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I like horror and science and talking shit about my very good school

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If you see me accidentally touch my arm with something cold so i have to touch my other arm with the cold thing to… after this I looked up the positives to dyslexic brain and then I looked to positives to OCD brain and all I m…
Update: actually did pretty good professor just said there are a lot of great scientist that have dyslexia and I’m FEELING CONFIDENT
@culkinqueen Both answers are *right* cause the problem is set up unclear and like shit and intentionally confusingI was just talking about how I hate those math problems they spread over the internet with people arguing cause the… just realized that it’s probably shady when I vote no on Instagram story polls that are like “should I buy this”…
Retweeted by Science WitchIt’ll have to be -30 before I know peace and stop waking up with some damn cotton mouth because of a fanIt is 9 degrees outside, our bed room is the coldest room in the apartment, and I come in here and @KanyePiece still got the MF fan running @JackiNicole 🥺
2020 @Seitans_Niece @embaer All the main characters are Halloween characters Santa almost gets KILLED the children are T… is somewhat about my insiders at work and mostly about my lab partnerI’m getting real tired of holding other people’s hand for shit I had to figure out myself @Seitans_Niece @embaer Do you watch it around CHRISTMAS TIME Thats psycho shit gurl @Seitans_Niece @embaer HalloweenI wish jobs/internships told you more after you apply and you get the “youve moved to the next round” like okay hav…’t wait to be a piece of shit with weekendsI can’t stop thinking about some of the queens performances at the drag drive in last night like it changed something in my soul
Has a Christian ever in their life said “have a blessed day” in a non-passive aggressive way?Peace out SF. Trash ya later 👻 📸: @Branden_Lee1
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..... suddenly... i have some hope? @dickerdness Asking the right questions
I got “to the next round” for this Research and Innovation Internship with LOreal I hope I get it and then they off… @culkinqueen Omg December is killing me @culkinqueen “Don’t look at me like that... shut up thats why” It true @raneshiley Shoes cause when its socks its your own business but when you make it shoes its everyone’s businessCan’t wait till I’m a ghost, minding my business, and a bunch of himbos come in one day asking me about bunch of du… @shainerose86 @BlackSheepCO @emilynixx1039 Chipotle is trash so thats fineI have one professor who doesnt make any exam review not even a list of what we should study and I just wanna know why he hates us @emilynixx1039 I’m so proud @JackiNicole @ih8kurt Got just writing it with an a disgusted me @JackiNicole @ih8kurt Okay but Peyton is a good name and Payton is fucking TRASH so I understand where he coming from
I got a 99 on my geochem test I am only taking grad classes from now on 😭😭 @culkinqueen She sound SHORT @alphaxblood We need to get a ghost adventures squad together @culkinqueen GOD i wish all that would be trueThe chem building is my favorite building cause its empty af, built like a labyrinth, and my phone actually gets a signal @dickerdness A business! A doggy business?No more spend money just make money 😠I keep looking up jobs I can apply to when I’m done with school and its just making me sad I can’t do them now @emilynixx1039 @KanyePiece Youve had tacos, right?I don’t know how America expects to thrive with our current education and healthcare systems @KanyePiece @emilynixx1039 girl WHATWhen Kitty said “thats what you get for going out and drinking, why don’t you just stay home and drink, like me” to… about naming your kid Hunter dont sit right with me
People from Chicago: I am FROM CHICAGOIn the bathroom, minding my business, flossin my teeth, and I hear Jordan from the living room about some Indie gam… weird how all these brilliant thinkers of the past were communist... just a weird quirk brilliant people have…
My 1 credit lab takes up like 90% of my homework timeThat little girl was about to beat her ass fr. 😂
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It should be ILLEGAL to make something due over a school break @culkinqueen I’m sorry @culkinqueen .... do we have the same parent wtfOne of the worst consequences of the lower lab occupancy during COVID-19 is the loss of undergraduate research.
Retweeted by Science Witch @culkinqueen Jerry is boring AND unbearable @culkinqueen It’s GOTTA be JerryI would love to go to Hawaii but I Will Never
Joyce manor is ON when its chillyI dont know why I volunteered to close before I have to get up early for my field trip but I guess I also wasnt exp…
I feel pretty good about the exam I took so I probably failed it @lzzcat I didnt even know they existed until my grandpa came out here once and visited them a couple of years ago I… couldnt be more different from me she loves god and is athletic so obviously she is nega peyton and must be killedMassive respect to everyone still experiencing time as a linear sequence
Retweeted by Science WitchSo you shouldnt be able to find either my Ig or twitter through my name but I double Checked and a) there are way m… @lzzcat Bet they flip out if its not made perfectly toohamlet: to be, or not to be! schrödinger: this dude fuckin gets it
Retweeted by Science Witch @annajeanette Dude and it so awkward like you just can’t... relate... so when they talk about their family youre ei… like, as a white man with a taste for whiskeySometimes I wish I lived in the wild west
I’m sheltered and feed, I have a car, I have a strong healthy relationship, I have Best Cat, I have a job I don’t h… need to stop comparing myself to where I could be *if I were better* and start being thankful for where I am. @manobjectifier I know my mom has issues whenever she’s gone cause they are not secular. “Higher power” is still pr… @manobjectifier I swear there needs to be a secular AAI like my analytical chem class cause we gotta be very precise (which i am) and we get to use cool machines BUT we… your gender reveal doesn’t involve two babies fucking fighting do NOT invite me @BreHarv Then it would finally be a blessing to have a long period @KanyePiece My deepest desire is being able to Irish Goodbye at the SheepIt should be ILLEGAL to have to be productive when you’re cramping
I have my mail in ballot will the social medias stop asking if I’m registered nowThe r-squared of the calibration curve I did is 0.997 and my lab partners is 0.994. Thats exactly what I wanted- bo… @hangyourhead Wait... watFirst Insta Selfie/Last Insta Selfie I get to go on a field trip this Saturday... thats p dope
october belongs to HER
Retweeted by Science WitchHow it started ; How its goin’
Retweeted by Science WitchApparently everyone I know got married today @JeremyBearimy26 Omg JEREMY pay attention its been a saga for like a month now (since my old phone broke?)This mans was carrying my fantasy team RIP me 😫
Is this @raneshiley dad sent me a picture of a game, asking me if I knew about it/was interested in it.... He got me this game for my birthday?Will I ever finish a sapling assignment on time?
No offense but if you have days off: fuck you#chemtwitter
Retweeted by Science WitchAlso I’m a dumb baby who acts honestly and assumes others do the same like GODI applied to a internship & I have to take this like personality test/game thing for it & it said shit like “you wo…
How can my dad tell people about me what does he even know about me? I’m smart and go to Mines? Anyone who follows… dad sent me an invite to his birthday how do you tell your father you don’t wanna hang out with his alcoholic an… electrochemistry shit is the bane of my existence but there is this Kimya Dawson song called “chemistry” and the…