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Kaeti V. @proteidaes Lamoille County, VT

I write & draw comics for kids ☆ ☆ RTs art sometimes ☆ author of CRABAPPLE TROUBLE (2020) and MONSTER FRIENDS (2021)

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Back at it with freestyle speedy paintings! Lots of soothing colors this week using no prompts at all ⛅️
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @truffke Sooo beautiful, Lauren!! The goat is definitely my favorite, but I love the little flower crowns and fur t… comic about overflowing with feelings. sometimes it isnt what it seems!
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @snailpaw Oh Lyle I love your comics so much! Thank you for sharing this ... I've been there too ;O;;
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @maruti_bitamin These colors are so pretty, Maru!! 🐍If you're shopping for the holidays, I design & sell enamel pins, tote bags, comics/zines and various wares for the…
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @ShereeBoyd Such a cutie, and so pretty in these colors! I wonder if she's heard any seasonal gossip 👀HAPPY COOKIE DAY!!!! do you like making cookies yourself, or do you prefer to buy them? what's your favorite kind??
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @privateislandr Oh yay! You really should try it 😉... I don't time myself any more, but it's a good practice to not… @bel_by_the_sea Yaay thank you bel!! 💕I like those ones too ... nice and dramatic lighting! @fridayafternoon Soo cute, Victoria!! A bakery cookie is such a treat, but I do like baking ~ partly now because I… @krescentquartzz Yaay thank you!! 💕 @Anguiculus CHOMPS!!! @privateislandr It varies, but I try to keep these about 5-7 minutes per study. Really fast!!Back at it with freestyle speedy paintings! Lots of soothing colors this week using no prompts at all ⛅️
Reggie and Emily take a short hike up a rocky hill ... can they make it to the top before the sun sets ?? New wallp…
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Retweeted by Kaeti V. @jianghu_e Such dreamy colors! 🥰
It's the last day of #huevember2020, so here are the last few hues!! Green, green, green 🎶
Retweeted by Kaeti V.#LovelyLandscapes wow, don't mind if I do!!
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @shanhorandraws Aaaah I love Annabelle's Wish!! Those tender feelings 😭💕All together now! Which is your favorite hue?? #huevember #huevember2020
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @theredheadart Good choice!! The long orange one has a lot of interesting things going on for sure :'D @snailpaw They are all sooo cute -- truly each of them are treasures!So... remember how Gawain and the Green Knight has been out of print for a year? My dad found 3 entire boxes of the…
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@viv_tanner Such a cute flex!! ;;; Always love seeing these two -- they have such good energy, and I truly feel the… @taagolarts Thank you so much!! I feel this way too .. I'm partial to working with the blues and greens, but all th… together now! Which is your favorite hue?? #huevember #huevember2020's the last day of #huevember2020, so here are the last few hues!! Green, green, green 🎶 @sbosma I read C. J. Cherryh's Chanur novels early this year, and those were very fun!vibin
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @Grind3h Doing a peaceful froggy float!!Egg Salad Jelly Donut Youkan Soup dumpling + Scrumptious ghost
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @maruti_bitamin A Floral Foodie! 👻 These compositions are so fun, Maru -- I love seeing the transparency at work!
Week four already ??? We've made it to "true green" and there are only a few days left !! #huevember2020
Retweeted by Kaeti V.✨WINTER PET PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!! 🎄 Slots open for a limited time (until Dec 2, 2020). Head on to…
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Week four already ??? We've made it to "true green" and there are only a few days left !! #huevember2020🍰 HAPPY CAKE DAY!!! 🍰 yep, today is also CAKE DAY! what's your favorite kind?
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @fridayafternoon Yessss so excited to read about cakes for days!! My favorite cake is our family recipe for devil's… @ZestyDoesThings ABSOLUTLY FRIEND SHAPED !!! @gelatobear Honestly this is one of my favorite things about THE FEAST ... it's just like a persistent snack time XD
@CatsCafeComics Aaah so relatable!!Holidaze
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @proteidaes Congratulations! Crabapple Trouble by Kaeti VanDorn is one of @NYPL's 2020 #BestBooks for Kids!
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @NYPLRecommends @nypl Hooray!! So exciting 🎉 🎉 🎉Just saw @everydaylouie ‘s latest album, and it reminded me of this old comic I drew last year!
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @truffke Such a classic!!! Poor Wesley really does get the short end of the stick in S1...
@snailpaw 🎉🎉🎉🐀🛹 @kaydavault THANK YOU KAY!!! I'm looking forward to seeing your little frog on one of these lists soon!! >83cmy first adoptable gachapon! who is SSR ultra rare to you? ⭐️ receive a random character for 25 USD 🌸 receive t…
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @snailpaw Yaaay payment sent 💕 @snailpaw Lyle!! These are all so cute I couldn't possibly pick a favorite! 🥰 May I have a random roll please? ⭐ @cypress_trees Oh Cy! I had to delete my previous post because of a kneejerk spelling error lol. But I saw your com…🍎💦✨🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Congrats to @Trungles The Magic Fish (top 10 YA!), @essoffi Witches of Brooklyn, @LauraKnetzger Bug Bo…
Retweeted by Kaeti V.NO MISSPELLINGS ON IMPORTANT THINGS LIKE THIS!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 ((twitter please give us an edit feature oh my goodness))Crabapple Trouble made the New York Public Library's Best Books for Kids 2020 list! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'M ECSTATI… great news for our @RHKidsGraphic titles: BUG BOYS by @LauraKnetzger, CRABAPPLE TROUBLE by @proteidaes, & WITC…
Retweeted by Kaeti V.Crabapple Trouble by @proteidaes IS SO MUCH FUN. A book that was able to talk about anxiety and asking for help in…
Retweeted by Kaeti V.High praise from my favorite editor!! 💕💕💕 @WhitLeopard Thank you so much, Whitney!! So glad this was my first book, and happy to have you help me put the final details on the story 🥰ghost of plant past 🌱 😇
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @maruti_bitamin Such beautiful cuttings, Maru!! 👼hi hello there
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @shanhorandraws Two flavors of gators!! 🐊 Shan this is so sweet I love all these earthy colors 💕cake 🍰🌱
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @jianghu_e delicious ghibli slices!! 🍰
froggy & ladpole
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @Grind3h Ladpole!! So tiny, already has the iconic smile aaah :"3“Snow Creature Mountaintop” - 13 x 19 inch limited edition print available this Friday at 1pm EST in…
Retweeted by Kaeti V.Thanks for looking !! ☕️☕️☕️ and Emily take a short hike up a rocky hill ... can they make it to the top before the sun sets ?? New wallp… symbols
Retweeted by Kaeti V.Detective Alcott Grimsley Prophet of death #originalcharacter
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @reimenayee truly the classiest devil!! I miss him ... I hope he's doing well these days 💀🔍
Week three is here, and the blue hour has arrived💙💙💙 #huevember2020
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @gelatobear Such a perfect explanation !! I'm so happy about the little star dog you used as an example aaah ... forever friend ;W;;also! I've had have some people ask me what adoptables are since I started selling them, so I made a very basic int…
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @gelatobear I think I have said each time you've posted an update BUT I WILL SAY IT AGAIN they are all such cute an…, to be a small monster in a green grassy field 🌱🌼
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I have embarked on the #huevember2020 challenge!! Can't believe I've never done this one ... I hope y'all are ready…
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @fridayafternoon They are so fabulous, Victoria!! 🧪 @kaydavault Sooo cute, Kay!! Your kids translate into plush so nicely ;w;;long void furby (⊙‿⊙)
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @truffke fslkjf it's about !! THE MOOD!!! 🔥🔥🔥Week three is here, and the blue hour has arrived💙💙💙 #huevember2020 @truffke When other seasonal smells just won't do !! @enataekim Love your cat girls, Ena!! So classy and cute and freshly dressed 😭💕 @borbemporium When we look into the void AND THE VOID LOOKS BACK !!Warm up!
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @FMandouh Beautiful!! I want to visit all of your worlds 🥰
@Franrekk The minimalism is so charming!!#pixelart That was a fun, probably useless exercise :P
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Final buns
Retweeted by Kaeti V. @truffke Sweet wintery buns!! 😭💕 @fikaole Yesssss, making the season merry and bright!! I hope they have a wonderful Christmas 🥰Reggie and Emily explore a dewy patch of grass with a sky full of popcorn clouds in this month's ko-fi wallpaper!…
Retweeted by Kaeti V.✨Soft and warm days in the big field✨
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