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@DominicRaab channelling #AlanBastard espousing the current Govts libertarian views on wealth creation, welfare sta…
@mc_moat And if I may, I’d like to send a special thanks to all of your care navigation team that work your switchb… MEP @TerryReintke is absolutely correct. @BorisJohnson has continually lied to the people of UK; continually…’s the proposed extension. And if the ULEZ is extended to this zone it will be a further £15 per day for non-el… million Londoners to potentially pay the £15 per day congestion charge under proposed Tory precept. This on top o…’m taking a few days off staying with my 89-year old mother who isn’t well. Given my day job in primary care, it i… Young Conservatives saying what the people of their region are thinking and frankly much of the country… avoid a repeat of the Manchester debacle, we prepared a careful plan for our negotiations with South Yorkshire:…
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@Andrew_Adonis Laudable. But will this stop the hard #Brexit no deal train in its tracks? Unlikely. @AndyBurnhamGM asked for £90m @BorisJohnson offered £60m @AndyBurnhamGM reduced his ask to £65m @BorisJohnson the… do the maths: @BorisJohnson offers £8 per person in Greater Manchester. @michaelgove supports @BCG consultan… does offering Greater Manchester a punitive £22m - less proportionately than Liverpool CR or Lancashire - contribute to levelling up?
Retweeted by Robert Harris 🇪🇺Unfortunately, this isn’t a parody, its the way @BorisJohnson operates. @AndyBurnhamGM showed remarkable, statesman…
For 3 successive weeks @AndrewMarr9 has been filibustered by @BorisJohnson @RobertJenrick & today @michaelgove Thei…
Hold the front page! Who’d have thought? ‘what ifs?’ are rarely useful. But, both @jeremycorbyn and @joswinson should forever carry the heavy…
2 points. But which ones? (Typos inc) 0.1% of UK economic output. Seriously?Far more pithy than me: the context of £300-400 BILLION with EU salvation courtesy of @trussliz The UK supply of cocoa beans is secured. typo, not ‘5’years, but 50 years.I live in a rural area. Great reliance historically has been put on EU seasonal workers. Last year - post #Brexit b… understand fishing communities have been decimated across the land over the past 5 years. But is it realistic the…
The @dailystar is on a roll in calling out those who say one thing and continue to do another. @BorisJohnson contin…
Draw your own conclusions: H B’day yesterday. Her good friend, a surgeon and clinical director at local hospital, gave her a ‘blue plaque’…
‘Hell in a handcart’ That’s where we are heading under this Govt.
I do wonder what the hell @PrueLeith thought was going to happen when she first voted for then fiercely defended Br…
Retweeted by Robert Harris 🇪🇺As a 70s kid in Birmingham, heavy metal prevailed, but not with me. My head and heart was in Philadelphia. A few ye… @ProfRHarris @jacindaardern @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet Not taking a pay cut (think someone did suggest it to Ha…
Retweeted by Robert Harris 🇪🇺Definition of rank hypocrisy: again @jacindaardern leads from the front. @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet why don’t you also take a 20% pay cut… vs #Hillingdon #Richmond #SouthShields and especially #Newark where is the fairness here? @AndrewMarr9 get… @AndrewMarr9 ask @RobertJenrick to explain this away this morning. More Tory dodgy deals? #Marr this thread. Whatever has happened to: probity; integrity; honesty; decency; and accountability in public life…
The world so dearly hopes that the 46th #POTUS shows the statesman-like qualities of the 44th @BarackObama , and no… @ClareGerada @RobertaMetsola And a daughter of Peterborough, too. Warmest congratulations, Clare. Very well deserved.
@becky_eames Sorry to have delayed Tom this evening. Unforgivable on my part given the anniversary! Best wishes to both of you. R @MrJohnMBennett John best of luck to you, @HPIAndyCowper @jtweeterson and all the ensemble. Impressive group of peo…
Mans best friend vs man you wouldn’t want as a friend. [sound]
Not a party I’d want to go/belong to... #ThePeoplesPartridge @EdenPolitics @paullewismoney Very Happy Birthday, Catherine !
EU pet passport questions: From Jan 1, I believe the pet passport from UK is finished. Does that mean back to month…
Retweeted by Robert Harris 🇪🇺A little normality returned this afternoon. I went to the cinema for the first time since early March - previously… pet passport questions: From Jan 1, I believe the pet passport from UK is finished. Does that mean back to month… @Kate_Marley1 @traumagasdoc I accept that. But having no smell, and the impact that is has on one’s enjoyment of al…
@traumagasdoc I long for paromsia. Nearly 8 months on and I still have zero sense of smell, despite ‘scent training… @CamillaTominey of @dailytelegraph tearing into her cleaner in an unnecessary and aggressive fashion on camera. Whe… @BorisJohnson let off the hook again. Allowed to drive the interview with waffle. #Marr has no bite. He should ask… @AndrewMarr9 is a nice and decent man. I’ve met him. But, @BorisJohnson only agreed to appear this morning as he wa…
More blatant lies from the UK’s most appalling ‘news’ paper.
Just in case you were in any doubt before about @realDonaldTrump support for white supremacist organisations, last… you watched any of the first Presidential debate, you will have witnessed @realDonaldTrump simply shouting his i…
Hmmmmm Interesting tweet from @realDonaldTrump given todays detailed revelations in @nytimes regarding Trump’s own… is a sign of President Trump’s disdain for America’s working families that he has spent years abusing the tax co…
Retweeted by Robert Harris 🇪🇺We always knew @realDonaldTrump was far more show than go. Finally a meaningful assessment of Trump’s assets, debt…
How many Johnson siblings/children are there? Full/half/otherwise? Irrespective of the number, it seems snouts in t…
@MrJohnMBennett @georgebatchelor @michaelgove As I know well having followed them for an age, even the local rugby… ceded Calais - bet that’s regretted now. And lo! Part of Kent becomes French under the @michaelgove ‘Kent Acce… know that insurance ad, that starts with: ‘Confused’ ? I watched @BorisJohnson address the nation last night.… on behalf @LHGEducation, @awkwardcyclist and I met full panel of expert educators from @dmuleicester for… in the day I had a lifestyle that started at 10pm, so a 10pm curfew I would have regarded as ruinous. Now, as…
A powerful image from Belarus where, unreported for weeks now in UK, the protests continue. The women of Belarus ar…
Retweeted by Robert Harris 🇪🇺 @WoodstoWaves @BorisJohnson You are quite right, I forgot his balls for cash scheme ! you examine this man’s career in only a cursory manner, you quickly see that lining his pockets with cash has al… feel for the plight of @BorisJohnson Fancy having to cope with just one cleaner and no housekeeper in your rent…
And if you are not familiar with the story to which Paris refers: “conspiring with a criminal pal to have a journal… a couple of things didn’t materialise in this @MatthewParris3 article from June 2019, the main thrust of the… @thetimes Should read though: Overpromised, underdelivered; or Overhyped, underperformed; or Overconfidence,…’m with @MatthewParris3 : a ‘rancid shambles of a government’. And now we hear that @BorisJohnson is worrying abou…“It’s very good to have me on” The #PeoplesPartridge @MattHancock never disappoints. again @MarinaHyde nails it. September? Back to school time; back to work time. Possible rise in #COVID19 rates?…
This is a simple, but very understandable explanation of post #Brexit tariffs, Good Friday Agreement, and the Withd… @soniapurnell Heartbreaking. Deepest sympathy, Sonia.
@davesheph @Channel4News Not necessarily David. However the greater evils here are: 1. C+ patients simply should no… @Channel4News re covid+ patients being discharged to care homes under new ££contracts. I've written to hom… @rankine @NHSEngland Ruth, I’m no wilting flower and equally not shy in sharing my views...however strong they might be. @JoeBiden had my vote long before this. Well said Joe. left a ‘system’ board meeting. @NHSEngland still have ambitions that we shall return to 90% pre-Covid activity…
Today’s ‘Rule Of 6’ has a special exemption - for grouse shooting and similar field sports. Upto 30 people can gat… ! Exhibit 1, M’Lud. @dailytelegraph @MattHancock @MartinRCGP Plus, despite the PPE screw up and NHS TAT not working, we and all others have been operating an orderly, profe… Leaving aside the utter contradiction in this piece of @MattHancock in calling for consultations to be remote/d…
.@RobertBuckland has prevented replies to this tweet. Presumably because he’s afraid of a stream of lawyers asking…
Retweeted by Robert Harris 🇪🇺One of the more positive things about primary care lockdown has been the near absence of: (i) Pointless healthcare… the corollary is that everything priced in Euros (and to an extent, dollars also) is dearer - from the ‘full En… @fleming77 Back in the day (late ‘80s) when I was a baby stockbroker, that was how ‘bargains’ ie buying/selling of…“My word is my bond” Is that really such an outdated concept?
‘Honesty’; ‘integrity’; ‘respectfulness’. Characteristics that are so important: whether embodied in personal, corp… has always been a vile, racist, but thankfully small, underbelly in our country. Now it appears to have been…
Remember all the rhetoric from @BorisJohnson about the great UK-US post #Brexit trade deal waiting to be done? Watc…
Tear up international agreements and get WTO terms - what does that mean? Milk & livestock produce - add 25% tarif…
@BorisJohnson is now threatening to renege on the Withdrawal Agreement, imposing a NI hard border, hugely undermini…
@michaelgove @10DowningStreet @ByDonkeys
Spot the difference: @gregbeales @Shelter @TheBMA Great move Greg. You will be a terrific advocate - especially championing primary care…, he’s not even an ‘expert on trade’ if you look at what he has done. you look closely you can see truly wonderful things in the average garden. Photo taken by my daughter.