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@forwardnotback 17 and 5, still can't name the fruit/veg... Thanks for the quiz and have a good evening tomorrow...
@forwardnotback 14 and 5, down on yesterday, at least the dogs helped... Thanks for the quiz as ever..
@Karen_R_Smith @forwardnotback Snap.... @forwardnotback 18 and 5, failed on fruit and veg again... Thanks for the quiz... @davidhepworth Were you listening to Family Favourites on the wireless? @matoxley Shouldn't have had to do it, racing incident all the way... @brianmoore666 MotoGP, World Superbikes, British Superbikes then the shed.... @MartinHaven Was there the following year and got a poster.. the following year, some great art...
@forwardnotback 17 and 1, my Days are numbered... Thanks for the quiz as always... @WJHealey @Tim_Burgess Thanks for the insights.... Won't be the last time its on my turntable... #timstwitterlisteningparty @yalarecords 👏👏👏👏👏 @WJHealey Lovely guitar solo... #timstwitterlisteningparty @Tim_Burgess @WJHealey First time hearing this his second album, A gorgeous mature sound... #timstwitterlisteningparty @WJHealey Did you use any pedals with it? #timstwitterlisteningparty @Tim_Burgess @WJHealey Me in Devon @yalarecords #timstwitterlisteningparty @WJHealey The vocals at the start remind me of @Lloyd_Cole which is no bad thing.... #timstwitterlisteningparty @WJHealey No, coming out of my Wharfedale speakers.... #timstwitterlisteningparty @fontainesdublin No 1 on the vinyl chart and most bought from indie record stores, congratulations... @yalarecords @Tim_Burgess @WJHealey @felixwhite Got my copy earlier and have decided to have my first listen with… @13sarahmurphy Can't they get the DUP to pay for it, I'm sure they can't have spent the T May bung yet? @OfficialBSB @bennetts_bike @Impact_Images Its not raining.... @adampayne26 Technically isn't he correct, its going to be British red tape, or will they rebrand it to red, white and blue tape....
@forwardnotback 18 and 2, the 90s weren't that long ago were they? Thanks for the quiz...
@breenyt71 @SteveBN1 @13sarahmurphy @mrjamesob No, she just said she had read it... She is connected to the ERG gro… @13sarahmurphy @mrjamesob That was quick, she stated she had... @13sarahmurphy @mrjamesob I've written to my MP asking if she read all of the WA before voting for it, quoting IDS… @PSB_HQ Please check what @MrTomGray is doing with #BrokenRecord to get the streaming services to pay the content providers properly... @MarinaNigrelli @mrjamesob @archer_rs They're enjoying the French scenery... @BBC6Music @maryannehobbs 2 for you to consider @TanyaDonelly who was in @thebreeders and @bellytheband before som…
@JMPSimor @UKLabour Was this taken from a Government server or a private desktop/server? @matoxley Satire is dead... @EmmaKennedy IDS saying something about the small print in the WA, which he should have read before voting for it,…
@rockyoriordan @fontainesdublin @poguesofficial That was a brilliant hour of music... And love the t shirt... @forwardnotback 13 and 5, I knew having a brother would help... @M_CCarpenter @thefader Please have a look at what @MrTomGray is doing with #BrokenRecord to try and get fair compe… @brydeofficial And a fair return to the artist/songwriter for each stream.... @peter17S @matoxley That they have ...
@forwardnotback 12 and 4, back to average... Thanks for the quiz... @EmmaKennedy Sorry I've got an eye test up north to go to.... @fontainesdublin Looking forward to this, love the @poguesofficial t shirt.... @_Bands_FC @_Bands_FC @matoxley Were the track temps very different on the 2 race days? Was the tyre choice the same for both races? Am…
@Tim_Burgess Cornwall Colosium in 1984.... #timstwitterlisteningparties @forwardnotback Very pleased with 17 and 5, thanks again for the quiz...
@forwardnotback 11 and 4, that was tough.... Thanks for the quiz.?. @forwardnotback And that knocking sound is my head hitting the wall several times ... @forwardnotback Owners gambled it would be a winner to make their money back and more when it went to stud... @lesinrocks can you help Cáit with the name of the French television show that The Pogues played in 1986? Sorry I c… @matoxley Looking forward to this, having enjoyed your interviews in previous editions... @SpeedyWunder @fontainesdublin @partisanrecords And what a gorgeous record it is, so many layers to it especially t… @Tim_Burgess @poguesofficial Because they both tell stories that make you stop and think...
@Tim_Burgess Off top of head Down in the tubestation at midnight from All mod cons or from a recent…
@forwardnotback 14 and 3, not our best, not our worst, thanks for the questions.?. @forwardnotback I'm feeling lucky as there doesn't seem to be a Q13....
@forwardnotback 14 and 4, thanks for the quiz... @Mufga Its bike racing, have a beer and watch it.... @Femi_Sorry And to think the single market came about thanks to the tories in the 80s.... @BBC6Music How about something from Live at the marquee by @NineBelowZero1 , who I first saw when they played Eleve… @motomatters And if he wins will that be the 3 championship leaders all on 50 points? @BBC6Music @bbcglasto Song 2 Tender This is a low @Tim_Burgess @davidlynchuk It shows how many appreciate what you have done, I know its helped me...
@Yuckband Love the feedback, the @TheMaryChain always great with it as well... #timstwitterlisteningparty @MikeTanier Washington's new name surely? @5teenagekidDad @Yuckband These youngsters don't appreciate the older listeners... Been there, done that, got the t shirt... 😉 @Yuckband Really enjoying my first listening of the album, don't know how I missed you... #timstwitterlisteningparty @Tim_Burgess @Yuckband @thepainsofbeing Will check them out in 2 days time... If I remember correctly... #timstwitterlisteningparty @Yuckband Nowt wrong with tambourine... #timstwitterlisteningparty @Tim_Burgess @Yuckband Me, foot tapping away means I'm enjoying it... #timstwitterlisteningparty @Tim_Burgess @Yuckband I agree... A top sound... #timstwitterlisteningparty @Yuckband @TeenageFanclub I also hear House of Love in it.... #timstwitterlisteningparty @Yuckband Nice feedback at the end.... #timstwitterlisteningparty @Tim_Burgess @Yuckband Ready.... #timstwitterlisteningparty @forwardnotback 13 and 4, still went with plastic for the free point... @444blackcat @forwardnotback Was thinking that might have been a question, or who invented cats eyes for the road... @yumhoneyblood Probably just a surname in brackets beside the song with no other mentions... @Tim_Burgess @CountessCameron @WeirdoMusic4evr Did you buy anything? @yumhoneyblood I wish they would just report that she collaborated with fellow songwriters, we have to get away fro… @LlSTENlNG_PARTY @davidlynchuk 2 ordered, thank you....
@DreamWifeMusic @Tim_Burgess Thank you for all the comments and insights, please can we do the new album soon Tim?… @DreamWifeMusic Lovely punk vibe with FUU... #timstwitterlisteningparty @DreamWifeMusic Hey Heartbreaker, it was the also the first song of yours I heard on the @Flying_Vinyl single, hook… @DreamWifeMusic Hell no, body sometimes tells me otherwise, young at heart.... #timstwitterlisteningparty @Official_SWBCC @DreamWifeMusic Yep... @DreamWifeMusic Exeter.... #timstwitterlisteningparty @DreamWifeMusic We all miss live shows, you're on my list of bands I've yet to see but will see soon... #timstwitterlisteningparty @DreamWifeMusic I bet the chorus sounds good when the crowd sing it back to you... #timstwitterlisteningparty @DreamWifeMusic And the handclaps, Tim will like that... #timstwitterlisteningparty @forwardnotback 13 and 3 not our best, will do better tomorrow... Thanks for the quiz... @NualaHonan Nicely said, we all struggle at times and have different ways of dealing with it, music has been very i… @LlSTENlNG_PARTY I want to like twice as I'll be ordering 2... @Tim_Burgess @LlSTENlNG_PARTY @davidlynchuk This is a very good idea, thank you, I shall get my badge and will wear with pride... @andreajenkyns This is so childish, I expect more from elected representatives of this country...
@Tim_Burgess That sounds excellent... @IanDunt @MrTomGray I just have to laugh when they say we're better off in a union, having campaigned to be out of a union.... @LlSTENlNG_PARTY Got to checkout to be told 0 badges left... No way of logging into account on android tablet... @Tim_Burgess Finally got to checkout and sold out... A crap day jot made any better.... Please get some more...