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Vote closes friday btw!2020 is the first year I properly started making drum & bass I have never posted this before but please vote for me…
Retweeted by Protostar (Aria Math rmx out NOW!) @xTempex 👏👏👏👏👏 @ImJeiku Stop @probablykasper @Monstercat @OfficialDnBA Oh no :( @probablykasper @Monstercat @OfficialDnBA i mean you could literally vote for both of us lmao, hes not a newcomer, and no remixes either @imanumusic @ItsJustinHawkes @SalteeMusic ayy sick me too, bigups @SalteeMusic 😁 @ItzDivert @Monstercat @OfficialDnBA as in being a D&B artist :) @Jato_BZ @Monstercat @OfficialDnBA because that track is from 2017, and also not from me haha @PHIA_bunny ❤️
P.S. you don't need to fill out every single slot if you don't know certain ones :)2020 is the first year I properly started making drum & bass I have never posted this before but please vote for me… @Vraar1 @Spotify @Monstercat yeahSo close to 200k monthly listeners on @Spotify 😮 200k was my goal for this year and I am so cloooose LISTEN TO MY… @AirglowTCG i didnt reject i just didnt accept it lmao @oskadesign :^)Today we'd like to introduce our Satuday headliners @Protostar and @imkotorimusic ! We can't wait for the high ener…
Retweeted by Protostar (Aria Math rmx out NOW!)Boys, it looks like I'm going to space in music is sending 10 follow ups to 1 question u asked 2 weeks ago, then when u finally get the answer it'…
Retweeted by Protostar (Aria Math rmx out NOW!)PLAYING SATURDAY AT 3:15PM EST (8:15 UK/9:15 CEST) You DON'T wanna miss this, my first ever online show with visua… i wasn't supposed to upload my new live visuals yetthanks @fluxe__ for the audio edit of my song ahahtylko jedno w głowie mam @Monstercat @Wobbleburger hehe thanks!I just got my visuals back for this set and it looks SIIICK I can't wait to see it in VR DON'T MISS THIS, it's goi…
@nakeyjakey new music soon??? 👀 just realised recently ONLY been playing your stuff hahah @MagnetudeMusic @EvocChamber Send plsmythconfirmers
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These are the screams of someone who isn't scared of phasmophobia
@DJGammer Just wait until you play it the real way, in VR @MajorLeagueWobs HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY ❤It's a bit insane to see my art (stickers) in physical form, gets me every time. Check out @Protostar 's patreon! 😊…
Retweeted by Protostar (Aria Math rmx out NOW!) @DJGammer Shall i pull up the footage of you screaming several times or the tome when you said "i take it back it is scary" @Storm_Airsoft hey cheers for using my aria math remix in your latest vid! much love🤯SLY FEST IS NOW JUST A WEEK A WAY!🤯 Here's a little teaser video that showcases the world and what Sly Fest is al…
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2020 instrumental stems for Without You are up on patreon for the rest of the month! @GHOSTDATA_ Mood
I freaked out @robgassermusic so hard in phasmophobia in a professional level asylum LOL @LegendsVR F we've been looking for camping worlds past few days for just chilling, this looks perfect 😭 @LegendsVR omg can we visit this @thegallowboob @PHIA_bunny @jordinpost @bibi_gem @Lasyen_
@DJFreshUK ✋✋✋✋✋ would be honoured :D @PixelTerrorBass proto terror 2021 tour @AyumiOneesan ayy u play d2? i havent played much at all in last half a year because no new raids but I'm excited for VOG :D @iamthatkatt Oh sorry my brain farted and was just meaning deals wise in general haha! @xlnaudio When i just grabbed it recently for full price ooof @iamthatkatt But for most offers i dont like when the risk is placed purely on the streamer/youtuber I.e. mainly af… @iamthatkatt That i dont get enough good offers for @PHIA_bunny :^)
Thanks to @reasonstudios for having me today! Watch the full stream here: in 10 mins! we're joined by Reason super-user @Protostar. Join us as we sit down to discuss his music and his work in Rea…
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Live tomorrow with @reasonstudios ! Go set a reminder and come hang :) wants to go B2B with my cat @Protostar @Monstercat @RocketLeague @SpotifyUK Browsing my music library like:
Retweeted by Protostar (Aria Math rmx out NOW!) @ThisRustic @Monstercat @RocketLeague @SpotifyUK This is too good hahah @GHOSTDATA_ @Monstercat @RocketLeague @SpotifyUK ❤️❤️❤️1 million on spotify in just over 5 months Absolutely insane! Thank you guys so much 🥰
I'm part of the streaming team for SlyFest!! I'll be streaming during the @Protostar set along with others, so make…
Retweeted by Protostar (Aria Math rmx out NOW!) @xCheesewiz hell yeah just make sure to up the brightness in main menu, cus it was DARK @xCheesewiz yes dude, god it was so terrifying @phoenixprime1 imo paranormal shit > jumpscare animatronics haha
Dude fuck phasmaphobia in VR holy shit that is the most terrifying thing I've ever playedwhy did i just set up scary alerts god this is going to be so bad @GHOSTDATA_ @FestSly @benzi @chandlerriggs @Dabowmusic @imkotorimusic likewise!! @FestSly @benzi @chandlerriggs @Dabowmusic @imkotorimusic @GHOSTDATA_ let's go 🤘Playing this huge VRChat festival along side some good friends! Going to be insane @AetherAudio Happy birthdayyy buddyyy!I'm finally gonna play phasmophobia. Streaming today at 3pm EDT with some friends- I get so scared during horror games why do I do this 😭😭😂
Retweeted by Protostar (Aria Math rmx out NOW!)8pm BST/3pm EST (in 4.5 hours!)Playing that SPOOKY ghost hunting game with @PHIA_bunny @simplimusic @emsify tonight |||PHASMAPHOBIA IN VR||| Scary…
There's a bunch of track dives up on my patreon! Last months @Patreon livestream was diving into New Horizons, one… @ItsJustinHawkes @OfficialDnBA remember when you started this one, biiig 🔥 @DJGammer Pls lemme hear @MattSalsamendi Matt please let me borrow it so i can run vrchat in higher than 50fps on my index @joseonfag @PHIA_bunny @jordinpost @bibi_gem @Lasyen_ he do be reading the communist manifesdoe
@ReptiliousUK I love you too renp @MajorLeagueWobs @variendarkgirl Love you lot ❤ @MajorLeagueWobs Biiiigupsssss dude! @C418 you have earned it my guy! 1 million UNIQUE people in 28 days
Walther i need you cooke 1080p of methé or i kill youre family, i smonk 560 inches of methane i dont feel so good @eliminatemusic make sure you don't repeatedly die in cams again
@tanukimusic U can link both to pc for steam @ImAakase love it :) using it a looot more now than i did when i had my vive, but that was mainly cus i had to set it up each time @Modestep i have an index which is quite bulky, but i love it would love something like a quest 2 for the ease of moving it though! @Modestep yeah its the perfect entry point, so cheap and no need for base stations! plus you can connect to pc with a cable too for steam @Willettgoboom i also play in a 1x2 meter space, its limiting but i get by @Willettgoboom quest 2 is 300 bucks! @ItsM4730 yes, but its not the sameI want all my friends to get an oculus quest 2 so we can hang out in vrchatttttttttttttttt70k on @Spotify in under 7 days Actually insane!!! @C418 this remix is popping 🤯 04 - Sentience
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@itsymmij @Patreon yep, in the works!emotes done by the awesome @emsify !Sending out the handwritten thank you card + exclusive stickers to last months Patreon supporters tomorrow! If you… @slippy_music @gyrofield @jkuchmusic @jantsenmusic @maazelbeats @Inzo_Music @Blookah @align_music @beatsbyholly @Subtact :O @ConformPolice @therealshockone @Pendulum I want this reeemiiiix @EssengerMusic Feeling sexy