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Prop @prophiphop East Los Angeles, CA

All Star Chuck taylor rhyme sayer. host of @hoodpoliticspod // Co host of @theredcouchpod text me yo (626) 263-6213

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#pouragamifridays is back! Tomorrow 9am pst with @djpromote sippin #terraform @OnyxCoffeeLab @Ellliott14 @AndyMineo This foo @AndyMineo shot down 3 tracks on my album 😩 @stevechimo Lol @Scribe_Music LolEvery year these things come out and every year I feel the same, so competitive that I keep making myself feel bett… @stevechimo Read it again.. find the joke...Yes!!
I’ll never forget the day my history professor got the the age of exploration section about the new world and I ask… @markaferrer Lollll @SouthpawSwade True true remember when Smith and Wesson sued Smif n Wessun for the name, claiming defamation... I was like... but, but, yo… @afundrummer @OnyxCoffeeLab😩😩😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 speaks truth reccomend Behind the Bastards or Dateline for long drives. Behind the Police from @IwriteOK and @prophiphop
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@Dame_MEC @joinClubhouse That’s a ridiculous convo and historically uninformed. Also, i saw you in the A&R room an… @thederekminor @lecrae Well done. @delazavala LOL clubhouse : the new social media app. It’s pretty cool. @joegonzalesco’ve noticed that CH is bringing up a bunch of “cool kids table” feelings inside me. So I’m purposefully goin into… Venezuela Juarez Syria Iraq Houston Los Angeles @preemptivelove is on the ground building with people,… @MTHiatt @TheOnion We should prolly ask the locals. Lol @_wheezus @TheOnion Yes!Okay @TheOnion is joking and it’s Funny bc I’ve literally seen this 1st hand in South Africa. Village had to tear… @ToriGlass I’d love to see some harlem Renaissance poetry events. Ancient Egypt. For sure some Mayan vibes. Als…
@MadiRussArt @ignorantreflect @MacSmiff @IwriteOK @45thabsurdist @hungrybowtie I can’t be more proud to be a part of this project#pouragamifridays is back for the holidays! This Friday, 9am pst, we got el jefe @djpromote all the real ones pull… is SO TRUE and i get increasingly insecure about our friendship as the days go by until he responds 🤣
@why_sophie_why @Jake_Denning Yup. Half a stimulus check @Justine_Brown Look: out on national television for HALF.. @lanewood Necessary. They’ve made a ton of references to them throughout both seasons @Jake_Denning Bro... i thought the same but look at the card @itsdomingokite Still! When the other tickets base pay is 1milli?!Surely Nate Robinson didn’t get knocked out by an obnoxious YouTuber for less than the price of a new iPhone. @tommyrevgiant Ha @Smashley_Joy Yasss @MelissaMWear Yeah there’s a lot of things I don’t miss about having a baby in the house. Not the least of these is… @MelissaMWear Dude of all the things women have to go through, i just don’t understand why the culture has commenta… @djspisme OMG!My wife has for the 1st time decided to do elf on a shelf this year And my child is terrified of it and i don’t b… link! greatest *does [anything] once...* meme of all time @megathepodcast 😩😩😩🤣🤣🤣 this was so absurdLol @megathepodcast this mug is hilarious., this combines 3 things I love: 1. Improv 2. Satire 3. Social commentary. —Lil Blood Bought interviewed…
Gospel @thatgirlmystic @Miss_Tash_White this helped me
Free bandana with every purchase. 20% off the classic prop shirts @drmistercody Even with the full knowledge this is a joke, part of my died inside a little. This is hands down the… @SangoBeats I had a producer homie tell me “man i send you 30 beats and you pick one. Then i gotta just accept what… @BeseechU All the amens on earth, fam @killa_szn This is pure evil @THELove_Muscle IM SORRRY HUH?! This is evilYes, those are rasins. @drchanequa @karlostroski @almaquiles @sandravanopstal This is glorious bro! Also me and @almaquiles are in deep di…
@karlostroski @drchanequa @almaquiles @sandravanopstal LOVE IT @unipublicfriend True true!On this day, I’d encourage y’all to pull up and see the people that toiled this land for 10… @da_horton HAHA! @Eugene_Scott LOL you ever got your a** beat so bad that you convinced they cheated?! LOLLTHE CHAMP IS HERE! @itsjuanlove We bought a house this year! and it’s filled with glorious fragrance Sweat potato pie @itsjuanlove Im lost as to how this take is spot on la Verdad pero your pie take is red cap white font.Look at the facts being dropped below @itsjuanlove Imma chalk this up to centuries of colonization in your land of orgin. They gentrified your taste buds
@lanewood Thank you!trying not to fight with family 🤐
Retweeted by PropBut as for me and my house...The Throne has transitioned to new hands... and heavy is the crown upon my head. This must be uncles New boo. We ain’t actually related to her @MikeHigherEnt Yup through bumpin Gentrify rockin the jacket tho! @Justine_Brown Yea that’s a flex. A great one thoBut speaking of the topic, i think a bigger convo needs to happen as to what actual credence do we want to give the… @Justine_Brown Oh so the point of this story is NOT that’s in Dubai? You just gon sliiiiide that flex in there all smoothI have no interest in what she’s saying, i just bugg out that Mrs Petty is literally the name of my mom and at leas… @Sid_Madden YES! i legit been sittin here trying to put finger on it.
@JamesGardin It’s “normalize” for meProp x TwoTen collab City limits Anti Gentrification bomber jacket. Limited edition (only 100 units made) Preord… @mrmedina @whoisLukejames Sorry it just feels good to not be the guy with the typo @mrmedina @whoisLukejames Very smart part.Prop x @the2ten City limits anti Gentrification bomber jacket. Rep your town, your soil is sacred. Limited editio… @kennyhammontree THIS WAS THE LINK I NEEDED
@WilGafney Thank you! I’m like uhhh congrats on acknowledging the obvious?Tomorrow @david_peck YES!“Ma’am this is a Walgreens” 😫😫😫 is just lazy bacon.
Retweeted by Prop @jamieloftusHELP lil matrix glitch as that I’m listening to you right now and then saw this tweet🚨Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Be ready! free bandana with purchase(1st 100 orders) The classic prop shirts:… on all pod platforms with @CristinaMineo
Retweeted by PropHow bout that theme song eh?! 🙌🏾 seriously I’m honored to contribute is some way of them pods has a reaaalllly cool theme song 🙌🏾
@thederekminor “Naw my friends a doctor” sentences at an all time high