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cody rhodes is an anime villain made flesh. dont understand how a person that looks like that is possiblemy review of double or nothing: my review of double or nothing is that it was very good this has been my review o… @Boringstein no faves, huh? hey guys: dennis is extremely bad. one of the central jokes of the show is that dennis… @Boringstein "the implication" is literally the only funny rape joke ever made because of how brutally it lampoons masculinity @Boringstein it makes me crack how much Super Woke people hate this show, especially because it's by far the most c… @ICELEVEL it's world of darkness it's vampire the masquerade the movie @bombsfall i legitimately put off watching it because people said it was disturbing. im so mad at themif you wanna know the definitive list of the best pop songs of the last decade, peep this thread @bombsfall it makes me mad that everyone described the movie as "gross" or whatever. it's all for fun, and it's suc… only @-ed them just in case they decided to turn up and say some shit like "dont you like being fabulous" and i c… @Nathan_Okay its so badlets be real @CORSAIR is by far the worst offender in this regard.why are computer peripheral companies obsessed with doing weird lighting shit. isn't the whole idea to make it comp… @Boringstein i did get kicked out of a bunch of DMs for it @Boringstein what i do is keep making bad ones @steviexmcfly yep. yep. @steviexmcfly fuck off!!!!!!!!!!! @steviexmcfly cel straight up said "peter stop playing your weird music" @steviexmcfly yes i am still mad about this @steviexmcfly remember when i played House of Balloons at the twins' house the day it came out and everyone said it sucked @steviexmcfly the genre isn't the joke. the jokes are the joke @LevNovak dont let sports happen to you @steviexmcfly it's unreal that someone let them make a whole movie about jose conseco and mark mcgwire @steviexmcfly that entire thing is really special @ZaaackKoootzer as a result of this, i just root for the underdog in every game i watch. so i was rooting for the raptors and you fucked it @ZaaackKoootzer here's what's worse: the mets are the ONLY team im a fan of. @ZaaackKoootzer look, im a mets fan. i got fucked up sports opinions @ZaaackKoootzer AH SHIT @ZaaackKoootzer look america sucks ass. all our other wins are just war crimes. we need this @ZaaackKoootzer they won that series for birds all around the world dude. it was a win for birddom, not canada @ZaaackKoootzer welcome to America, we have standards for our Champion Contenders @ZaaackKoootzer i was happy for the raptors until this happened @ZaaackKoootzer if youre so hyped you can fuckin write 3 different slugs @ZaaackKoootzer it's the same copy zackok fuckin relax making fun of the national. theyre good. come on @steviexmcfly i could not imagine having a full conversation with someone not old enough to drink honestly @LevNovak If it could happen to Lebron, it could happen to You @LevNovak no. the arc is that he that he's traded to a much bigger org that squanders him and we read like 5 artic… but 2 out of 3 of these criteria just describe a hobby? i guess the third one is the most important for a diagno… fun of gamers is now ableist, thank you very much, mom watching the game on mute, how much are the commentators talking about magic johnson @Boringstein @ashleyfeinberg who wanna host it with meLoving this new genre of article "Despite criticism from the most evil people on Earth, Bernie refuses to apologize…
Retweeted by pancaked by drunk dump truck driverwhere you been, hope? a fuckin coal mine?also i would make sure my makeup didn't look like shit @Boringstein they call me "the frequency kenneth"if i were hope hicks i would simply obey a subpoena in order to not go to prison @Boringstein "I thought that i heard you laughing" fuck, like, a dead person or something? laughing? laughter ring… @Boringstein in a bad way. like maybe my brain would be regular if i hadnt heard it @Boringstein i dont think they meant to do it but somehow REM made a song precisely tuned to drive young catholic kids insane
Retweeted by pancaked by drunk dump truck driver @xoxogossipgita @Boringstein when i was 7, Losing My Religion had the same energy as cthulhu or nyarlathotep. eldritchthred it right down to number 2if you hated my top 20 pop songs list don't worry i might replace chandelier with cellophane @FauxBen great way to remind me the raptors are villains @pc98jr right but howhow are people watching double or nothing. like on a normal tv? @sam_baker @Bro_Pair it's got a scene where tunde adebimpe explains how to load a dishwasher, dunno how someone could dislike it @Bro_Pair feel like it depends on how you felt about rachel getting married @iservin watch them, seriouslytheres one by a mostly white dude australian band that is equal parts impressive and embarrassing youtube for covers of two weeks by fka twigs. why not manwhat is the point of flying across the country to celebrate the happiness of my friends if i can't also pretend im… the happy couple if the DJ was gonna have int'l players anthem on docket... crickets. might cancel my flight and room @Boringstein @BAKKOOONN they had a good idea and fucked it up by trying too hard
Moby came forward with a VERY compelling photo.
Retweeted by pancaked by drunk dump truck driver @bombsfall as someone who writes: that seems like a good problem to have honestly. my walls are blank @ErynnBrook People with executive function issues could literally have like a five foot high pile of trash in their… feel like jon voight has been in front of a camera enough to know he should clear his throat first @evepeyser one time i say lenny kravitz desperately trying to hail a cab on crosby between howard and grand and he… @disco_socialist ive done coke. i know people that do a lot of coke. this is some coke shit @disco_socialist i feel like we don't attribute saying weird shit on twitter to "actually doing cocaine" enough @disco_socialist not to mention the exquisitely bizarre framing of omar as not black because shes a "black muslim i… @DouggieJones @disco_socialist like normal people would just call that "agreeing" @DouggieJones @disco_socialist you can't plagiarize a body of discourse @disco_socialist there's a lot here to digest
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bad idea to wear your 'dennis rodman should slap me randomly' t-shirt to his birthday party if you arent about that… @presenteric this is a rad idea honestly @TheGordoCat i feel like if you got angry before those, the subsequent ones prolly made you way angrythe best pop song of the previous decade is: 1. Chandelier - Sia thats right bitch5. White Ferrari - Frank Ocean 4. Hadron Collider - Blood Orange & Nelly Furtado 3. Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn… Nights - Frank Ocean 9. All That - Carly Rae Jepson 8. Two Weeks - FKA twigs 7. Boys - Charli xcx 6. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake15. Loft Music - The Weeknd 14. Sorry - Beyonce 13. Kiss It Better - Rihanna 12. Pyramids - Frank Ocean 11. W… Body Smile - dvsn 19. Perfect Places - Lorde 18. Born To Die - Lana Del Rey 17. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga 16. Losing You - Solangeok 21. Say You Love Me by Jessie Warealso do not split hairs with me about what is rnb and what is pop please for the love of godlet's fuckin gook. the list is ready. the 20* best pop songs of the past 10 years prior to today *21 best @sailormoontat im trying to divorce hype from the list as much as possible and just choose the songs i like the most @sailormoontat it's not crj @sailormoontat i have no idea if people will think my number 1 is legit or get super mad at me @sailormoontat not on the list but crj does make an appearanceim brewing up the top 20 pop songs of the last decade thing i mentioned and i dont think most people would agree with my choices honestly @AyoCaesar i would love it if someone threw a milkshake at me. i love milkshakes. i swear to god id lick it off my… @aurahack @TheToj0 it's a little more useful than those imo