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The Lincoln Project @ProjectLincoln The United States of America

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln 🏴‍☠️

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This math brought to you by Trump University.
From all of us at The Lincoln Project, thank you to all who have joined us in this historic movement. We would not… Lincoln Project Gives Thanks
From now until January 20, it’s pardon palooza. @reedgalen great about this. Nothing honorable about this. Just the last gasp of a corrupt man on his way out.’re aware. illegal., 80+ million voters just said “you’re fired.” only loser is you, Donald. Flynn pleaded guilty. Twice. Your cronies can’t protect you forever, Donald.
#LPTV Vote For America is LIVE w/ @NHJennifer, @ZackCz & Dr. @EricTopol. We’re taking live callers, watch here, the…’m thankful for @ProjectLincoln’s operation to defeat Trumpism. LISTEN to cofounder @madrid_mike on @OpenMindTV di…
Retweeted by The Lincoln Project#LPTV Join us today LIVE at 2:30pm ET for Vote For America w/ @NHJennifer, @ZackCz & Dr. @EricTopol. Today we’re ta… Trump, President Biden will stand up for democracy, not fawn over dictators. But while we’re on the topic o… The Breakdown is LIVE with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer and @ASlavitt on all things COVID We know you have… Join us tonight LIVE at 9pm ET for The Breakdown with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer and @ASlavitt on all thin…
.@GSAEmily doing her job TO GREATNESS!This was never up to Donald Trump. This was up to the American people. The people have spoken. In 58 days, Do…'s election was conducted fairly, securely and transparently. The will of the people in Michigan is clear… choice was America, or Trump. Voters chose America, but @GSAEmily has chosen Trump. Tell Emily it’s time to…
There are Republicans waiting in the wings, waiting for their turn to dismantle democracy. We are watching. And so… used to be one of the most reliably Republican areas in GA helped deliver Biden's victory. @RonSteslow and… Joe Biden won the election.
2020 you called on Michigan’s electors to stop Trump’s attempted coup? Sign here 👇 is considering inviting Republican state legislators form Pennsylvania to the White House. The people of Pe…
I am shocked to hear a deadbeat dad and adulterer like Jason Miller would send menacing threats to someone. Shock… THE PETITION NOW to DEMAND Michigan’s electors uphold the will of the people. We cannot stand idly by during T… is being written Senators. And while you cower, the American people are watching. Vote For America is LIVE w/ @NHJennifer, w/ guests @madrid_mike & @ZackCz. Want to ask a Q live on air? Use Z… Join us today LIVE at 2:30pm ET for Vote For America w/ @NHJennifer, w/ guests @madrid_mike & @ZackCz. Today… chose America. Now, Michigan Republicans must do the same. @ProjectLincoln friends! @madrid_mike is joining VFA LPTV tomorrow! MI Republicans meeting at the WH, GA ele…
Retweeted by The Lincoln Project#LPTV The Breakdown is LIVE with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer, @KaraSwisher and @MichaelSteele on technology and d…, we filled their voicemail boxes! Let Mike and Lee know they must uphold the will of the voters via email inst… people of Michigan have spoken. They chose @JoeBiden. Let @SenMikeShirkey and @LeeChatfield know that they can’…
#LPTV Join us tonight LIVE at 9pm ET for The Breakdown with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer, @KaraSwisher and…“Call them whatever you like, but don’t call them leaders” Traitorous. Seditious.
Retweeted by The Lincoln ProjectWe’re not going anywhere. We’ll be on watch until @JoeBiden takes the oath on January 21 and beyond...
Retweeted by The Lincoln Project157 years later these words still ring true. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not pe… damage the @GOP is allowing this flailing loser to inflict on our democracy is absolutely despicable.’s fantasy that he didn’t lose the election is a dangerous one. It means all of us will be less safe, and a va… loser loses again in court, and now he retreats. Pathetic. We voted. He lost. He will go. wow look even more corruption than we thought
Thank you, @HelenLThorpe and @DenverWestword, for the interview and the story on @ProjectLincoln. We appreciate the ink.
Retweeted by The Lincoln ProjectLincoln and Reagan would’ve despised you. Vote For America is LIVE with @NHJennifer & @lcsenecal, w/ guests Dr. @celinegounder & @john_sipher. We kno… 63 days, Donald Trump will: ✅ Not be President ✅ Still be a loser ✅ Still be brokeJoin us today on Vote for America as we interview Biden’s Corona Virus task force physician @celinegounder and inte…
Retweeted by The Lincoln ProjectDonald Trump is now targeting electors with baseless, frivolous lawsuits for doing their sworn duty. Because he d… The Breakdown is LIVE with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer and @Brooks_Rosa We know you have lots of questions… Join us tonight LIVE at 9pm ET for The Breakdown with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer and @Brooks_Rosa 💥📺💥 We k…
This interview with @SarahMLenti 🔥 you called Emily yet? #SignThePapersEmily we still see him, will you still tweet him, When he’s gone in sixty-four [days]?
Emily, how about finishing the job you have before looking for a new one? Give Emily a call to let her know you wa…"Make no mistake: While the country will have Georgia on its mind these next few months, Donald Trump is in a New Y…
Retweeted by The Lincoln Project dodger endorses insider traders. is a very good take on what the GOP has become. Op-Ed: What broke the Republican Party?
Retweeted by The Lincoln ProjectYou lost the election. In 65 days, you will go.’t miss our latest episode where @reedgalen and @ronsteslow share what The Lincoln Project’s next focus will be,…“The 2024 presidential campaign is going to begin later today…you’re going to see guys who are up for re-election i…
Perdue is chicken. 🐔 🐓"All Republican leaders must put the American people ahead of fealty to Trump by acknowledging the results of the e…
Retweeted by The Lincoln Project"Republicans must put America ahead of fealty to @realDonaldTrump " @GovCTW calls out @gop for their dangerous den…
Retweeted by The Lincoln Project
Check out our latest episode with @reedgalen and @ronsteslow to hear what parts will stay the same moving forward.…“The things that you see from us that folks have come to get used to: our podcasts, our LPTV broadcasts, our town h… Donald Trump never won a majority. 67 days, Joseph R. Biden Jr. will be the 46th President of the United States.
Our Instagram today 😭 Follow here: @RyanAFournier This is you.'s time for Republicans to put America first. Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify:“The Lincoln Project is not going to be involved in rehabilitating the Republican Party.” @reedgalen and… Vote For America is LIVE with @NHJennifer & @lcsenecal, w/ guests Dr. @abmarkman & @ZackCz. Want to ask a que… would be a beautiful day for @realDonaldTrump to concede.One hundred and thirty. @GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump He’s already lost, sweetie.#LPTV Join us today LIVE at 2:30pm ET for Vote For America w/ @NHJennifer & @lcsenecal, w/ guests Dr. @abmarkman &… made history November 3rd. Get ready to do it again. want to remind you: Trump lost. Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States of America.Move along, little man. Move along.
Retweeted by The Lincoln ProjectHere's another one you can call, @IvankaTrump.
Retweeted by The Lincoln Project#LPTV The Breakdown is LIVE with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer, @RepCharlieDent and @Madrid_Mike Questions? We're… @mattgaetz @TiffanyATrump I were @GSAEmily I would simply sign the papers allowing the Biden transition to formally begin.This is a key witness for Trump’s voter fraud case.
#LPTV Join us tonight LIVE at 9pm ET for The Breakdown with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer, @RepCharlieDent and… and YouTube employees — is there internal discussion of YouTube's handling of Trump coup content? Get in tou…
Retweeted by The Lincoln ProjectNever Trumpers played a critical role in beating him. The numbers prove it, @MaxBoot writes
Retweeted by The Lincoln ProjectThings are looking up, @realDonaldTrump.