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@C0J0M0 here is the list of attendees @Disputesz @PuggCSGO i need to see the auti spray control thooh please be what I’m thinking @1jokudah ill be damned if we don't make main this season @vaffee forgot to add that i will eat 3 good meals a day and sleep 8+ hrs a nightgoals for this season -more aim training -more demos -more cs -more winning 😈😈 @mesamiduckCS 😎its got a ring to it @mesamiduckCS i will be repping @mesamiduckcs's esea clubso hear me out, @stubsCS @LevelDown7 we run 5v5 basketball at LAN
Retweeted by proxed @1jokudah @1k1an LMFAO @Fraqzy_ no problemo @Fraqzy_ hbd brotha 🎂🎂 @vaffee @Ethexfps OH LMFAO HAHAHHAAHHA @vaffee @Ethexfps Who is POGGERS @Revel_LL @fragadelphia @nerdstreet look at @JACHR0 man so inspirational @Hibarzzz thank you @1jokudah for not allowing me to be ready for this picture i will be terrorized for my entire l… @pretzelhugs but its multi cfg rip @pretzelhugs wase hs onlyour team had an avg age of 17.3 LOL @CallMeBrodyn at least on twitter
@Ethexfps 😺😺 @JohnathonEasy My father took the picture 😃I HAVE ACHIEVED LAN PFP BUFF @AnThranCS @AnThranCS what is a tie? @mistafila You want nvidia right? @JohnathonEasy +10 aim +10 awarenessi would also like the buff @mistafila the AMD processor is better @Pol0cs GG @fpsFritz @C0J0M0 @CallMeBrodyn i dont think you were the tallest anymore... 2nd place finish @NoVa__FPS @fragadelphia frag 16: the redemption ark -spectators -streamed games -pcs will work -better communication from TO and playershyped on the first LAN i played with the boys @CallMeBrodyn @1jokudah @1k1an @JohnathonEasy we didn't do bad at all… @bigb33tl3 @1k1an @CallMeBrodyn @1jokudah @JohnathonEasy does kian look like a CAR player? lol @1jokudah @CallMeBrodyn constant @1jokudah @CallMeBrodyn thats what im saying @Louie_ttv i told you, farming time for louieHad fun at frag averaged 90 adr against Cold Ass riding Bait 4 it and destructive penguins while igling 😎…
Retweeted by proxed @MittyBOW My best cs experience to date @NiTsUcs no ot 🥱🥱🥱 @C0J0M0 LETS FUCKING GO CODERED TO THE TOP @GETTHEBAGMARK @stubsCS Yea but I mean the event was already way behind schedule so I understand it @1calebcs @1jokudah @1k1an @CallMeBrodyn @JohnathonEasy good for you man @skzzzcsgo @CallMeBrodyn @fragadelphia @JohnathonEasy @1k1an @1jokudah In liquidNow I can say “that hits on LAN” and no one can argue with me.
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Went 0-2-1 in Frag, it was great a experience and I had fun with the boys. Planet Express might not have won but wa…
Retweeted by proxedWent 0-2-1 in frag one of the best experiences to date can’t wait to come back“Ready to farm Fragadelphia”
Retweeted by proxed15-15 tied with @JoshNeidert and co @mistafila Idk it’s somewhere on their website @mistafila Lemme find outGGS cold ass rising we fall 9-16 @Ethexfps @1k1an @1jokudah @JohnathonEasy @CallMeBrodyn 😦😐😐😐It’s only 79° but it feels like 97°All set for LAN!
Retweeted by proxed @KaroCSGO Stegy is outside woo is on left of him and idk who tf ? is @KaroCSGO Stegy you ? Riot woo is the orderfrag tmr 😎 @Thatwearwolf1 prolly
@slomoCSGO i dont want to figure it out @slomoCSGO no @JohnathonEasy ooohyo does anyone know how to get team logos to show up in a get5 server? already have fastDL set up i just dont know…
Retweeted by proxed @Kal_ult @NiTsUcs No desk pads @CarbonX_GG @ESEA i wonder why you want double elim 🤔Welcome to fact or cap, where we test the latest tik tok trends to see if their real or bullshit from D3 to P3 randoms suck dick, fuck everything reinstalling cs i'll see you fuckers in Fpl-C
Retweeted by proxed @skzzzcsgo @CarbonX_GG yea benji didnt have a mic the entire gameggs @UGKEsportsstarted 4v5 in the @CarbonX_GG cup lost 10-16 ggs
Playing in the @CarbonX_GG Cup with the boys @ProxedCS @SteedTV Benji- Mirij First game starts now vs @UGKEsports
Retweeted by proxed @stubsCS nah arnold palmer is still betterShould Brody and I basketball 1v1 at LAN????
Retweeted by proxedthis is an alarming discovery right here
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@1jokudah wasted yo fuckin money gotta download the shows before the plane rideJust played an @ESEA pug before work today and I was told I should get shot by a cop in the back of my head and I'm…
Retweeted by proxed @nickhaldenTV i stopped using a desk pad @bashyboy i have never seen a better lawn on twitterplayers of main, we need 128 teams to have top 48 make po and top 16 make adv. If you guys know any of these people…
Retweeted by proxedI rest my case ❤️+♻️ appreciated <3
Retweeted by proxed @1jokudah i was actually subtweeting @CallMeBrodyn @swishcs @vaxee_corp i need to know if that mousepad is anygood @7raidin7 watbbq pringles slap @shadereplaycs AHHHHHHpeople that use full desk pads disgust me @CarbonX_GG @TeamQuestGaming @TeamErosGG @CSGO TEAM Quest Gaming GG LLC has no chance @1jokudah 11:54 am, not pm am someone teach tyler how to fix his sleep schedule
@AwokenKhaleesi @1jokudah joku's got the team he just needs the org 👍just played a pug and didnt get my mmr from it 😟LF org to represent in ESEA IM and other tournaments / leagues, dm me or @ProxedCS pls <3<3
Retweeted by proxed"in order to farm with the awp this season just tweet like @CoJoMo" - @1jokudah @1jokudah + @JohnathonEasy @Justicegg trust me twitter is not the problemAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY HEAD HURTSLF Org
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@CarbonX_GG smoke @CallMeBrodyn @OathswornGG @prov93934161 @AspextCSGO @APost2002 @cameron_0000 @glytchenergy @SoarDogg @JerkyPro @OathswornGG @prov93934161 @AspextCSGO @APost2002 @cameron_0000 @glytchenergy @SoarDogg @JerkyPro @PlayerOneCoffee @Thatwearwolf1 @KaroCSGO woooooooo