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I just like vintage garbage and naps. Editor for scanlations. Have fun.

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ok good night i love you allKOFGメンバー、沖縄行かずにデズニー行ってほしい
Retweeted by Niko前夜祭でループしとく。
Retweeted by Niko☝️Rainbow Mika's Хара шоу costumes☝️
Retweeted by Niko @wikipettanko BeautifulRoomi from Galaxy Fight
Retweeted by NikoTrue pro posting about their favorite anime be like Watch only on Netflix! Subscribe now! Netflix: $8.99/month剣だいすきザシアン #ポケモン剣盾
Retweeted by NikoR Mika! #rmika #streetfighter #capcom
Retweeted by Niko @wikipettanko slash from waku waku 7 except cute
Retweeted by NikoVスキル スピンにゃっクル
Retweeted by NikoI really wish physical media was a viable option for PC games. Sadly, everything now comes with a steam key and a d…彼らは彼を裏切った
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1997 - No. 32 Cover: Joker by Kazutoshi Yamane
Retweeted by Niko1976 - No. 1 Cover: Main Characters
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Retweeted by NikoIt's a pretty good world we live in to have all of Kazuhiro Fujita's big works getting active scanlations.何かを制作途中…
Retweeted by Niko異世界コミカライズ楽しみですねオヒヒ(過去絵)
Retweeted by Nikoborgman art... 🥺 thank you animarchiveSonic Soldier Borgman - character design by Michitaka Kikuchi/Kia Asamiya (Anime V, 01/1992)
Retweeted by Niko send some questions i'm boredFor you Baki The Grappler fans, here's Kaiji drawn by Keisuke Itagaki! Really intense. ざわ ざわ.
Retweeted by NikoWarmup
Retweeted by Niko @RockumanEXE met plenty of edgelord brits, it makes sense @max_adorobou goblin meowth looks incredibly funny. i support you.シティーハンターのコチョコチョのシーン、ありますよね……。 香ちゃんがコチョコチョしたらリョウちゃんもきっと反撃しますよね…じゃれ合いが始まるんですよね…きっとそうですよね… だからね、描きました。 こずえちゃんの部屋から見え…
Retweeted by NikoMe and da boys after 30 hits @MD_Chaos4 It ain't 80s but special shoutout to Metal Jack.The coolest anime director who ever lived would be turning 76 today if he was still alive. Happy birthday, Osamu D…
Retweeted by NikoThis week's chapter of Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho is going to be an interesting one, can't wait to see how people react.
You're not supposed to have favorite students but mine is this 6 year old boy who drew me pictures of thanos and go…
Retweeted by Nikoドモンすき~♪
Retweeted by NikoRENGE... HELLORenge from Tenkuu Senki Shurato (Anime V, 01/1992)
Retweeted by NikoEveryone's out to adopt me, I show up anywhere and at least 2 moms are like "You're my son now." and I'm just like... nice!god i gotta read blazing transfer student.... after i clear up my schedule a bit gotta get further into kengan and the other shit i started
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Retweeted by Niko菊池通隆さんの絵がすごく好きで。幼年来の時にニュータイプの懸賞(直筆イラストしかも1名)に応募したら当選しました。(懸賞に応募して初めて当たった) アニスのフィギュア作りたいな~ #ボーグマン #麻宮騎亜
Retweeted by Nikoim so fucking sorry
Retweeted by Niko @EightBitArt Valid argument but if I may say, most of the people saying that are judging it solely based on art sty… @MD_Chaos4 It's a pretty fun war series. Games are great. @MD_Chaos4 YEAAAAAH ZILLION TIME! Let me know your thoughts when you finish, man. It's a fave, even if my absolute fave is Borgman.「この意地っぱりっ!」 コチョ コチョ コチョ 「バ…バカ よせ くすぐったい こら やめろ〜」 のシーン私も描きたかったので描いたんですけど、続き物にしようとしたら力尽きました……😭 獠香は尊ぇなぁ!!尊過ぎてオラ2人が恋人…
Retweeted by Nikoはい~ #アルトじゃないと
Retweeted by Nikoi cant fucking believe i have been dunking on this gif for years and never noticed this
Retweeted by NikoReminder that KOF14 models aren't bad at all when they have a decent shader setup. #rkgk
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Christmas Lilith 🎀💚🔔
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Retweeted by Niko最近将軍様にいろんな超人にハグしてほしい気持ちが強い
Retweeted by NikoCrocodile's fresh fit #ONEPIECE #anime #manga #digitalart #fanart
Retweeted by NikoThis is apparently a concept art for the first Heisei Kamen Rider, Proto Kuuga if you will, so they intended the fi…
Retweeted by Nikogood morning i have awoken to a bunch of dumb cats being dumb cats @spacefunkyarp That'd be better than another Gundam is bed time i love you all
Retweeted by Nikoあだち充の描いたラムちゃん #全るーみっく
Retweeted by Nikokof twitter au thread because these are fun
Retweeted by NikoHey, that’s nice. #Poison #StreetFighter #SFVAE
Retweeted by Niko @sympathycrime why did my brain think of rance and bird when i saw thisAll my friends draw me as super pretty and flamboyant and I just 🥺😭Watch out Seiya, he's gonna rant at you
Retweeted by Nikodo u want rabies ya stupid cunt
Retweeted by NikoWHY U KICKIN WOOLOO
Retweeted by NikoRemembered this obscure game called Vs. and came across a lost piece of fighting game lore
Retweeted by Niko1969➡️2019
Retweeted by Niko"Clark, would you be so kind as to escort my wife to me? The earlier you arrive, the more I'll pay you."
Retweeted by Niko @ChromarinArt Of course, and they are wonderful! I need to draw them some time too. If you ever take commissions o… @ChromarinArt This is very nice!! I don't see a lot of Shurato fanart around, so thank you very much!37/52 Last week it was fighting game gal chibified, this week it's gonna be old-school anime then: Lakshu from Ten…
Retweeted by Niko48/52 Another fanart from the somewhat obscure (but not in Latin America, I think??) 80's anime/manga Tenkuu Senki…
Retweeted by NikoGirl of June: Marie Rose (and what's supposed to be a pink grapefruit for no particular reason) I painted this more…
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Also it was really fuckin funny but I beat the second stage of the final boss by clipping into the top left wall and just spamming slashes.Watched the first 2 episodes of The Mandalorian, and honestly it's really fun. I didn't expect to really enjoy a ne… @ManCentaur I agree, loved it a ton when I was a kid. Glad to have started going through the franchise again. @JCombese That's fine by me!! Don't worry at all @JCombese I'd love to be! @JCombese Somebody is bound to love you man don't worryFirst Ninja Gaiden has been beaten for the first time in a few years.’re a poopy head
Retweeted by NikoI had a dream where my face just kept growing longer and longer and pointier.. bishonenification dream僕の愛してやまない荒木先生は 荒木飛呂彦と 荒木伸吾
Retweeted by NikoA HIDEO KOJIMA GAME
Retweeted by NikoAfter running around like an absolute maniac this is how my cat fell asleep
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お早うございます。 11月16日は漫画家の亜月 裕さんのお誕生日。 代表作のひとつ「昭和アホ草紙 あかぬけ一番!」のテレビアニメ版から。 「いきなりWant You!」 作詞 - エピ / 作曲 - ジージョ / 編曲・歌…
Retweeted by Niko @protozoalord I can’t believe the real ninja gaiden is right there with you
Retweeted by Nikoman it really is a month until my birthday... i'm excitedI wish there could be a Ninja Gaiden 4 but honestly I don't expect there to be one after how poorly Shadow the Ninj… @zenyanna Ok samurai troopersStarted chapter 11 of ninja gaiden sigma, taking a break now though. Will probably finish within the week and move onto 2.Playing ninja gaiden a toy of these designs friend
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dam thats a lot of coffee, dude must be broke now
Retweeted by NikoFlipping Cat Like A Pancake
Retweeted by Nikoi really wanna watch mandalorian but don't want my mom to kill me for torrenting it and don't want to pay disney