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Anthony C. @professor_mgw New York City

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Ideas flowing at night πŸ’« @rahm0ne Damn I literally thought about a commish for you today lmao, soon tho @o_keilani LMFAO IM DEAD @naitosharp Happy to see you doing your thing homie keep it up :)
@MilleniumY2K They gonna make a montage of me bugging out on stream for my cancel post Mashing at the speed of sound in Sonic Mania! @HoneybLved Should've been me but oh wellllll @mazl0w @CaptainKensa Thank god i never saw that lmaoS t r a i g h t f a c t s @TKbreezy Probably 2 or 3 Master @amandaklawrence Ayyyyyy lets gooo! @izziibel Just say nah i'm iight brodie but i appreciate you wantin' to pull up and show a homie some support i fuc… when @AFintastic snuck a quick pic about making a tik tok account, just a thought.
Straight facts LOL. Most things are not worth getting involved with. @E_Night_ @bettynixx @BarefootTasha_ You deserve it bro, hope to see you start spreading yourself out more forreal @blackapinaa You def got this @715Noivern Just a thought at the moment :) i could see me wanring to after learning la pianooo more so ill keep u posted! @715Noivern Teach me how be dj?πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί30 mins of jazz and some meditation before going back to work @vizzey_g Power* If his presence along with his friends are no longer welcome then remove them no question about it @vizzey_g Fortunately that is your space and in your community you have full control over who gets to speak and int… afternoon ladies and gentlemen @King_Venia Loving that yuzu @princesshoji Ikkk it was so cute @Animated_kid @Onyxemperor I wanna say 161 but could be lmao @itsAmethystTV KIM CAN I LIVE??? @freauxmama LMFAOOOO @LuvLeenie_ My crush canceling her order as we speak πŸ˜” @muffffiiinnn lmao now you know damn well that's illegal πŸ˜‚ @Qweenofkingz nah u got it right homie! @ZenGraphics_ Just showing my appreciation πŸ™πŸΎ @Onyxemperor Somewhere in the corner over there' her in public @PunkNbread AYYYY HBD Punknnnn!
@itsAmethystTV @Rin_ICs The cleannn IcyyyWe're already halfway through january! Hope everyone is keeping up with whatever goal they're seeking to accomplish, we got this shit! πŸ‘πŸΎ @untitledjenni Gimme some?NO WORK TOMORROW NIGGA YES, YES, YES! NO WORK TOMORROW BIIIIIIIIIIIITCH I AM FUCKING BLESSED @untitledjenni Goodmornnnnin'
Think i'll start the new season of AOT soon since too many people have no patience when it comes to spoilers with this particular season lol @ThundaBadEgg If it did I would've known already, it does not @NickCucc Lmao let's go @HoneybLved LOL u got this πŸ’› @sail0ramy I believe so @sail0ramy Get pummel party so u can play w/ me lennie and a bunch of other peepz
2021 SONIC FIGHTING GAME???? w/ @KiranchiTV YERRRRRNow I could fuck w/ this πŸ‘€ @RichDeception Yeah boo boo is kind of like the child friendly way to refer to shit basically lmao. My mom use to s… @foxseraph Ayeee lets gooooo3 day weekend, thank fucking GAWDFury Bowsette from today’s stream πŸ”₯✨ #SuperMario3DWorld
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@MaybsDoc @IAmLui_Jesus @ArtisticallyJul LOL makes you want to get up rn and danceKeep up those entertaining and engaging streams homies! @blackapinaa @ckpeeks @mikaa242 @pupperbae I might have t… when my twitch stream suddenly disconnects can't even saying anything on this one, I'd ACTUALLY do this and more lol @AbnormaliTee Oh snap congrats teeeeeeeeee 😊😊 @vizzey_g We love you fam im so glad you streamed for your bday and i got to pull for a bit. Your streams always ha… @CaptainKensa @Chuckfug H U H @WaDiRob DK w/ momentum is so fun lmao
@mikaa242 Mika art stream plz 😊 @Geemoney158 That was my homie from brawllll @ZaneAFK This was fun tho being in grands with you. Lwts do the same post covid @MRD0000M @ZaneAFK LOL same vibes same look @snopaii Omwww. Just gonna grab a coffee b4 i get there and blow thru the day @yoCassius BUT DA SHMONIESMonday off Don't call out Monday off Don't call out Monday off Don't call outCute and hilarious @SteRxThAxKiiD Only up from here bro @EncAero @ZaneAFK LMAO fucking bayo broLOL what a timeeeee @Tilde_Fox I love how your clips are so good you barely even need the editing LOL, good stuff bro congrats! @SpartaZSS Super Saiyan transformation is just iconic so makes sense @Snorlhey Idk cause I feel like that shit looks mad corny but at the same time so many people say its good. Think i…
@RichDeception LOOOLAnd just like that, time to get ready for work again lol @Cipher_smash LOL bro straight factsIf my landlord resets the router one more time mid stream we're fucking scrapping lmao YERRRR! Open Arena & Chill Vibesss~ @vizzey_g These are pretty I like em! @just_yvonnee Can't help but do it lmao shower into cozy thick sheets πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
@blackapinaa WHAT @partyofmel I DIDN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING @WannaGetMuted actually not even long tbh for the notes in that lmao @WannaGetMuted LMAO great idea, def if i get alil better at piano i'd do this easyMe when I stream and a person joins my open arena playing Min-Min 🎢 @YezSSB Good shit my guy @Saika00___ Rest in peace to your father man im so sorry to hear that :(
@IRenning Lovely show fasho, a lot of ppl ik watched it :) great timeMoesha was a great show but damn they did not have to o.d with that season 6 cliffhanger x.x @E_Night_ @King_Venia this whole shit was funny, def can't wait to get to editing for the YT video @IAmLui_Jesus PC?? @iamsmokeychan πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
So unfortunately true lol @IppoDR HBD!