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"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Apologists for authentic Catholicism. Pray for us!

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Bravo! A Cure for Trauma via @CatholicThing @GregorisFr @rothfarms How can it be that a married man who even looks with lust at another woman has committed a s… @Michael_J_Matt !
Hmmmm. The Vortex — McCarrick Dead? via @YouTube
LifePetitions - Petitions for a Culture of Life join us in praying for our legislators as they begin their work in 2020.
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Please click for intercessory prayer to Abp Sheen and pray for the healing of Father Dana Christensen, Diocese of S… @Michael_J_Matt please keep up the outstanding commentary. You're saying what needs to be said better'n anybody els… @rothfarms @CauseofourJoy Oooh, there's no pushing away or slapping of any hands here, is there?
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Sound advice. I hope I can follow it.
Beautiful story!
Come on, 700 before midnight....
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Retweeted by P53To be honest, this is how I am if someone offers the Sign of Peace after the Agnus Dei has started.
Retweeted by P53 @EricRSammons Perhaps His Holiness needs to be reminded of the redemptive value of suffering, to embrace his painfu…
@austinruse Yes. We need your sound reasoning. And no. It can get rather ugly here. @MuckdogMary @Patrick_Coffin @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @EricRSammons @Michael_Voris @Michael_J_Matt Not an ar… makes you feel a pit in your stomach, doesn't it? @Patrick_Coffin @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @EricRSammons @Michael_Voris @Michael_J_Matt It aggravates me that… @Patrick_Coffin @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @EricRSammons @Michael_Voris @Michael_J_Matt I seriously just wante… @Patrick_Coffin @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @EricRSammons @Michael_Voris @Michael_J_Matt Respect your opinion,… @Patrick_Coffin @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @EricRSammons @Michael_Voris @Michael_J_Matt Ouch. That's our nonpr…“During this new year I resolve to begin a new life. I do not know what will happen to me during this year. But I a…
Retweeted by P53Happy New Year, everybody! I am not going to hold back in the new year. I‘m prepping a whole lot of well-deserved…
Retweeted by P53Geo. Weigel says: "Resolve to limit your exposure to the Catholic blogosphere." What say you @TaylorRMarshall @rothfarms I have good friends in a similar situation. I am beyond blessed to have a husband on the same page with me spiritually. @rothfarms @laberry15184440 @ChrisStefanick Conversely, NOM old timers tend to be old hippies still preaching "all you need is love"I know some very zealous believers who won't go to TLM, but they often complain about NOM! @rothfarms @laberry15184440 @ChrisStefanick Yes, you are blessed! Based on my experiences alone, I have to think yo… Novus Ordo only exacerbated the abuse before V2. Come on, Chris! Take off your blinders! @EricRSammons TLM in and of itself is not the answer; it is not a novelty in which one dips a toe now and then. TLM… @EricRSammons You noticed that part of Sunday's reading from Colossians was bracketed (so as to be optional), right…
@GuadalupeShrine On my first visit there, I experienced a very special grace.On the 5th Day of Christmas we ponder that the Child of Bethlehem is “God from God, Light from Light, true God from…
Retweeted by P53Fool. @j_arthur_bloom @ne0liberal Whoa. "Most pedos never offend"?! Is there anything NOT offensive about the mere idea o… @DeusVultMedia Yes, Pope Francis is unfortunately a valid pope. That doesn't make him a good pope. Just. sadly. valid.
Take a break from the busy holiday preparations, recollect yourself, and listen: via @YouTube
Could they have picked an ooglier church to feature in this article? What millennial (or any person) WOULDN'T leave… this last Friday of Advent let us once again make it a Red Friday of joyful repentance! May our small penances d…
Retweeted by P53Reading this great priest's works will deepen your faith, teach you history, and expand your vocabulary! A Tribute… the Sodom story is about the lack of "hospitality" is kind of like saying Auschwitz is about lack of proper hygiene.
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Retweeted by P53+Viganò: “For more than six years now we have been poisoned by a false magisterium, a sort of extreme synthesis of…
Retweeted by P53Americans, I know this will be tough, but I think many of you need to hear this: 1. Politics should not be a religi…
Retweeted by P53This picture catechizes the reality of every Holy Mass in whatever setting...let us know the truth of the Real Pres…
Retweeted by P53Cdl Burke criticizes bishops’ silence on blasphemous Netflix film, poster in Vatican | News | LifeSite photo depicting Jesus as pedophile appears outside Rome art museum | News | LifeSite
@rothfarms And door will close to me. UGH.Young adult day of recollection Saturday, Dec. 21, 10am-4pm at St Brendan in Mexico. With solemn high Mass for all ages at 11:15am.
Retweeted by P53 @austinruse @Patrick_Coffin @seanhannity I've long thought @seanhannity is a blowhard. @Patrick_Coffin @seanhannity He attacked Fr. Euteneuer years ago on air on contraception. The rot, dear SEAN, is with you.
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I'll take the one on the left please.
Retweeted by P53 @rothfarms @laberry15184440 @EricRSammons Oh, what I would give for that communion rail! @rothfarms @laberry15184440 @EricRSammons About 50 people right now. Trying to grow the community @rothfarms @laberry15184440 @EricRSammons No, but I've heard about them. @rothfarms @laberry15184440 @EricRSammons Extraordinary Form for the Diocese of Venice at St. Brendan's in Mexico,… @frjohnhollowell With all due respect, @GretaThunberg is a tool for the Left. I have empathy for her and pray for h… @laberry15184440 @EricRSammons No FSSP or Institute of Christ the King nearby? You might have to do like us: NO du… @laberry15184440 @EricRSammons No worries. We shook the dust off our boots and moved on."Sheen" describes things that are shiny, with reflected light. Consider John 1:7-8, "This man came for a witness, t… @JoeySalads @KathySamira I'm sure it's been said, but what kind of human being stands by filming this violence and does nothing to stop it? @laberry15184440 I'm in the same boat after moving cross country. I sorely miss my FSSP parish and am surrounded wi… @FiatLuxGenesis Same here! I cannot bring myself to engage in this madness. @MMcNamara7 @rothfarms Your father's unfailing Rosaries no doubt brought Mother Mary to his side as he passed. AND.… he needs it from a (good) priest, I might add. @laberry15184440 @EricRSammons Same here. And we got fired from the job in 2016 for saying Catholics couldn't vote…'t get me started. I "taught" RCIA at an undisclosed parish where the priest-in-charge sat in the back, slept th… @rothfarms What, is he on the board of @Greenpeace now?Chic-Fil-A is dead to me now. I will surely miss their diet lemonade😧 I could take or leave their chicken. McDonald…
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Tepeyac 12 diciembre 1531 Obra de Dios
Retweeted by P53I started shredding the Basilica's fundraising mail when I learned Msgr Rossi is among the fallen. Thx… @rothfarms This stuff is getting really old, really fast!Ready for the Guest of Honor! Meanwhile, our neighbor is displaying an inflatable Santa in an outhouse with toilet…
@SVPhilosophers @Patrick_Coffin @Google @Wikipedia @Twitter @BSCHollywood @ArchbishopGomez @TaylorRMarshall
Retweeted by P53 @Bishop_Jenky Let's do this.
Retweeted by P53“I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” I think I’ll take sp…
Retweeted by P53One of the baristas of my tea place has started asking me questions: Day 1: “Why do you believe in God?” Day 2: “W…
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A witty reminder. @TaylorRMarshall This will only increase nationwide. Get ready and prepared for the next two decades and armor up (…
Retweeted by P53 @coyne_sheryl I agree 1000%!
@catholicthing Thou makest excellent points here, Professor Esolen.Wondrous beauty!
@Barbara87952224 @Bishopoftyler God bless you! Stay true to wearing your veil. You will start a trend, just wIt and see. @MontfortAJPM @Harmoni38981608 @StrannikTmi33 @robindigiovanna @73skynet @EricDesConfins @MinouAigner
Retweeted by P53Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception! These yummy cinnamon rolls seemed highly appropriate for this morning's b…
Not sure what to make of this. Lipstick on a pig, or genuine optimism? #NCRegister @DioJeffCity please, please, please bring back the communion rail. It is time.
Home school, home school, home school. - Petitions for a Culture of Life is a demonic evil - not a choice in a humane society.
Retweeted by P53#FultonSheen my heart right now is in turmoil there is so much division in my beloved church...So many in the hiera…
Retweeted by P53 @rothfarms Ecological conversion. What a unique and stupid way to prepare for Jesus.And yet they turned a blind eye to Paul VI's questionable dealings. O what a tangled web of bull hockey.…
Pachamama would like to know who is responsible for postponing Ven. Fulton Sheen’s Beatification. There will be a b…
Retweeted by P53Suggest we withhold like amount from the collection baskets. Although many (most?) of us are already withholding al… @LSNCatholic Her imam must be so proud of her. @Patrick_Coffin @fightforchurch @Bishop_Jenky @USCCB @CardinalDolan Maybe the USCCB should reimburse those who have…'s do this on Fri. Dec 6! RosaryPromo via @YouTube