'm cutting my bangs like this as i type thisidk who this mf is but i wanna look like this so bad like so mf bad i want this energy PLEASE
Retweeted by kayei want to get a vertical labret piercing bad
Retweeted by kaye @r444d_ so truehi guys im finally dyeing my hair blue tonight to fulfill the kaeya kinnie in methe year is 2035 and i'm playing the final chapter of genshin before they turn off the servers. newborn baby in arm…
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#p5 #p5r
Retweeted by kaye#p5 #mementosmission
Retweeted by kayewhen yo plug a girl
Retweeted by kayei am losing my shit
Retweeted by kaye @oatward Ya LOL😐😐 damage this photo texture has done to the internet is irreversible
Retweeted by kaye @oatward thats not a thing
i will cosplay kaeya soon soooo soon @oatward he just like you @fuckmilffurry how else we gonna hide this dumptruckone day ppl will not be able to tell us aparteddie dyed his hair black coz we watched horimiya and now I wanna dye my hair blackstop roaating yhe guy thats how i look when i go out a hit or miss this fucking jobwork makes me feel awfuldm me @oatward you look like this dm me @PhatShibe Dude tbh i still dont knowMan it would suck if everyone knew this man’s name is Simon Strelein and he works at King St tattoo Newtown.
Retweeted by kayeim winston ult when cranky
Retweeted by kayewho tryna be the hori to my miya
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hatsune miku real. its true i saw her
Retweeted by kaye @cyber_unlt i'm waiting 🤤🙏🏻photo of me and my dog from today 👍 CANT BELIEVE #Persona6 GOT ANNOUNCED HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT
Retweeted by kayehere’s a thread of Mila’s story & how to help, please spread & donate if u can.
Retweeted by kayelet’s make some noise for the enchanted forest kitty sanctuary
Retweeted by kayeranpo wearing a kimono was a fucking cultural reset. poe knew exactly what he was doing
Retweeted by kaye @NY_K_ right... and sticky floors and sweaty ppl. @excelince @davirginwasthma @ishaqairsack @NY_K_ @s103101h hi moms4 months ago my foodie manager was talking abt a restaurant he took his gf to and he described it as a hole in the… is awkwardi just realised the phrase "hole in the wall" when describing a restaurant doesnt Literally mean it's a Hole in a wallwelcome to my genshin team <3
Retweeted by kaye @unde4dban URR SO FINEchanneling nana osaki x cheetah print jacket
Retweeted by kayeass fat🤤🤤🤤
@heyimfionaa cant believe uve done this. 😭ayooo new carrd droppedペルソナ5風。メインで使っている4人
Retweeted by kayeI FOUND THE PHOTO WE SPAMMED HIM WITH im an egg im an egg im an egg @gabe_moore36 bro hes awfulin 2016 my twitter moots and i group bullied him on instagram calling him an egg coz he was bald and he blocked all…
@jeancockstein NO WAY @yanfeiitwt
Retweeted by kayeme vs my genshin main <3 rewatch spongebob @CindtriIIella This one gets me every time 😭😭
Retweeted by kaye @HirenBip oh my gosh i hope you're okay... this is so fucking awful:((i showed prince philip persona 3 and he died on the spot amen 🙏
Retweeted by kaye @shoujobitch @HirenBip UGHHH THATS MY LOMLOH SHIT I LOOK SO CUTE!!!!???????
Retweeted by kayeTHIS PICREW SO CUTE OMFG @heart2befucked THE CRACKED IPHONE SCREEN @woosexuals yeah r U free friday Nite. 🤭 @peachfurr HII BABY @crosshairkitten PLZ YES my ring finger saved for u bae @unde4dban PLZ IM IN LOVE WITH U @unde4dban i luv u sm...! @taestily @froshyyy HIIIIIOMG... @NY_K_ I LOVEU.