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Buddy Project @ProjectBuddy Philadelphia, PA

Non-profit movement aiming to prevent suicide & self-harm by pairing people as buddies and raising awareness for mental health.

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honestly if you want cute/motivational wallpapers go to @ProjectBuddy these wallpapers always make me smile when i…
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectMy shirt will be coming soon & I’m so glad that that some of the money was able to go towards U.S. mental health fa…
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectYou have a purpose on this planet. 👽💫 so excited to receive my order and always happy to help raise money for mental health facilities!!<3
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Here are some phone backgrounds we made for anyone to use. You are loved. You are strong. You are capable. You are…
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectLooking for some inspirational phone wallpaper? Check out this thread!
Retweeted by Buddy Project"Sun will rise and we will try again." -Twenty One Pilots, Truce’ve raised over $9000 for mental health facilities! There’s 15 days left to support this campaign 💛
today has been a sad day so i put my money towards mental health awareness, i went with the gold long sleeve and im…
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectYou deserve proper help for your mental health.
@invrishible @taintedmermaid_ Loved this post, we’re so glad we were able to pair you two together. ❤️I want to thank @ProjectBuddy and my buddy @taintedmermaid_ for making my rough days more bearable 💛
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectYou deserve to prioritize your mental and physical health.Your mental illness does not determine your worth.Help us hit our goal of 1250 shirts sold! We're currently at 1030 💛
@rhinano_the_one Yes you should be fine! :)We can change the gold to a different color. If you are planning on purchasing a shirt, which color would you prefe… the gold crewnecks are only offered in 3XL now because the company that supplies the shirts is low fo…👏🏼MENTAL👏🏼HEALTH👏🏼DOES👏🏼NOT👏🏼DEFINE👏🏼YOU👏🏼 follow @ProjectBuddy 🌍❤️
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectGreat campaign with an even greater mission 💛 looking forward to raising awareness in style 💁🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectWe’re so proud of @NiallOfficial for opening up about his experience with OCD. Speaking up isn’t easy and this will… you signed up before 10PM EST on April 17th, 2018, you now have a buddy. Find them here:
We have a lot of people signed up for this buddy update, so please be patient as we pair the buddies! We'll tweet a… friends who like the same singers and bands as you. Sign up for Buddy Project. @tweetsbymarii We have updated multiple times since the end of December, you may have submitted the form incorrectl… @gloomboyz_ We're so glad we were able to pair you two ❤️ So happy that you were able to become best friends! @ProjectBuddy ONE YEAR AGO TODAY I MET MY BEST FRIEND BECAUSE OF YOU ❤️THANK YOU SO MUCH
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectWe received a lot of DMs so if we didn't get back to you, here is the link with information:
.@gabby_frost launched @ProjectBuddy, a non-profit movement that aims to prevent suicide and self-harm by pairing p…
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectWe want to feature your story, poetry, art, photography, and videography that focuses on mental health for Mental H… @haannaalaam You had to order by midnight to have them shipped around April 23rd, if you order now they will ship around May 14th.We have a new shirt campaign live called “You Are.” Proceeds will directly benefit our organization. There are mult… thank you to everyone who made this campaign a huge success! We sold 1005 shirts and raised $8721 in the first…
@shmoodari The campaign will relaunch once someone buys a shirt after midnight 💛 @ChrissyCostanza Thank you so much for supporting us! It means a lot 💗Reminder to those who have a mental illness: - Asking for help is not a weakness - Seeing a therapist is not a wea… you have suicidal thoughts or feel alone, please know that help is out there. National Suicide Prevention Lifel… Health Awareness Month is coming up soon! Don’t forget to submit your work to be featured on our site and so…
Your body does not determine your worth.Want to win this shirt? I have two from @ProjectBuddy size medium (on me) and XL. To win just RT this post *and*…
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectIn the past 18 days we’ve been able to raise $7000 for mental health facilities in the United States! Thank you to… @NatashaMHGiles Yes the hoodies and the tanks are unisex!Tomorrow is the LAST day to purchase a “You Are” shirt! Purchase a shirt and help us support mental health faciliti…
You exist for a reason. You have purpose and deserve to be alive right now. @Woke_vibes Yes, they will be up for sale again!Want to make a new friend with the same interests as you? Sign up to get paired with a buddy through Buddy Project. is exactly why people won’t speak up about mental health. It’s stigmatizing comments like these that make peop…
You are not alone.
Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself. You deserve to have relationships with people who aren’t toxic to you.We’re proud of @MariahCarey for speaking up about bipolar disorder and sharing her experience.
Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is made different, and that’s okay. Do what is best for your life. You d… @yvonnemaryo Don't worry, they'll be on sale after the 15th!
You will be okay.
@DORlTOTACOS ❤️Congrats to our giveaway winners, @blackveilkai2 and @fleurdelester! Thank you to everyone who entered 💙You will recover. You are capable of recovering, we believe in you.Our movement started at 1:37am on this day 5 years ago. We can’t believe how far Buddy Project has come since 2013.…
She’s my best friend and i’m forever thankful that I got the chance to meet her both online and in person…
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectWe’d love to hear about your buddy pairings! Share what your favorite thing about your buddy is with #5YearsOfBP. W… is not a linear process. It’s okay to take recovery one step at a time. You still deserve recovery even if…
You can also enter by reposting this picture and tagging us in the tweet! We’ll pick one winner from the RTs and o… honor of our 5th birthday on April 8th, we’re giving away one of our “You Are” shirts! Retweet this to enter! Y… are capable of amazing things. You can do whatever you put your mind to. Believe in yourself.apparently it wasn’t good enough for my Harvard supplement, but hey maybe it’s good enough for twitter🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectShare any pictures of you and your buddy or you wearing one of our shirts with the hashtag #5YearsOfBP! We’ll be RT… 5th birthday is this Sunday! We have some fun activities in store for the entire weekend so we can celebrate #5YearsOfBP 💙look at this! order a shirt! be stylish! support a good cause!
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We're proud of you, Bronnie.
Retweeted by Buddy ProjectSelf-care is not selfish. You deserve to put yourself first when you need to. Focusing on yourself isn’t a selfish…
It's okay to take a mental health day. @BritniJeanne we're so happy that we were able to pair you together and you two were able to meet! ❤️
Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the shooting at the Youtube HQ today. We are sending our love to everyone. ❤️Make your mental health a priority. You deserve to put your mental health first when you need to. Your mental healt…
This Sunday is our 5th birthday! We have some exciting things planned for this week and can’t wait to celebrate with all of you.Mental illness can make it hard for people to maintain their hygiene. You should be proud of yourself for brushing… is not a competition. Just because someone hasn’t gone through as much as someone else, doesn’t mean the…
@thatawesometyra Thank you for supporting us! 💛This goes out to everyone who has a tough time being around family during the holidays for any reason. You deserve… this #AprilFoolsDay, don't call someone "ugly" or "fat" as a joke. Don't pretend to be pregnant as a jo…
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