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Laura Blackwell @pronouncedLAHra San Francisco Bay Area

Editor, SFFH writer. She Walks in Shadows, PseudoPod, Syntax & Salt, Nightmare. Shimmer CE. Story Hour co-host. 1/2 of @KpopAusten. She/her. Black Lives Matter.

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@MortuaryReport By the WHO definition, it's redundant. I can't swear for other definitions.Space kraken cinema, extreme archaeology, and parenting tips for Dr. Frankenstein: Cliff @winnig and @MadERobins on…
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @CassieY4 Oh man, I still have the glass I had limoncello in on the Grand Princess.
i'm not insulted that 'a broken darkness' isn't on 'most anticipated of 2021' lists because 'beneath' was on some f…
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @LabyrinthRat That's sweet! I have one who's super-nice; we follow each other here. And then there's the Trmpy scho… @danie_d It's a worthy thing to do. @aimeekuzenski That sucks, Aimee. Hugs to you.
@premeesaurus @stewartcbaker @mattdoveywriter well i mean they call women "birds" there, so @divyastweets I wish you a happy holiday!Is that Nordstrom video with the "former employee" who says "Nordstrom's" and claims to have nine children real? An… @premeesaurus i bought a can of spotted dick once just the idea that it was in a can made it funnierDid you miss this week's Story Hour? Never fear! You can relive those touching, funny moments with stories from Cli… is a fantastic writer and reader! I'm looking forward to Alexander's Story Hour debut, too! Come check it out!
@GayathriKWrites @premeesaurus I mean, the show is very scary, but the creature design less so Also: seriously tel… 15 minutes! Grab a beverage and get comfy!
Thread of projects that this writer/editor/publisher is working on now. Catherine will also be a Story Hour guest i… freely given is an invaluable gift; forgiveness demanded is a cruel, added burden on the wronged.Isn't it nice to have something to look forward to at the end of the day? @GayathriKWrites @premeesaurus I find desperate men more frightening than prehistoric god-monsters, okay @thedesirina I love how they frame it as "we're asking for calm, we're asking for unity, we're asking for healing"… @premeesaurus The monster doesn't really show until the end, and it's not as scary as I think it should be, althoug…
"Thank you for the what, when, and why, but could we please have the where and how?" you ask sweetly. Of course! S… @fandsf @MadERobins Thanks for the RT! Folks, you can visit Story Hour via either Zoom (live) or Facebook (live and… @beaniezee I would make friends with both of them as fast as they'd let meWednesday means Story Hour! At 7:00 p.m. PST, meet this week's reader/writers, Madeleine Robins and Cliff Winnig!… to update I am now more than ONE WEEK post my second Pfizer vaccine and I had ZERO side effects other than te…
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@megelison @GayathriKWrites Saaaaaame. I see the neighbors out with their masks, kid strapped into the stroller, an… @megelison @GayathriKWrites Do you realize that someone could have conceived and birthed a full-gestation human sin… haven't seen @megelison in person for a long time, but she still reads my mind. @ryandroyd please describe your symptoms
@ClowderofTwo Thank you! Gosh, you could make an amazing anthology of these stories if folks decided to co-author them.And if you want to find out exactly how this works out two hundred years in the future, plus added aliens, I wrote…
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @ClowderofTwo "Mom's Not Playing Along Anymore"
"I can no longer support the man who did something bad and is about to be out of power," say people and companies w…
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @andrewfarago I'm so sorry, Andrew. *hugs* to you and yours.
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@historyneverwas I have proof! See how wonderful Dawn is? @MeganEOKeefe OOF. I felt that. @morbidloren Loren has read for Story Hour twice! Fun was had by all! @cathschaffstump We had a lot of fun! loved reading with Story Hour! If you're an author, you should.
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @jhameia You can even look up when you feel like it! @MariaHaskins Folks, Maria was awesome! Let me show you how awesome., I promise you that publishing contracts have been cancelled for far less than sedition. I haven't read his…
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @pauljessup @NataniaBarron @JulietteWade @JMMcDermott Natania, how much do you take? I have been warned that there…
@wickedmilkhotel @GordonBWhite I swear that I am mostly not terrifying!I've had a lot of fun reading for Story Hour. You can, too.
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @BenCKinney @Ellethevillain Maybe it at least distracts from formulating evil plans for a little bit? @LizardSF Ping us at the form! Love to hear from you! @LizardSF Depending on the reading and the words, about 4000. @VampireJocks Take care of yourself! @arleysorg No one ever pictures the spreadsheets So many lines, so many colors, so many different ways of sorting @effies Oh, no! Best wishes for you and Bagel! @sblackmoore I love getting to immerse myself in a few stories for an hour. Even the scary ones and the sad ones.If you're wondering what Story Hour looks like, have a peek at the video archive and see for yourself. Daniel Marcu… @s_meems Might feel like nibble-grooming, I guess.I did a reading for Story Hour a while back, and it was so much fun!
Retweeted by Laura BlackwellThe Story Hour people are great! They put on a really good show and I had a great time reading with them back fifty…
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @randeedawn Weird! I've been getting DMs. Thanks for going to the contact page! Don't worry about the phone number.… people ask what we're looking for: just self-contained speculative fiction stories from published writers… @ClowderofTwo Thank you for all you've given us. I'm glad you're doing what you need to do.Story Hour is looking for writers to read 20-25 minute stories. If you're a published SFF/H/Weird writer and have b… night's reading for your Thursday pleasure! I hit up a series of flash, and then Laura gives a gripping, chill…
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @TomMarcinko2 Thank you for being a Story Hour reader *and* regular, Tom!And in that very same hour, @pronouncedLAHra also read a fine and weird and creepy short story. Both these authors…
Retweeted by Laura BlackwellIt is Thursday (!), which means you might have missed Story Hour. Let me tell you, @Aimee_Ogden has got range. Her… @s_meems Both loanwords the language would just as soon give back, I'm sure.Aimee and I are both still reading tonight, you should join us! In less than half an hour!
@Heronymus Every day is a dog year. @thegourmez Especially on days like today, friend. *Especially*. And that really is a gouda one! @casskhaw You, too. @HBBisenieks there isn't a toxic waste dump they couldn't up the toxicity inAt one point they had three tasers trained on me just to protect the confederate flag 🥴
Retweeted by Laura BlackwellWe have reached the point at which I know 280 characters isn't enough, and I just say, "All the cuss words. All of them. All at once." @4triciaskinner I don't know if there's a metric for these bullshit levels. @4triciaskinner I want to live in your son's America. It sounds better. @effies I love you so much, Effie @annapickard I'm so sorry. We're supposed to be better than this.A LEGICIDE is someone who destroys or attempts to undermine the rule of law.
Retweeted by Laura Blackwell @LauraBlackwell Do people eat that ham? Is it really food, or just something parents use to scare their children into being good?This is tonight! I'm going to read my seasonally appropriate story "Bitter Perfume." @lisadubbels I would much rather have the bobcat. @lisadubbels Bet he pees in the pool, too @GarrettCroker I always assumed she was just that spiteful and would have been a terrible parent to the kid if she'd won. @s_meems @premeesaurus It's a difficult time for folks who sincerely like baba ghanoush. @kateheartfield Dustjackets are art! They are part of the book's beauty! I cannot part with them. That said, I also…
The first Story Hour of 2021 takes place this Wednesday at 7:00 PST! You'll hear stories from @Aimee_Ogden and this… @wintersweet AROOOOOOOO @FoggWriter And in his undeath, really just a few murders, mostly of people who weren't great, and again those weren't his fault @FoggWriter Let's be fair: when he does wrong, it's usually because he's possessed @FoggWriter He is, always and forever. He is the golden retriever zombie boy, and I love him so.Wen Chao is a particularly well-crafted controlled burnFinally, 2021 is starting to live up to its promise @FoggWriter
@invisibleinkie If he wants to pretend that shopping at Whole Foods will bring about a utopia of kindness and good… @Aimee_Ogden You can read whatever you want! We don't have to coordinate or anything. Daniel and I have a little ga… @effies @Aimee_Ogden It'll go on Facebook as usual, watchable with or without an account! I'll pin the link to my p… @Aimee_Ogden We're going to have so much fun! And I am going to read a story that is exactly suited to the day! Fir… busy this Wednesday? I'll be reading for the Story Hour series, with @pronouncedLAHra. 7PM PST! It'll be fun, you know you wanna!
Retweeted by Laura BlackwellI can't pick a favorite. I love too many of them, and they vary so much in the telling. Selkies, maybe. Or night-ha… @GCalcaterra The writing life is so glamorous