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@kvlly You're question turned into a great introspective for me. I don't yet have an answer"eslintConfig": { "overrides": [{ "just let me live”: true }] }
Retweeted by Christopher JohnsonThe goose has collected all the dragonballs the dragon is summoned "What is your desire" the goose honks "…
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson @passionpeachy @JennWozniak @Drunk_Austen Magic Mike
Cinnamon Coke is a thing @charlesadler This is the weirdest flex @editingemily Bonus points if anyone gets the reference Studio - Now with vertical document tabs! @visualstudio #VS2019
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson
My new hashtag that I'm going to be doing more and more with. #EveryoneXEverything. Simply Put: Who you know and c…
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I just had my first cup of coffee today then the rain stopped and the sun came out. Coincidence? Absolutely, but stillThe afternoon plight of the developer: You get up and make coffee then while waiting for it to brew you head back… must read story by the brilliant @lizziepresser about medical debt. Only in America are cancer patients, pr…
Retweeted by Christopher Johnsonapparently it's #pronounsday? i'm going to talk briefly about something i get asked about a lot! what does it mean…
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson @lanettecream @srigokulkrish Don't worry about frameworks#PokemonSwordShield I should be in bed but I can't stop watching this stream!
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson @teamfourstar for the Buu saga I propose the terrible yet somehow amusing 90's meme *To the theme of I'm Blue* "I'… @j_cohl @emptyplateadv @CuriousZelda Live action adaptation based on the meme @evaandheriud🤓
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If you like #DotNet development you should check out @calcock's blog The Morning Brew. I… @jasonalba I love your PluralSight courses, though I obviously need to watch them again @jettila @ChristieSmythe Punkin Chunkin, it's the only logical choice @eakinsey Can I have your stuff when... @MichaelDesmond I'm gonna miss it @annthurium Here's a walking marshmallow most of my career I've had to wear shirts and and tie everyday so I guess everyone has a different experience @graemeknows Sadly, here in Buffalo that just means those men would put on hoodies @_patmurray watch this excellent closing statement by @chrislhayes To stand up this way against his bosses at NBC News…
Retweeted by Christopher JohnsonTDD ✅ Logging ✅ Configuration Builder ✅ DI/IoC ✅ Application actually does something meaningful other than reading…
It took some digging but it was part of "Custom Document Well" which will not be upgraded for VS2019. Oh well...Anyone remember the name of the #VisualStudio extension that would change the tab color based on which project a fi… @lanettecream Wow, that Wildcat has really had enough of Adolin's crapI've been in the #DotNet stack for 15 years and I've never *cough* silverlight *cough" regretted it. @mjdalyy @WellPaidGeek Personally I went with Hugo and hosted it for free on GitHub. I have the backing of a powerf… @mjdalyy @WellPaidGeek Depends on what you want out of it. You can go the low maintenance route and start blogging… @mattstratton Is "Fight me" a common phrase in DevOps? @blowdart I don't think C# 8 will kill me...then again...devs building exactly what the client asked for, oil on canvass, 1686.
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"You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness." — Brené Brown🤣
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@aardrian I feel like our Druids are mortal enemies. Any time I try to do anything involving birds I fail spectacu… stole the show @EvanCarmichael Pour over at home but Tims is still the go to when I'm out @jaydestro Oatmeal, the lazy person's breakfastMaking the bed... when you have a cat....
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson*while trick or treating* me: you can take one my kid:
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson @tobie When one of your team members tells you that something gives them anxiety, please do not respond with an…
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson @_CalvinAllen I'm happy to hear you're feeling a little better
"It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. I… out my website/blog at #CodeNewbie
[BREAKING] Hong Kong Hearthstone player @blitzchungHS calls for liberation of his country in post-game interview:…
Retweeted by Christopher JohnsonI... I love this.
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson~heavy breathing~ thank you @BuffaloFood for chatting with us about our Seneca Street shop.
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson @jaredpalmer A build script for Java appsCheck out my website/blog at #DevDiscuss
My current IT contract finishes at the start of November. I’d like to try something new. Something food/bakery/kitc…
Retweeted by Christopher JohnsonOne day I want to go to a startup auction to buy a used Herman Miller @TomCampbell @desilove I saw cream crackers in the store the other day. What are they like?Cooper is upset and can't watch his favorite show because you don't have a ticket for #DeliveryConf yet. He created…
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson @bitandbang @obensource Too low of a priority to be honest. My only priority is to get a job before I'm homeless, again. @obensource @bitandbang One day I'll finish this book...the audio book...the summary of the audio book...clip notes?Child proof... You can't park there! I'm not, I'm in the car and it's running, I'm standing. Guy: You can't park there! Smh @BadassBowden laughed so hard my neighbor yelled at me too shut up 🤣 @marionpdaly It just occurred to me that in 15 years I've never even seen decent documentation outside of an OS project @JadeMisenas @cassidoo ...and the testers come at night
@41Strange @grmpyprogrammer This feels like a photo you'd see in a movie about talking and or magical animals during WWISo, ⁦@HagertyB⁩ and I have spent the last 6 months on ⁦@huntakillerinc⁩ - sooo much fun!! We cracked the MacDonagh…
Retweeted by Christopher JohnsonThe Supreme Court has upheld a ruling that websites and mobile apps must be accessible, in case it merely being the…
Retweeted by Christopher JohnsonAttn: WS residents near Buffalo city line area......
Retweeted by Christopher JohnsonFall descends on us My sinuses burn bright Allergies attack - a haiku
I blame you for this @BingingWBabish @ErikJFisher @FranksBrain just found out that the creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich, opposes gay marriage. This is the funniest thing I h…
Retweeted by Christopher Johnson @hackupstate It's never enough
@jameybash for the @NotionHQ Eisenhower Matrix @StuffBySpencer @cockatootwin @Maxwell_Edison1 @jameybash Yeah, it's a weird anime made in Japan for France then translated to English @jameybash If you can find it you might like Ulysses 31“HTML isn’t a programming language” yet we’re all getting paid to write YAML
Retweeted by Christopher JohnsonHappy business anniversary to @prod_in_tech, founded by compassionate multipotentialite and San Diegan @kjaymiller!…
Retweeted by Christopher JohnsonThis makes me happy @dotnetfiddle #DotNetCore @jremsikjr @aspleenic Lately I see people around me getting certs in Scrum, Azure, and AWS
@lara_hogan Sorry for all the toxic cancer and fighting my tweet brought to this. You don't deserve any of that.… @jameybash OMG! stall door is locked Banging on it and trying to force it opened should not be your response to a locked stall...