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nick @ProfessorSoop Long Island

💚🕊 FA Valorant player for @Project02VAL

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still live duoing with scroll, ANY TWITCH PRIMES ?!?!? @jellyfish_val senzu @jellyfish_val 4 beans. @nini_x98 ty tyduo queue w @scrollval peak pt2 i was 685rr :o live duo w @DuderjVAL @BlanketsVAL had him in my backpackthe duality of man. already know what the fuck goin on @fairyfps ONE DAY! IMMA HAVE IT ONE DAY! @fairyfps @fairyfps LMFAO ur assradiant ranked top100 grind 8ish hour stream come thru @ProfessorSoop @angel_antonn LMFAOOO
Retweeted by nick @774saturn @angel_antonn unbelievable experience @itsfreylise LMFAO you should ask. im very concerned for him @Shep_33 @angel_antonn LMFAO bro i have no clue who this kid is @itsfreylise so he just left, didnt say anything to you, and u didnt ask? @itsfreylise i mean im just curious as to why he did that when i dont know him @itsfreylise LMAOO idc about losing obviously i care more about that kid knowing me and being a psychopath when i dont know him @itsfreylise no way you let your boyfriend throw your elo and cry and get off like this? @DimesK no u werentPLEASE DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS JETT? Jinn#8203? is it you bro @angel_antonn ? idek you man LMFAOOO this is one of the… @zoeheiler ur not wrong @zoeheiler i mean someone like me is putting a stop to that @jellyfish_val @_novaVAL ratio @For7ify @jellyfish_val i want a wife @jellyfish_val U KNO DA FUCKIN VIBES @Boy1drr LMFAO bet i got u @TrickAIM @cryptXVAL ill inv u to my cord @CoachJoe__ @diaamondTV low immortal players are psychopaths thats prob why u cant perform around them @CoachJoe__ @diaamondTV i will save you. @Boy1drr LMFAOO ihy bropls someone im not tired @cryptXVAL fuck it we ball @cryptXVAL @cryptXVAL every day i wake up frdoes anyone need a smurf i dont feel like playing on my main @iamhcu @rituvl @khanartistval LMFAO @iamhcu new peak rr* peaked rank2 tho >:)new peak ^_^ w @KyleHenny ranked top100 grind, idk how long stream is gonna be but yea come thru @sadIucas @Matt_IGL if he posts it im gonna start crying and shaking and throwing up @aHTracTXII holy shit good stuff brothagonna be radiant in LATAM by tomorrow with @scrollval @tupperwareplays no cappy @Dark3stVal @saevalorant @scrollval @Unholykid3 @tasyiu @wafflenomster12 @kar_ie @joshpwo all my boys in 1 tweet wowim here. @Project02VAL @CommunityGaming @spookyaddison @DuderjVAL @ProfessorSoop @cryptXVAL @CrayCup Bunch of goats
Retweeted by nick? @_novaVAL proof @tupperwareplays the greatest to ever do it @tupperwareplays i learned from u frFuck it we ball.
Retweeted by nick @Project02VAL @ProfessorSoop @CommunityGaming @spookyaddison @DuderjVAL @cryptXVAL @CrayCup SIMPLY THE BEST TEAM
Retweeted by nickBING BONG are your @CommunityGaming $500 Contender’s Weekly 2 #champs GGs to everyone we played! @spookyaddison
Retweeted by nickfinals starting now @scrollval one day, we gon have it one day @ProfessorSoop
Retweeted by nick @scrollval what did u gain from thisim back on my bully.We win in overtime 14-12 vs @QorGaming! GGs the boys are onto finals
Retweeted by nicksemis vs @QorGaming @presidentdove they do it on their own @presidentdove sadly, counter ratio @DuderjVAL @presidentdove vouch @Shep_33 @presidentdove vouch @presidentdove u cant SPELL @ProfessorSoop fr that kill on that jett at stairs that one round had me wondering if u were playing on controller lmfaoo
Retweeted by nick @Shep_33 LMFAO bro my mouse hit into my MONITOR STAND AND I COULDNT MOVE IT @DuderjVAL ?this setup im playing on has me looking like im gold2Win our quarter finals match vs @CircuitryGaming 13-6! GGs to them we move onto semis
Retweeted by nick
boutta start quarter finals already vs @CircuitryGaming the boys in the @CommunityGaming weekly contender $500! Won our first match 13-2 vs 303 @ProfessorSoop
Retweeted by nick @9zamm @303esports @spookyaddison Dat boy icywe win vs @303esports 13-2 ggs to them$500 contender weekly w da gang @Project02VAL addison's POV$500 Contender Weekly Tournament | !twitter, !yt !insta !rank
Retweeted by nick @cryptXVAL @cryptXVAL HATE not being at my actual setup everything feels so awkward @CrayCup 💯💯‼️‼️😤🗣🗣🗣 @mitchchicken @iamhcu @774saturn @jakeeVAL Wtf is this ratio @iamhcu @774saturn @jakeeVAL @mitchchicken Assist @774saturn @iamhcu @jakeeVAL @mitchchicken Exposed on the timeline Omg !!! @TSM @PlayVALORANT @scrollvalIt’s time @Ino_VAL @iamhcu @jakeeVAL @mitchchicken @774saturn I age like fine wine @iamhcu @jakeeVAL @mitchchicken @774saturn Ye hmu when u turn 20 💯💯 @jakeeVAL @mitchchicken @774saturn Mfs be edating 🤣🤣 @jakeeVAL I don’t need girls I got my boys. @DarienBMG You too brotha 💚 @cryptXVAL @jellyfish_val @trunkZnopants Me and u at our first lan together @jellyfish_val @cryptXVAL @trunkZnopants